Hook and Pick Sets to Buy in 2022

24 0.6 mm - 8.0 mm pointed stainless steel rubber, stainless steel stitch markers, tape measure, scissors, thread needles, hook case

Crocheting is a fantastic hobby, similar to knitting, that allows you to create all kinds of clothing, such as sweaters and baby clothes. However, you will need some knowledge and the right materials to complete your project. For the latter, you just need to find the best crochet hooks on the market.

When you look at the list below, it’s hard to imagine that we’ve already reviewed 44 first-class hooks. Nevertheless, that’s precisely what we did to create our list of the top 10 hook sets. As a result, we concluded that few products could beat the BeCraftee hook set. These hooks feature comfortable handles that are color-coded for each size, and they come with plenty of useful accessories. The compact case may as well be very useful for carrying the package. For those who were looking for something a little different, we’ve included nine other good choices in the list below. They are also popular for the benefits and features they offer.

The best hook set should include enough hooks for almost any application in their various sizes. The style of the hook tip will also suit your crochet style well. You should also consider the hook material, the handle, and additional accessories, if any, that are available. Of course, we didn’t stumble upon these features by accident. Our team spent quite a bit of time getting accurate information from the suppliers’ and manufacturers’ websites for each option we came across. This knowledge was helpful in compiling the table below, which lists the best hooks. It was also useful in writing detailed reviews of each product and compiling a buying guide, which can also help you make your final decision.

BeCraftee hook set

Whether you have a lot of experience with crochet or are a beginner, the fact remains that you need a quality set of tools. So the BeCraftee hook set may be just what you need to get things going.

Let’s start with the number of hooks. Compared to the other items on the list, you may find that the total number of nine hooks provided is quite limited.

Nevertheless, you can expect the manufacturer to make up for this lack in other ways. Users who love the hook a little too much will lose track of time because of the soft rubber handles. They will allow you to continue the activity for hours without cramping in your hands and even without fatigue.

You should also take a closer look at the handles of the hooks. Each one is color-coded so you can tell which tool is for which purpose. You can also check the printed letters and words to determine what each tool is for.

Plus, the nine hooks aren’t the only tools in the series. They are complemented by knitting markers, a ruler, a tape measure, stitch markers, and even yarn needles. Of course, the set is neatly packaged in a bag that comes with the purchase.

BeCraftee hook set
  • B/1 (2.25 mm) – J/10 (6.0 mm)
  • Hook material
  • Handle
  • silicone
  • case, ruler, yarn needles, stitch holder, tape measure, scissors, row counter, stoppers

WooCrafts hooks

WooCrafts hooks are another set of hooks for beginners and professionals. It comes with nine hooks, all of which have tapered tips. The size of the tips varies from 2.25 mm to 6.0 mm.

When it comes to the material of the hooks, you will see that the construction is the same as just about every other hook on the list. Nevertheless, you can also see that a silicone handle covers more than half of the hook body. The comfort that comes from this construction decision is almost unmatched. Therefore, this hook should be an excellent choice for those with arthritic hands.

Hook and Pick Sets

The warranty is also likely to give you an additional reason to buy the set. You get a lifetime replacement warranty. However, you should also note that some accessories are not covered by the warranty.

While the warranty only applies to hooks and large blunt eye thread needles, with these stitch markers and the hook case, you shouldn’t worry too much.

WooCrafts hooks
  • Number of hooks : 9
  • Sizes : B/1 (2.25 mm) – J/10 (6.0 mm)
  • Tip style : pointed
  • Hook material : aluminum
  • Handle : silicone
  • Additional Accessories

BCMRUN multicolored aluminum hooks

BCMRUN multicolor aluminum hooks are also on our list. It offers a fairly wide range of hook sizes. There are a total of 14 options, from 2.0mm hooks to 10.0mm hooks.

You’ll be able to tell them apart easily because they’re all color-coded. In addition, the size is marked on the body of each hook.

Tapered tips are said to be more comfortable for beginners. As such, this set should not be a problem. Nevertheless, there are no rules against buying this set if you are already relatively good at hooking.

Of course, the solid aluminum body of the tools is another plus point. If properly maintained, the set should last you a while. However, you may need to find ways to reduce cramping and pain in your hands if you plan to crochet for long periods of time.

One very disappointing aspect of the tool is that it does not come with any accessories. Therefore, you may have to spend more money to get a hook bag so you can keep your hooks organized.

BCMRUN multicolored aluminum hooks
  • Number of hooks 14
  • Sizes 2.0 mm – 10.0 mm
  • Tip Style pointed
  • Hook material aluminum
  • Handle aluminum
  • Additional accessories not included
  • Clover Amour Hook Set

Clover Amour Hook Set

There’s not much that separates the WooCrafts hooks and the Clover Amour hook set in terms of design. Both sets have tapered hooks, with the main construction element being aluminum.

Silicone handles are another important feature of both sets. If you look closely at both options, you will realize that the size of each hook is indicated in the handle. Thus, finding the right tool for each job requires a walk in the park.

However, the packages that the two sets of tools contain are also very different. There are also a few other important differences that you may want to take note of.

Hook and Pick Sets

The number of hooks in the game is one of them. This one offers ten hooks in total while the first one only offers nine. However, the extra hook may come at a cost since the set does not offer any additional accessories.

Pricing is another important differentiating factor. This tool is quite expensive. However, if the value you get is enough for you, it shouldn’t be too hard to part with your money.

Clover Amour Hook Set
  • Number of hooks 10
  • Sizes B/1 (2.25 mm) – J/10 (6.0 mm)
  • Tip style pointed
  • Hook material -aluminum
  • Handle silicone
  • Additional accessories

Hook Susan Bates Silvalume

Those looking for a hook set online will find the Susan Bates Silvalume hook set ideal. The set comes in the same packaging as the one shown above. This gives you a total of six hooks.

This investment should cost you just over seven dollars.

Since these hooks are made of solid aluminum, it shouldn’t be easy to break them. In addition, the manufacturer boasts that they have heat-treated hooks for added durability. With these hooks, you should get a more consistent gauge and more accurate results.

You also get a clear packet that contains the hooks and shows the sizes available. For example, you can see that the smallest hook is 3.75 mm, while the largest is a 6.6 mm hook.

If you find that the variety of tools is enough, you can spend the money and have it delivered.

Hook Susan Bates Silvalume
  • Number of hooks 6
  • Sizes F/5 (3.75 mm) – K/10.5 (6.5 mm)
  • Style of the tips inline
  • Hook material aluminum
  • Handle aluminum
  • Additional accessories not included

LOOEN hook set

You may be a complete novice to crochet. If that’s the case, you may want to bring the LOOEN hook set. This is only because of the variety of tools it has.

Therefore, if you make this purchase, you will have almost everything you need in a convenient carry bag. This should also ensure that you don’t lose any stored components.

Seventeen tapered hooks are provided, some of which are as small as 0.6 mm. However, none of the options are larger than 6.0 mm. In addition, one section of the carrying case contains color-coded hooks. This is in stark contrast to the other section which contains only hooks with blue handles.

Hook and Pick Sets

Nevertheless, you should be able to tell the blue hooks apart by reading the handles. The blue hooks are smaller, measuring only 0.6 mm to 1.75 mm. As for the 2mm and larger hooks, look at the color options.

Also included in the purchase are other accessories, such as a stitch holder, thread needles, needlepoint guards, row counter, gold hairpin, etc. Unfortunately, the plastic handles didn’t satisfy everyone.

LOOEN hook set
  • 17
  • 0.6 mm – 6.0 mm
  • pointed
  • aluminum
  • rubber, plastic
  • ruler, tape measure, scissors, needle guard, row counter, needle knitting, ring stitch markers, stitch markers, gold hairpin, stitch holder, yarn needles, organizer

Luxeon hooks

Not many hook sets come with a 10.0mm option. That’s why this set and BCMRUN’s multi-colored aluminum hooks stand out by including it in their collection.

Note that the length is the same at 5.9 inches for all the hooks provided. The hooks are also well polished and multicolored. This makes it easier to choose the right one from your crochet toolbox. However, you will have to buy one separately. So you will have to spend more money if you decide that this option is for you. Nevertheless, at less than eight dollars, most users won’t mind the extra expense.

Speaking of extra expenses, there are many other accessories needed for the hook. These include stitch markers, gauge measuring rulers, etc. If you don’t already own any of these, you’ll have to part with a few extra dollars because they’re not included in the package.

However, the value you get for the money is undeniable with this set.

Luxeon hooks
  • Number of hooks 14
  • Sizes 2.0mm-10.0mm
  • Tip style Spiked
  • Hook material aluminum
  • Handle aluminum
  • Additional accessories not included

The Elements of Athena Hooks

The manufacturer of Athena’s Elements hook set is very proud of the product they have brought to market. Some people will appreciate that the product has American sizes listed on the handles. This way, you won’t have to convert the numbers to deduce how to use each hook.

You will also notice a difference in the size of the shaft that coincides with the size of the hook. For example, the large hooks have a 2-inch shaft, while the small ones are 1.75 inches long. This is because the bulky wire is more likely to be used with larger hooks.

Comfort is another area that the manufacturer took into consideration. This meant including handles with fun colors that are easy to grip. These tools are incredibly soft to the touch and allow you to use them longer without getting tired or fatigued. Plus, their non-slip design will enhance the user experience. Unfortunately, it can be difficult for some to read the markings, and some people have reported that they are not as durable as expected.

LOOEN hook set
  • 12
  • B/1 (2.25 mm) – L/11 (8.0 mm)
  • pointed
  • aluminum
  • silicone
  • thread needles

Chromecast hook set

Some users may feel that the 24 hooks in the set are well worth the $17. Nevertheless, the manufacturer goes a step further by adding a few other accessories. These include thread needles, a tape measure, and stitch markers.

But before we get to that, the design of the hooks is impressive. This is the case with the thicker color-coded options, which also have rubber grips.

Hook and Pick Sets

Additionally, you’ll get smaller hooks that boast a silver color. Although they look different, the construction material is the same.

Also, although you can’t tell from the picture, the case pictured is pretty solid. Another positive feature of the case is that it can accommodate almost any accessory. Keep in mind that some users have reported the lack of scissors in their packages. Also, the stitch markers are not the best quality.

Chromecast hook set
  • 24
  • 0.6 mm – 8.0 mm
  • pointed
  • stainless steel
  • rubber, stainless steel
  • stitch markers, tape measure, scissors, thread needles, hook case

Things to consider before buying hooks

What manufacturers offer in their hook sets differs greatly. This indicates that the different options are meant to meet all needs. Therefore, you need to determine where you fit in as a potential buyer. This should help you find the best set for your needs. Here, we will take a closer look at the most important features of hook sets, such as the number of tools in the pack, the variety of sizes, tip styles, materials as well as additional accessories.

Number of hooks in the pack

Each manufacturer offers a different set of tools. Each set includes from 6 to 24 hooks. If you have more hooks, you are more likely to find one that is perfect for your project. It’s also common to have a wider variety of tools at your disposal with larger sets.

For example, the Chromecast hook set offers the largest number of hooks among the products reviewed on our list. This is beneficial because each project you undertake will have its own requirements for the hook you use.


Sizes are very important because they allow you to accomplish different tasks and create different designs. The number of sizes is one of the areas that will be most affected by the number of hooks overall. As you can see, the Athena’s Elements hook, with its 12 hooks, offers a range from 2.25mm to 8.0mm.

In contrast, the Susan Bates Silvalume hook set has half as many hooks, ranging from 3.75 mm to 6.5 mm. So the choice depends on the project you want to start.

Tip Style

The two main tip styles are the in-line option and the tapered option. While it’s not common to find both types of tips in the same set, there are exceptions, such as LIHAO hooks.

To tell if a tip is tapered or inline, just look at the hook. A tapered option is thinner the closer it is to the point if you look at it from the front. Conversely, inline options tend to have the same width in the shank and neck when they turn into a hook.

Hook material

Additionally, the hook material is critical in determining the durability of the toolset. Currently, most of the products on our list are made of aluminum.

You also have the exception of the Chromecast hook set, which is made of stainless steel. However, these are not the only two hook materials available on the market. You can also find hooks made of wood or plastic.

Metal hooks are more likely to be slippery, so you need to take that into account in your next job. It can be quite handy to get a set with non-slip handles. They are also faster to pick than their counterparts.

While wooden options are slower, they can be useful for a few jobs, so you shouldn’t rule them out. Plastic options offer a happy medium between metal and wood options. However, aluminum hooks are more popular with professionals and beginners. Durability is also another factor that should influence your decision on whether or not to buy the hook set.


For many people, the handles are a crucial element that influences whether or not to buy. This is because they determine how comfortable the user is and how long they can hold the tools.

Rubber grips are particularly popular because they provide a comfortable grip and minimize hand fatigue. They are also recommended for users with carpal tunnel. For example, if you want to buy hooks for someone who has arthritic hands, you can opt for WooCrafts hooks.

You can also find options like Luxbon hooks that are made entirely of aluminum.

Additional Accessories

Not all sets come with additional accessories, as shown by the Luxbon hooks. On the other hand, some manufacturers position their products as more productive purchases by adding as many accessories as possible.

These include measuring tapes, scissor stitch markers, etc. These are all tools that can come in handy during your crochet journey. So it’s a good idea to plan ahead for them, whether you buy them with a crochet set or not.

However, for the sake of convenience, it seems that buying a set with more accessories is a better idea. Also, note that additional accessories will likely be responsible for the increased price.

How much do crochet sets cost?

Each crochet set is unique. Therefore, it’s natural to expect prices to vary widely as well. Some of the affordable options can cost close to seven or eight dollars. These sets tend to have a fairly limited number of tools available. For example, you might consider the LIHAO hooks. You’ll find 22 different sizes of hooks with different styles of tips, as well as a case for those hooks.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are options, such as the Clover Amour hook set, which costs up to $30 or even more. This price is reasonable and still quite affordable for most potential buyers.

Our verdict

The BeCraftee crochet set is of course our favorite product. This set includes color-coded hooks with tapered tips and silicone handles. Comfort is an important feature in its construction for many people. In addition, you can’t ignore the extensive presence of accessories to help users get started.

Next, for those who want something less expensive, we recommend LIHAO hooks. With so many different sizes, it’s hard to find a job you can’t take on with this set of hooks at your side.

WooCrafts hooks are not to be outdone. Accessories are an important part of this collection. If you plan ahead, you know that stitch markers and yarn needles will come in handy in the future. As such, they can be a great purchase for many people, especially those with arthritic hand problems.

Nevertheless, after guiding you as best we can, we leave the final decision to you. You can leave a comment on the product you have chosen as well as a personal opinion in the comments section. This information will undoubtedly help someone in the future to find the best hooks for their needs!

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