Best Large Camping Tents in 2022

Kodiak Flex-Bow Deluxe Canvas Tent

The idea of going camping right now may seem a little unappealing – unless you like a challenge – but soon the weather will change and you’ll be able to enjoy the wonders of nature without running water, television, or even electricity. If that sounds terrifying, at least you can call your friends, family and fellow Bigfoot campers and treat yourself to one of the best big tents to make this year’s camping season the best yet.

But why would you want to camp with a large group? Well, apart from getting out of the house and – you know – socialising, it gives everyone a chance to make new connections while not feeling like they’re being forced to do something they don’t want to. A large group of campers, which is about 10 or 12 people, is big enough that there is always someone willing to do something so you don’t feel abandoned or alone, but not too big either, which creates confusion. Nobody wants that, but they do want to have fun, so let’s see what we have.

Coleman Weather Master large camping tent

The Coleman WeatherMaster 10-person outdoor tent is a triumph of camping gear, which is why we’ve placed it at the top of our selection of the best large camping tents. It’s big enough for three queen-sized air mattresses while offering extra space for bags and other accessories, and the doors are hinged for easy entry and exit.

The patented WeatherTec system ensures no flooding, which is enhanced by the zip protection, and the sturdy frame offers wind resistance for those days when it looks like a hurricane is sweeping through the next door. There’s also a built-in room divider that turns the inside of a large single space into a multi-room tent to give you some privacy when changing and sleeping. These walls may not stop your aunt’s dull snoring, but hopefully the sounds of nature will mask it.

This tent is anti-condensation and promotes air circulation for comfort wherever you pitch it. It’s strong, tough and durable, with plenty of room for the whole family and a few stragglers.

Coleman WeatherMaster large camping tent
  • Features
  • Enough room for 3 queen-size beds
  • WeatherTec system with patented welded floors and reverse seams for dryness
  • Hinged front door allows for easy entry and exit
  • Room divider provides privacy

CORE 9 Person Extended Dome Large camping tent

The Core 9 Person Extended Dome Tent is a great, easy to set up option that won’t set you back too much, meaning there’s more money left over to spend on sweet food and booze for the barbecue. It’s deceptively larger than the photos suggest, which is always a bonus but still something to consider before buying.

arge Camping Tents

There is enough room inside for 3 air mattresses, and you can expand your floor space with the gear loft and lantern hook, keeping bags and similar accessories off the floor. This protects them from moisture, but only if moisture is a problem – hint: it won’t be. Core H20 Block technology keeps your trip dry and comfortable and prevents moisture or cold from penetrating the walls, allowing you to focus on the trip, rather than trying to stay warm. You may be surprised at how effective it is, but once you get past this and exploit its potential, you’ll have a great camping tent with plenty of room for you, your family and pets.

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CORE 9 Person Extended Dome Large camping tent
  • Features
  • Big enough for 3 queen air mattresses
  • Basic H20 block technology and adjustable floor vent
  • Storage loft with lantern hook and pockets for organization and cleanliness
  • Power cord access port if you have a generator or similar power source

Kodiak Flex-Bow Deluxe Canvas Tent

Family-sized tents are a must for generations of outdoor enthusiasts. This Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Deluxe 8-person tent is a great option for inspiring a love of the woods in your kids and convincing your partner that all is not so bad. The Hydra-Shield construction protects against the elements and is waterproof yet breathable. This is made possible by the two tunnel vents that regulate airflow and temperature, so you’ll be comfortable no matter what the weather is like on the other side.

There are also two doors for multiple access points and four large windows so you can enjoy the picturesque views even if it’s pouring rain. For night-time privacy, you can cover these windows with the no-see-um panels. Of course, it’s a little more expensive than what we’ve seen so far, but we think that all this does is encourage its quality and give you a tent that will last a long, long time.

Kodiak Flex-Bow Deluxe Canvas Tent

    Durable, waterproof and breathable Hydra-Shield construction

    Two large D-shaped doors for multiple access points

    Two drain holes in the tunnel to regulate airflow and temperature

    Four large windows that provide privacy with non-visioned mesh panels



Coleman Montana large camping tent

The Coleman Montana 8-person tent is only slightly smaller than our previous Coleman choice (see above), but we like it just as much. Although there isn’t room for 10 people, there is still enough for 8, and the interior has enough room for 3 queen-size mattresses, although there may not be as much room for bags and similar gear. The extended door canopy allows you to store your gear and luggage, making it easy to solve the space crunch. Secondly, the WeatherTec system ensures that all corners and seams are secure, so you don’t wake up confused and float, or even get a bit seasick.

arge Camping Tents

Once you have found your campsite, the assembly is partly laborious. However, Montana makes it quick and easy to set up, between 15 and 30 minutes, depending on your experience with tenting. For small groups, this is a great option, and as the official tent of the Parks Foundation, we’re not surprised it’s so good.

 Coleman Montana large camping tent
  • Features
  • Spacious enough to comfortably accommodate 3 queen size air mattresses
  • WeatherTec system with welded corners and inverted seams
  • Extended door canopy to keep gear and equipment dry and off the tent floor
  • Quick set up and easy carry bag included

Mountain Trails Large camping tent for 10 people

Our pick for the best value tent is the Mountain Trails 10-Person Grand Pass Tent, which features a ping system and fibreglass corded rings that make setup quick and easy and ensure excellent stability and grounding when finished. It’s as easy to take down as it is to put up, thanks to its simple, stress-free Stow-n-Go transport system, which allows you to be back on the road in minutes when it’s time to return to reality.

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A 10-person tent can be a bit stuffy, though, so it’s a good thing the large mesh roof provides comfortable ventilation to avoid that ever-present cabin fever and make your camping trip feel more like a Disney movie than a low-budget one. The double D-doors will also help keep you dry, because there’s nothing worse than hiking in wet socks.

It’s extremely lightweight, so even if you can’t carry it on your pack all day, you can easily transport it from the car to the campsite. There are many lightweight tents out there, but none of them offer this level of protection at this price.

Mountain trails Large camping tent for 10 people
  • Features
  • Fibreglass rope ring and pin system for quick set up
  • Large mesh roof vents provide excellent ventilation
  • 2 large D style doors keep out the rain
  • Convenient Stow-n-Go carrying system

Wenceslas 8 persons Klondike tent

What we love about the 8 person Klondike Wenzel is that it’s great for relaxing at the end of a long day of hiking, exploring, fishing or whatever else you can do while camping. The large front awning is a great camping porch where you can fold up a chair, put your feet up, open a drink and admire your surroundings.

The mesh roof vents provide great airflow, which is ideal for an 8 person tent, especially if it is 3 season suitable and able to protect you and your camping party enough that you may not even be aware of what is happening outside the walls of your tent.

arge Camping Tents

There’s also a gear loft for storing equipment and the reliable zips provide extra security against mysterious mountain men, wild animals or just curious camping neighbours. It’s quick to set up – it takes about 20 minutes the first time and only half that once you have an idea of where the poles fit and have a handy carry bag to transport them easily.

Wenceslas 8 persons Klondike tent
  • Features
  • Large front canopy provides a camping porch for end-of-day relaxation and protection from the elements
  • Mesh roof openings for ventilation and airflow
  • Three season design for versatile camping options
  • A gear loft to prevent damage

The 2 metre dome on the north face Tent for 8 people

It wouldn’t be a list of the best big camping tents without including this mammoth – if slightly expensive – option from The North Face, whose 8-person, 2-metre Dome tent is a great option for the really, really, deeply serious camper who likes to explore the most extreme areas of our beautiful planet.

You may be put off by the price (we weren’t sure we saw it right at first either), but that only adds to its quality, and the tent has a chimney flue that regulates temperature and reduces condensation when you’re waiting to leave for base camp. If you’re still not convinced, the external windows allow you to check out your surroundings, which depending on where you set up can be worth it.

The steep walls allow for maximum space and allow everyone to move around without crouching, well almost everyone we’re sure. There are also hanging loops for luggage, which is handy and easy to grab if you need to get out of there quickly.

If you’re a serious camper and want a functional and spacious tent, with about $5,000 to spend, why not go for this option? The only thing you’ll need afterwards is to find people to accompany you on your adventure, perhaps they can chip in for the cost too.

Chimney to regulate temperature and reduce condensation

External windows for views of the base camp

Steep walls ensure maximum usable space with internal hanging loops for the awning

Two doors for multiple entry and exit points

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The North Face
2.2 lbs
The Browning Camping Big Horn two-piece tent not only inspires images of the great dust bowl and frontier and the wildest west in the world, it’s also a huge tent perfect for large groups of friends and families who want to escape the nonsense of the modern world and live off the land for the rest of their lives.

The self-supporting design may cause some concern, but it’s actually more efficient than you’d think and the resilient fibreglass poles provide extra stability where other designs might collapse under extreme weather conditions. The 6 windows and 2 large doors allow you to look out over nature, while the extra high centre gives you a huge space, which you can enclose with a useful partition.

Mesh pockets surround the interior walls for easy storage of valuables or gear that you need to grab in a hurry. There’s no overhead storage, but with a 150 square foot tent, you probably won’t need it anyway.

Self-supporting design and fiberglass poles for added stability

Extra high centre for maximum space with room separation for privacy

6 windows and 2 large doors

Mesh storage pockets to hold valuables and other items

Browning Camping
34.6 lbs
Barebones Lodge
With what is probably the largest camping tent ever made (at least recently, anyway), the Barebones Lodge Tent is nothing like what the company name suggests. Able to accommodate a crowd of 12, it offers more space than you’ll ever need, and can be used as a refuge for not-so-happy campers or simply as a workroom to help you stay out of the scorching heat.

This versatility is further enhanced by sturdy poles, which can withstand a 1,000-pound snow load (that’s the equivalent of 2.61 Big Shows) and won’t even shake in winds up to 90 mph. The custom fabric construction is more reliable and durable than canvas and is also mildew and condensation resistant, ensuring excellent comfort and breathability.

arge Camping Tents

It’s more expensive than your average tent (though not the most expensive option), and you’re unlikely to carry it on your back in the wild. But if you have a better option, you’ll appreciate the wonders of what is still a premium tent option you can trust.

Accommodation for up to 12 people

Strong poles and material capable of withstanding snow and wind

Custom fabric prevents condensation and improves comfort

Removable floor and all-weather extended coverage for maximum protection

Bare bones
Ozark Trail Family Tent
If you need a big family tent – if only to have some space between you and your know-it-all big brother – the Ozark Trail family tent could be the one for you. It offers full coverage to ensure maximum protection from the elements, whether (ha) you’re dealing with sun, hail or snow, plus almost inevitable showers.

Inside, you can fit three queen-sized air mattresses and it’s also high enough to stack if you need extra space during the day to change, organise or just relax. Best of all, the centre and side doors are a great solution for privacy, whether you need it for nearby campers or curious, peeping wildlife.

It’s not as light as some options, but given its size, you can’t expect it to be. Plus, the extra space is perfect for designating areas for parents, kids, pets and your food and drink cooler, which to be honest is the most important thing, especially when camping with a family. Or, maybe not, maybe you have better camping memories than we do… ;

Full flight cover ensures maximum protection from the elements in all conditions

Able to fit 3 queen size air mattresses with room to spare

Accommodation for up to 10 people

Centre and side doors provide privacy

E-Z UP Cube Popup Outdoor Camping Tent
Tente de camping extérieure E-Z UP Cube Popup
Our final choice is an excellent choice for a family tent that will please all members of the family, but especially your favorite barking friend. The E-Z UP Cube Popup outdoor camping tent has excellent ventilation, easily accessible doors, and even a gate for pets to come and go as they please. You may have to train them to close in on themselves.

It’s easy to set up and take down, eliminating the stress that causes too many camping trips each year. You don’t need tools, but you can probably get away with barking in the comfort of the best camping chair. You also won’t have to worry about the chair collapsing as you explore the wide world around you. The Cube comes with specially designed sturdy hooks to keep everything upright, while the water and insect proof bathtub bottom may be a little unusual, but it’s essential to avoid potential disasters and inconvenience.

The Cube is also the lightest tent we’ve found, weighing just 14lbs, so your supposedly tough sons won’t be able to apologise for this as they’re kindly asked to carry it back to base. Either way, we’re sure their complaints sound more like music to you.

Quick and convenient set-up, no tools required

Excellent airflow mechanics with armoured windows and doors and polyester shutters for privacy

Waterproof, insect-proof bath bottom for peace of mind

Built-in pet gate for four-legged friends – furry or not

14 lbs
How do we choose our selection of large camping tents?
It’s too cold where we are to try them out for ourselves (plus we don’t have enough friends to fill a tent, wah), so instead we looked at these four factors to narrow down our selection to the twelve great options you see above.

Brand – Premium brands offer the best camping experience. To make the selection, we focused on the top brands that are well known to the camping community and outdoor adventurers in general. These brands have generally been around for a long time and have therefore perfected the art of the perfect tent, taking all the necessary precautions to ensure you enjoy your camping trip to the fullest.

Reviews – As we said, we didn’t have time to check every tent ourselves, so we relied on the wonders of reviews from hardened campers with big families and lots of friends to tell us all we needed to know. If the reviews told us a tent was leaky, difficult to pitch or too heavy, we looked for another option until we finally found a selection we were happy with, and we hope you are too.

Quality – Quality is essential no matter what product you buy, but for a tent, quality is pretty much what makes the whole experience. Poorly constructed tents with unsatisfactory materials just don’t cut it. So we’ve chosen tents of excellent quality to ensure that you don’t get any nasty surprises when out in the wild.

Price – Some people think decent tents are expensive, and in a way we think some are, but given that they are used more than once, you get what you pay for. That said, some extremely good tents may be a little overpriced for some (but not all) of you. To remedy this, we’ve found a range of very affordable tents so that everyone has the opportunity to get by in the great outdoors, whatever their budget.

Plus, if you live on twigs and leaves like a true outdoorsman, you can justify spending a little more to be comfortable and dry.

Features to look for in great camping tents
Before you choose your new family camping tent, make sure you know what to look for to find the best deal for you, including enough space for everyone to sleep, easy transport, reliable materials and easy access.

Sleeping capacity – Very large camping tents usually have enough room for at least 8 people, but you still need to think about where they will sleep. Most large tents have enough room for three large beds, but there may be two depending on the shape and brand.

If you buy a 3-piece tent or a 2-piece tent, you can separate couples, adults, children or families and give everyone their own shared sleeping space.

Sometimes it is wise to buy a larger tent than you need and it is advisable to buy one that can accommodate one more person than you need to consider comfort and bags.

Size – The size of the tent will vary depending on the number of people sleeping in it and its shape. There is no set standard, but make sure there is enough space to comfortably fit a mattress and any bags you may have.

Weight – One of the major problems with large camping tents is that they can be too heavy, so decide how you are going to carry and transport them. If you are planning a hike to a campsite, a tent that is too heavy could hinder progress and cause fatigue. If you’re driving to a campsite, this won’t be a problem.

Height – Even if you don’t spend too much time in your tent while camping, having enough room to stand upright is much more important than you think. This allows you to move around freely and change clothes, move mattresses and bags, and attach poles much more easily than if you were to do all this on your knees or sitting down.

Shape – The shape of the tent determines where it will be pitched. Most large camping tents are rectangular, but some are shaped like a cube or even a dome. The shape doesn’t always matter, but if you’re camping in an area where space is limited or tight, keep the shape in mind before deciding where to pitch the tent.

Materials – Any decent tent is made from the best materials available.
Height – Even if you don’t spend too much time in your tent while camping, it is much more important than you think to have enough space to stand upright. This allows you to move around freely and change clothes, move mattresses and bags, and attach poles much more easily than if you were to do all this on your knees or sitting down.

Shape – The shape of the tent determines where it will be pitched. Most large camping tents are rectangular, but some are shaped like a cube or even a dome. The shape doesn’t always matter, but if you’re camping in an area where space is limited or tight, keep the shape in mind before deciding where to pitch the tent.

Materials – Any decent tent is made from waterproof materials, but some are more durable than others. The material also determines the season in which you can use the tent (winter or summer, spring and autumn) and will give you the best protection from the elements during that time of year.

Tent doors – You can expect a huge camping tent to have at least two or three doors, making it easier for people to get in and out while giving you the ability to place and remove air mattresses. These doors allow for easy breathing and ventilation while avoiding congestion around an entrance and keeping people from overlapping if they need to use the toilet at night.

Windows – Although tents are not really dark during the day, windows are useful for checking the weather, viewing the landscape and being able to find and contact people easily. These windows are made of clear plastic and usually have roll-down covers on the outside or inside, which you can use at night for privacy.

Ventilation – Good ventilation increases comfort and prevents condensation, mould and mildew from building up in the ten if the humidity gets too high, where bacteria and other smelly things thrive. Your tent should have mesh windows in the ceiling, on the walls, above or around the doors. These doors should also be large to allow for air circulation and further ventilation of the tent.

Internal pockets – Although not essential, internal pockets can help with organisation and keep floors free of clutter. You can use them to store valuables and other necessities overnight and still have the things you are likely to need at hand, rather than digging through your bag and holding everyone up.

Rain Fly – The Rain Fly is an extra layer of protection from the elements and is fitted to the top of your tent. It is useful if you are unsure of the severity of the weather and can help you retain heat when the temperature drops, which is particularly useful at night.

If your tent has a watering can (which it should), it will be a roof watering can or a full cover. The roof-only option is lighter because it’s smaller, but the full cover gives you total protection from wind and rain.

Tent poles – You are likely to find aluminium or fibreglass poles, and while aluminium is stronger, fibreglass doesn’t weigh as much.

The amount of tent poles determines how easy it is to pitch the tent, and most tents have hooks to help guide the poles into the folds for stability. Most tents you see now are also self-supporting, which means they don’t need stakes or guy ropes to stay in place and are easier to move.

What is a large camping tent?
A large camping tent is simply a tent large enough to accommodate more than the average 2-4 person tent. In general, these tents can accommodate at least 8 people, and some are large enough to accommodate up to 12

Features vary, and some tents sacrifice floor space for ease of transport and solve the storage problem by providing roof awnings and storage hooks for hanging bags and gear. Others have mesh pockets of the same size.

If you have friends and family who all like to camp, a large camping tent is often better than each person or group bringing their own – especially in terms of cost, weight and convenience.

How long does it take to put up a large camping tent?
How long does it take to put up a large camping tent
Their features vary, and some tents sacrifice floor space for ease of transport and solve the storage problem by providing roof canopies and storage hooks to hang your bags and gear. Others have mesh pockets of the same size.

If you have friends and family who all like to camp, a large camping tent is often better than each person or group bringing their own – especially in terms of cost, weight and convenience.

How long does it take to put up a large camping tent?
The time required to erect a large camping tent varies depending on the size and complication of the poles, as well as the extenuating circumstances of the environment such as weather or ground conditions. However, it usually takes between 15 and 30 minutes.

Larger camping tents or large camping tents with rooms may take a little longer, as additional poles and stakes are often required to ensure stability.

While it can take up to half an hour to set up the tent the first time, it won’t take as long the next few times, as you already know where everything goes and – hopefully – you’ll be competing with yourself to beat your record.

Should I waterproof my large camping tent?
Any decent tent is already waterproof enough, but there’s no harm in treating it with a waterproof spray or accessories for peace of mind. However, you shouldn’t do this when it’s raining, as this will defeat the purpose and the chemicals won’t be as effective. Instead, treat it no later than a week before your trip and at least once the tent is up and the weather is fine.

Should I put a tarpaulin under my large camping tent?
It’s not necessary and most tents – the good ones anyway – have a waterproof base, but again, if you want to go the extra mile to ensure maximum dryness and comfort, you can put a tarpaulin under the tent before you pitch it. This will keep moisture out of the base while making it warmer, as you won’t be directly above the cold ground.

How do I stop condensation in a tent?
Condensation can cause mould and make the tent feel like a sauna rather than a place to relax between hikes and other camping activities. To avoid condensation in the tent you can :

Open the windows for ventilation
Keep damp or wet clothes and shoes outside at night (or in a dry place if it is likely to rain)
Boil water outside the tent
Find a campsite that is not near a stream, river or lake
Camping on higher ground
How do I keep my tent clean while camping?
There are a number of ways to keep your tent clean while camping and this will make cleaning up after your trip much easier as well as preventing dirt, leaves and other debris from spreading inside the tent, which is just plain irritating.

To save yourself (and others) from having to spend hours cleaning up the dirt before you leave, you can :

Don’t wear shoes (or at least different shoes) inside the tent
Bring a small sweeping brush
Use a tarp inside the tent
Organise your belongings in a shoe organiser
Bring a self-opening rubbish bin
And, of course, be careful. A bit of dirt and clutter is fine, but end-of-trip cleaning will be much easier if you take care to keep the tent as clean and dirt-free as possible.

How do you clean a large camping tent?
When you get home, air out the tent by rolling it up (yes, sorry) in your yard or wherever there is room and leave the doors and windows open. While you’re at it, you can also wipe down the dirty parts of the tent with a damp cloth and warm water. Most tent materials are fairly easy to clean, and this will prevent the tent from smelling a little bad the next time you go on a trip. No one wants a tent that smells bad when they are trying to relax or sleep, and this will make everyone’s trip more enjoyable.

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