10 Best Camping Tents You can Buy


10 fantastic camping tents – maximum comfort on outdoor adventures!
Camping is an outdoor lifestyle that is becoming more and more of a “thing”, especially with the falling prices of the best camping tents. Many people can now afford a little outdoor adventure with family and friends. For a fantastic camping experience, you’ll need a durable, spacious and comfortable tent.

There are so many advances in tent technology, and with multiple brands and models out there, it would take a lot to find the right one. Fortunately, with our refined list of the best camping tents, you’ll easily make the right decision. We looked at 38 different products on the market, and the Kelty Salida stood out as our top pick because its durability, high level of comfort, spacious interior, convenience, and great value couldn’t be matched. If you’re looking for something else, we’ve included nine other products for you.

Some of the features we based our selections and rankings on include total weight, occupancy, base size, season rating and center height. All of these features determine how long the tent will be used. You can be sure that the products reviewed are the best on the market, as we highlight the best research in terms of time and sources. It took us 51 hours to scour official websites and review customer reviews. The comparison table, detailed product reviews and buying guide at the end contain all the information you need to choose the best camping tent with great ease and comfort.


Kelty Salida

Kelty is a popular brand known for their packs. Their high quality camping tents are some of the best on the market, although a bit pricey, you get what you pay for. They offer excellent value for money.

The tent is made of polyester and mesh for fantastic ventilation when it’s hot outside. You can also use the tent in rainy weather by making it waterproof by throwing in the rain fly.

The tents are available in 3 models: single, 2 person and 4 person. If you are going camping with your friends or family, you can opt for the 4-person model, which offers plenty of room for everyone. You may find it a little too narrow for 4 people, but 3 people will fit perfectly and still leave plenty of room. Plus, the all-weather vestibule is roomy enough and has plenty of storage space.

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You can trust the tent to stay up on bad weather days. All of its seams are securely fastened. Setup will be a breeze. Everything is color coded so you know what goes where. Plus, you only need two snap stakes to set it up quickly and easily.

You can add a ground sheet if you want, but with its nylon floor, this tent is ready to give you a comfortable escape into nature. Plus, it’s super lightweight so it’s easy to transport.

Overall, this is one of the best all-around camping tents you can get for family or two-person camping.

Kelty Salida
  • dome tent
  • 2 people
  • 3
  • 30.5 square feet + 10 square feet of vestibule
  • 43 in.
  • 4 lbs. 9 oz.


Coleman Sundome

This is another high quality tent from a famous brand. This model is great because it is suitable for less experienced campers as it is inexpensive, quite spacious and can stand the test of time.

The tent is made of heavy-duty 1000D polyethylene and has factory-sealed waterproof seams on all corners. The fly and walls are covered with 450mm polyester, making them not only durable but also waterproof and able to withstand all the trials of the jungle.

You can go camping during the rainy season with this tent and stay completely dry throughout thanks to its WeatherTec system of covered seams, welded corners, and a rain fly for added protection. It also has large windows and a D-shaped door for ventilation. The floor vents also play an important role as they draw in cool air and expel hot air through the roof vents.

Camping Tents

The tent comes with 4 options: 2 person, 3 person, 4 person and 6 person. You can choose one or the other for your small group camping. The interior of the tent is quite spacious, and the mesh pockets sewn into its walls allow you to store your essentials that would otherwise occupy your living area.

This tent isn’t the lightest option, but it can be ideal for camping and short trips. It’s also not suitable for cold weather camping, but is a perfect choice for summer and spring.

Setting up and taking down the tent won’t take you more than a minute thanks to its self-supporting design and fiberglass frames. Plus, you can have a power outlet inside the tent thanks to the electrical access port that comes with it.

Finally, it is one of the best cheap tents for camping because of its durability, large occupancy capacity and all its practical features.

Coleman Sundome
  • dome tent
  • 4 people
  • 2
  • 9 x 7 feet.
  • 4 feet 11 inches.
  • 7.6 lbs.
  • E-port, door canopy, floor venting, no hassle
  • Marmot Limestone Tent for 4 persons
  • If you’re willing to part with a good amount of mon


Marmot Limestone Tent for 4 persons

If you’re willing to part with a good amount of money to upgrade your camping tent, this is your first choice. This is a professional quality tent, scientifically designed for top performance in all conditions.

This tent has a rugged design and is made of durable polyester material. Its unique construction provides extra headroom, and the large double doors allow for easy entry and exit. Its seam-sealed polyester rain fly makes it waterproof and therefore suitable for camping in wet weather. However, it’s not very resistant to low temperatures and can only be used for three seasons. Fortunately, this means that in the summer, you won’t even need an air conditioner in the tent thanks to its superior ventilation.

With 59.7 square feet of space, the tent can accommodate up to 4 people, making it a perfect choice for small group or family camping. The interior of the tent is also more spacious thanks to its nearly vertical walls.

The tent is super lightweight and folds down to a compact size that is very portable. You’ll also appreciate the stress-free setup thanks to the color-coded clips and poles that make it pretty simple. In less than 15 minutes, your tent will be up.

To avoid burning yourself when it’s hot, you can use Velcro vents that provide better air circulation.

This is one of the best waterproof camping tents out there, perfect for family or group travel. It’s built to last without sacrificing comfort and convenience.

Marmot Limestone Tent for 4 persons
  • dome tent
  • Sleeps 4
  • 3
  • 59.7 square feet
  • 63 in.
  • 11 lbs. 11 oz.


Browning Camping Big Horn Famille

Looking for a tent that will make you and your family feel at home? Then this is your ultimate choice. It’s built for comfort, convenience and long-term service.

The tent is made of polyester and has a self-supporting hub. It is sure to serve you for a long time with its sturdy construction and steel poles and fiberglass poles.

The tent’s straight sidewalls maximize space, and you can even bring camping furniture or cots. Plus, it has mesh storage pockets sewn into the walls for storing your accessories. This also saves headroom. So, this is one of the best family camping tents, as it is comfortable enough for 5 people and still offers some space.

Plus, it has an extra-large center so you don’t have to bend over or kneel down when you change into bed. There’s also a large D-shaped door for easy entry and exit.

It can withstand rain and wind as well as the harsh conditions of nature. Its rain gauge is made of heavy-duty 150D polyester, and the floor is covered with a 2000mm polyester coating for durability and moisture protection. The tent’s seams are also factory sealed to withstand extreme weather conditions. Guy ropes also ensure the tent’s stability in high winds and storms. However, it takes at least four hands to put it up and it is quite heavy.

For better ventilation, there are 4 large windows and a mesh roof that allows for ventilation and airflow.

This tent is a perfect choice for family camping or car camping. Its top-notch features and performance are worth the investment.

Browning Camping Big Horn Famille
  • cabin tent
  • 3
  • 12″ x 30″
  • 15.8 kilograms
  • Four large windows, freestanding design, lattice roof
  • Eureka! Sunrise 9-tent (4-5 persons)


Eureka! Sunrise 9-tent (4-5 persons)

Eureka is also a well-known brand in the market for camping equipment. They have been around for two centuries, which already confirms the quality of their tents. This tent, in particular, has excellent features that make it very reliable and suitable for family and group camping.

The tent’s rain fly and floor are made of 68D polyester, a strong and durable material. Its frame is also made of high quality aluminum, giving it a rigid construction.

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The tent is incredibly light yet very stable. It also folds down to a small size and packs into a two-sided backpack for easy transport. So it won’t weigh you down.

You can go camping in the rain with this tent because it’s built to offer exceptional protection. The 1500mm and 1800mm polyester coating on the fly and ground make it waterproof, so you can stay dry even if the weather is really bad outside. It also has two huge doors for easy entry and exit, and each has a vestibule.

Camping Tents

When it comes to airflow, this tent features Eureka’s top/bottom ventilation system that has adjustable, easy-to-use air exchange options that can keep you comfortable in any weather. Unfortunately, the side screen windows cannot be closed, which is not suitable for colder weather.

Thanks to the height of the tent, you can forget about bending over and kneeling down to get into bed. The generous height and space give it a spacious interior that can accommodate 4-5 people plus a pet while still leaving some usable space.

The tent is easy to set up and take down. One person can handle it, but two would be easier and faster.

With its high ceiling and other practical features, this is one of the best tents for car camping.

Eureka! Sunrise 9-tent (4-5 persons)
  • cabin tent
  • Sleeps 4
  • 3
  • 76.2 x 21.6 x 21.6 cm
  • 7,26 Kg
  • two doors and vestibules, high/low air exchange system

Coleman Octagon 98

This is the ultimate choice for a large camping group. It can comfortably accommodate 2 large air mattresses or 8 people. This tent will give you a family experience in the wilderness by accommodating everything and everyone you love.

The tent is made of 68D polyester taffeta and mesh on the inside for durability and great ventilation. Its floor is made of 1000D polyethylene tubing, which is tough and all-weather. In addition, the tent has steel poles, which are rust and corrosion resistant, giving it a rugged design that can withstand any storm or high winds like a champ.

For better air circulation, there are two door windows, screens, a mesh roof and the tent body, which is mostly made of mesh, that work together to ventilate the tent sufficiently.

The tent has two doors, one hinged and one D-shaped. They make entry and exit very easy and are all waterproof.

In addition, you will be able to use this tent safely during the rainy season because it has a rain fly with 6 zippers that provide complete coverage by enveloping the entire tent except for the doors. Unlike other tents, you can keep the door windows open when it’s raining for good ventilation because they have a hood. The guy loops also help keep it stable in windy conditions. However, some people have had problems with condensation in the morning.

The tent is a generous height, so you won’t need to stoop inside. You can also adjust and create your own space inside the tent thanks to the privacy divider it has.

Although it’s not a four-season model, it’s designed for all weather conditions, including the coldest, making it one of the best tents for camping in the snow. With all these great features and top performance, this Coleman tent is by far the best 8-person tent.

Coleman Octagon 98
  • cabin tent
  • Sleeps 8
  • 3
  • 13 x 13 ft.
  • 6 feet 10 inches.
  • 48 lbs.
  • full flight, two doors, interior mesh storage pockets with cup holders, color-coded poles


Ozark Trail 14″ x 10″; Family cabin tent

If you’re looking for a cottage-style family camping tent that will give you the best outdoor escape experience on a budget, then this is your first choice. It’s a good choice for the price, as it sleeps 10 people, is durable, and can hold up in a variety of weather conditions.

It is made of long-lasting 68D polyester that is also waterproof. Its seams are fully taped and factory sealed, so you’ll be completely dry in case of rain. The midge also contributes to its protection against leaks. The tent will also withstand any type of thunderstorm (as long as there is no lightning) or strong wind.

The interior of the tent has plenty of space for 2 large air beds or up to 10 people. Plus, you can divide the room in half to create your own private section. The center height also contributes to the tent’s interior space, allowing you to move freely without having to bend, kneel or stoop.

Camping Tents

Ventilation is also excellent thanks to the large windows on all sides and a D-shaped door. It’s also fairly light, given that it’s a high-occupancy tent, which makes it very convenient to transport.

The setup process is not as simple as you might expect with the best instant camping tents. The poles are not already attached to the tent, which makes the setup a bit more time consuming. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll appreciate all of its top-notch features.

Ozark Trail 14" x 10"; Family cabin tent
  • cabin tent
  • 10 people
  • 4
  • 14 x 10 feet.
  • 78 in.
  • 37 lbs.
  • two rooms and doors, equipment loft, power cord access


Hewolf Automatic Camping Dome Tent 3-4 persons

This is another versatile, affordable and high quality camping tent. It is easy to use, very reliable and has a great value for money.

It comes in the form of a hexagon with a generous 54.3-inch height space. The tent is made of 190T polyester inside and out, and its waterproof rating is PU2000. You’ll definitely stay dry when it rains and, unlike many other tents, you’ll be protected from UV rays.

When it comes to durability, the tent lives up to its name. It’s tough as nails thanks to its high-quality construction. Its UV protection and removable mesh inner tent make it one of the best tents for beach camping.

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In addition to sun and rain, it can also withstand wind well, provided it is set up correctly. The poles and 8 guy wires provided give it stability and wind resistance. However, it is not the most suitable for camping in high winds.

Believe it or not, it will take you a few seconds to set up this tent. Its instantaneous mechanism makes it very easy to set up. Just lower the top mechanism and click the joints together.

You’ll enjoy great ventilation no matter what weather conditions you choose to camp in. The inner mesh of the tent ensures sufficient airflow, even when you close the doors.

Plus, you get free pole replacement service and a lifetime manufacturer’s warranty. Overall, this is a fantastic choice for a couple or a small family. It comes with all the features that any camper would appreciate.

Hewolf Automatic Camping Dome Tent 3-4 persons
  • dome tent
  • 3-4 people
  • 3
  • 43 square feet
  • 54.3 in.
  • 8.47 lbs.
  • two doors, instant mechanism, canopy


Wenceslas 8 persons Klondike tent

Looking to set a new standard for family camping? Here’s a tent that can accommodate your entire family while leaving you with free usable space. It offers amazing convenience and home-like comfort during your outdoor adventures.

The Wenzel tent is made of polyester fabric with a water-resistant polyurethane coating. This material provides protection from moisture from top to bottom. The quality of construction also contributes to its weather resistance. Its seams are double stitched and all zippers, threads and straps are treated to be water repellent.

You’ll enjoy your summer camping adventure with this tent because you won’t feel the stress of bugs or unbearable heat. It has two mesh windows and a mesh roof that will allow fresh air to enter while blocking bugs. There is also a vent in the back of the tent that allows for a large, low airflow.

The tent’s fiberglass roof structure, along with its steel poles, make it stable enough to withstand high winds and storms. However, it will take some time to set up.

As for space, it has a spacious interior that can comfortably accommodate 2 large air mattresses or 8 people in sleeping bags. You also have a great ceiling height, with a height of 87 inches. You’ll be able to change comfortably without bending or crouching. In addition, there are accessory pockets sewn into the walls to keep your things organized.

What’s interesting is that you can always close off the entrance room (porch) to create a second room, which is usually intended to provide superior ventilation in hot weather.

The screened porch and all the other great features mentioned make this tent a great choice for camping.

Wenceslas 8 persons Klondike tent
  • cabin tent
  • Sleeps 8
  • 3
  • 16 x 11 feet.
  • 78 in.
  • 26 lbs. 6 oz.
  • 2 chambers, 6 windows, superior water repellency, removable rain gauge



If you’re looking for a tent for long-term use, this is a good buy. It is built to last with quality materials and excellent construction. This tent is able to withstand all the harsh conditions it encounters on all your camping adventures.

The tent has a dome design and is made with ultra-fine polyester that is micro-mesh to keep mosquitoes and bugs out.

With its high-quality Nano-flex technology, this tent has a sturdy frame and poles that fit together to give you and your family a safe and stable sleeping space away from home. While its D-shaped door has full mosquito protection, many people still say it’s not enough to provide adequate ventilation during the hot season.

Camping Tents

The floor is also top-notch with its tub-style construction. The anti-fungal polyethylene material used keeps you dry and protected from moisture. You can also forget about water running under your tent or even puddles.

The 2500mm fly is also specially designed to give you complete coverage against the rain. It is made of 190T polyester coated with thermoplastic for UV protection.

The tent is spacious enough to accommodate 4-5 people with a center height of 1.5m for maximum comfort. Setup is also simple and can be done quickly by one person.

It is one of the most durable tents with a sturdy construction. Its excellent features are worth investing in if you want to get better performance when it’s not so hot outside.

  • dome tent
  • 4-5 people
  • 3
  • 12.8 x 8 ft.
  • 4.7 ft.
  • 12 lbs.


How to choose the best camping tent

With such a variety of products on the market, it can be more difficult to decide which camping tent to choose. Fortunately, we’ve gathered all the facts and created this buying guide to make it easier for you. There are certain features you should consider before buying a camping tent. They include the type of tent, its size, the materials it’s made of, the interior space, the season, the total weight, etc. Keep reading to learn more about each one, and you can find the one that best suits your camping needs!

Type of tent

There are different types of tents to choose from, depending on your needs and preferences. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to tents, so the choice is quite personal. Here are some examples:
Dome tents – these are the most common tents and are shaped like a dome to provide more height and interior space. They are incredibly easy to set up and the whole process only takes a few minutes.

A-frame tents – these are shaped like the capital letter “A” and are less common nowadays because they are quite bulky and not very practical compared to modern models.

Cabin tents – they are more like a house than a regular tent because they have several rooms for high occupancy and privacy. They have high ceilings and plenty of space. The Browning Camping Big Horn 5 is an excellent example of this type of tent.

Backpacking tents – these are lightweight, durable and smaller in size. They are ideal for backpacking.
Pop-up tents – also known as pop-up tents. They are very easy to set up because their poles can be set up in seconds. But they are not designed to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Inflatable tents – instea

d of having aluminum or plastic poles, these tents have inflatable beams that you can inflate to support the tent.
Truck tents – a great way to get the most out of your truck when camping.

Tent size and interior space

The size of the tent you choose should depend on your personal needs and the number of people you want to camp with. Even if you don’t have a large group, you can benefit from a larger tent to store your gear and equipment.

It’s wiser to look beyond the tent’s occupancy and consider its physical dimensions. For example, a generous height space is not a feature you want to overlook as it is very luxurious to be able to stand and move around without bending or folding in a tent. Currently, cabin tents, such as the Coleman Octagon 98, are the most popular because of the large space and family experience they offer.


The material used to make a tent determines its quality. Three materials are commonly used to make tents: polyester, canvas and nylon. It is best to choose a tent with high-quality materials, such as heavy-duty polyesters, to ensure durability. It should also have taped seams and be breathable to withstand the elements and be well ventilated at the same time. The bottom should be bathtub-like, like the Kelty Salida, to keep water out.
When it comes to poles, fiberglass, carbon fiber and aluminum are the most popular materials. Fiberglass is the cheapest and most durable, but it is a bit heavy, while aluminum is affordable and strong, but bends easily. Carbon fiber is more expensive, but it is super light, flexible and strong.

All of the tents reviewed above were made with high-quality, tear-resistant materials that are strong enough to withstand harsh weather conditions.

Seasonal Rating

Most people prefer to go camping during the summer season. There are tents specifically designed for 3 or 4 seasons, such as the NTK INDY GT 4/5 discussed above.

The 3 season tents can be used in summer, fall and spring. They are ultra-light and are constructed with materials such as thin fabric and mesh. They are preferred by backpackers, and are not the best tents for winter camping.

The 3.5 season tents are very durable but still can’t handle winter conditions. They can only handle stronger winds and more rain.

Four season tents can handle winter conditions and heavy snow because they are stronger and more robust.

Total weight

The overall weight of a tent greatly affects its portability and ease of setup. If you’re the type of person who drives to your camping destination, the weight may not bother you, but you may feel the pinch when setting up. As for backpackers, weight is a huge factor that cannot be ignored when choosing a tent. If you’re looking for a lightweight camping tent, consider our editor’s choice, the Kelty Salida.

The larger the tent, the heavier it is. The material used to make it also adds to the weight. Waterproof material and the rain gear many campers want add to the tent’s bulk. The number of tent poles also determines the weight of the tent. Larger tents will require more stakes for stable support. They are therefore heavier.


This is one of the most important features to consider when buying a tent. Ventilation is crucial, especially if the tent is going to accommodate many people. Many tents have windows and screen doors for maximum air circulation. They also have a mesh roof to ensure continuous airflow in hot weather.

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