Shape Cutters for Paper To Use in 2022

15 best paper cutters

Cutting or trimming paper with a pair of scissors or other unsuitable paper cutters is quite a headache. Not only will you fail to cut accurately, but you will also waste valuable time. If you are in a profession that involves card making, scrapbooking or any other professional craft, you need to have the best paper cutter. A good paper cutter will save you time and give you the best results. It is also safer and easier to use and will serve you well in the long run.

There are a lot of paper cutters on the market with various features that make it difficult to make a good choice. We’ve put together this guide to help you make the right choice. We reviewed 38 products, and from our refined list of 15 products, the Swingline 1152 Guillotine Paper Cutter was our top pick. Its durability, portability, design and other practical features set it apart. It also offers excellent value for money.

Our list of products is definitely the best you can find on the market, as we do our best to conduct research in terms of time and sources. Some of the features we based our choices and rankings on include: sheet capacity, cutting length, warranty, safety features and the material it cuts. These characteristics determine the functionality and quality of a paper cutter. There is a comparison chart, individual product reviews and a buying guide with all the information you need to buy the best paper cutter.


Swingline guillotine paper cutter 1152

Swingline is a very popular brand in the paper cutting industry. This 1152 guillotine paper cutter is a fantastic choice for a faster cutting experience. It will give you neat and clean cutting results for your projects.

The cutter has a sturdy construction that offers reliable performance. It is built with a sturdy maple base, a self-sharpening steel blade, and a die-cast metal arm. Its wood-like design looks great in almost any environment without taking up much space.

This cutter is remarkably accurate and powerful. With an alignment grid and a double scale ruler for measurements, you’ll get clean, neat cuts of all kinds of paper. The measurements ensure that you get a perfect cut.

With a cutting length of 18 inches, the cutter gives you plenty of room to accommodate a variety of creative projects. The non-slip feet on its sturdy base also contribute to its great practicality.

This cutter’s ability to cut 15 sheets of paper at a time makes it ideal for shared workspaces, as it can do a lot at once and takes up little space. Plus, it cuts everything from heavy, matte boards to delicate fabrics.

In addition to being efficient, this trimmer is also safe to use. It features a steel tension spring that holds the guillotine blade arm firmly in place. When the guillotine is not in use, a blade locking hook holds the blade arm in place. A protective guard will protect you from hand cutting accidents or inaccurate cuts that could damage your work.

Another great feature of this cutter is that Swingline guarantees its quality with a 10-year limited warranty.

Overall, this is a good buy for anyone looking for a cutter for high volume projects. Its quality and great value make it one of the best cutters out there.

Swingline guillotine paper cutter 1152
  • 18″
  • 15
  • maple, metal, steel
  • everything from delicate fabrics to cardboard
  • Limited to 10 years


Premier 715 StackCut heavy duty cutter

It’s an ultimate choice for busy schools and offices. The Premier 715 has an exceptional design and top-notch efficiency that will make cutting any type of paper a wholesome experience.

The cutter comes in a sleek, ergonomic design. It features a handheld clamp with a soft grip for optimal comfort. The clamp effectively holds the paper to prevent it from moving or shifting. In addition, part of the sturdy body of this paper cutter is a fully hardened, self-sharpening, high carbon steel blade.

The most remarkable thing about this cutter is its ability to cut up to 30 sheets of paper. Its powerful steel blade is angled to accurately cut a variety of paper types, including film, fabric, matte board, textiles and cardboard. This makes it an ideal paper cutter for busy schools and offices with high volume projects.

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You’ll appreciate the precise cuts this trimmer makes with its heavy ¾” wooden base that provides a permanent grip. The ½” alignment grid and dual metric rulers also contribute to the trimmer’s accuracy.

As for your safety, you can be sure that this cutter is one of the safest to use. It features a patented automatic blade locking system that locks with every cutting motion made. The entire length of the blade is also protected by a finger guard to prevent you from cutting yourself. Plus, a torsion spring keeps the blade from falling off when in use.

 Premier 715 StackCut heavy duty cutter
  • 12″
  • 30
  • wood, high carbon steel
  • cardboard, film, fabric and textile
  • limited life (blades), one year (other components)
  • ¾”; wooden base, ½”; alignment, grid and dual imperial/metric rulers, automatic blade lock, finger guard, torsion spring, hand clamp, self-sharpening blade
  • Dahle 552 Professional Trimmer

Dahle 552 Professional Trimmer

If you need a paper cutter for large posters and notices, this is your first choice. It is one of the best large paper cutters with a cutting length of 20 inches. It’s also not very expensive, as it comes with top-notch features and offers optimal cutting performance.

This German-designed cutter comes in a sleek and durable design that offers reliability and precision. It has a solid metal base that increases its durability and an automatic clamp that effectively prevents paper from shifting and tearing.

Shape Cutters for Paper

You can forget about replacing dull blades with this trimmer. Its self-sharpening blade sharpens every time it cuts to maintain a sharp edge. The sharpened edge of the blade offers unmatched precision. It allows you to remove even the smallest piece of paper.

Its automatic clamp will also save you energy, as you won’t have to hold papers by hand. It provides even pressure and holds your work firmly.

Not to mention, this professional paper cutter is the king of precision. Its sturdy metal base has carefully selected metric, angular and inch guides to align your cuts. The guides have all the measurements specified for your cutting needs.

In addition, this cutter can cut up to 20 sheets at a time. This, coupled with its 20-inch cutting length, makes it a popular choice for graphic design agencies, print shops and professional photographers.

The cutter features a non-slip rubber to prevent it from falling during operation.

Dahle 552 Professional Trimmer
  • 20″
  • 20
  • steel, metal
  • paper, photographs and cardboard


CARL 12238 Heavy-duty rotary paper cutter

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty paper cutter for your photo studio or graphic design studio, this is the best choice. Its length and cutting capacity make it the best heavy-duty paper cutter, and its price is affordable compared to its peers.

This cutter has a sturdy construction with a solid calibrated metal baseboard and storage compartment. You can store the extra blades that come with it in the storage compartment.

The Carl 12238 is not your typical paper cutter with its exceptional cutting capabilities. Its 18-inch cutting length and 36-sheet-at-a-time cutting capacity make it the best option for very demanding projects. It is a perfect choice for professional photographers and graphic designers, as it can cut large prints and photos.

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It not only cuts quickly but also with great precision. Calibrations on the sturdy metal base (an alignment grid, ruler, and common measurements) will help you get accurate cuts. An adjustable magnetic paper guide keeps papers in place during operation and is also ideal for repetitive cuts. The cutter’s premium carbide blade, held securely by its patented locking rail mechanism, adds to its high levels of accuracy.

In addition, the cutter comes with additional accessories such as a replacement cutting mat, perforated and straight blades. It can cut different types of paper, including cardboard, plastic sheets, chipboard, artist board, film and many more.

The manufacturer guarantees the excellent quality of this cutter with a limited lifetime warranty, making it one of the best rotary cutters. It is a rare gem with all its top-notch features and performance at an affordable price.

CARL 12238 Heavy-duty rotary paper cutter
  • Cutting length
  • 18″
  • Sheet capacity
  • 36
  • Construction
  • steel, plastic, metal, ABS
  • Cutting
  • cardboard, cardboard artist, plastic sheets and more
  • Warranty
  • limited life span


X-ACTO 26315 Guillotine trimmer for wood

This is one of the most beautiful paper cutters you can find. It is not only beautiful, but also one of the safest and most reliable on the market. This is not a paper cutter you can ignore, as it comes from a well-known and very good quality brand.

Don’t let its wooden construction fool you, this cutter will last longer than many others because it is built to offer great durability and strength. Its sturdy body can withstand regular high volume cutting operations. The quality of its construction also enhances the stability and ease of use of the cutter.

The cutter has rubber feet to prevent it from falling during operation. It also has a rubber handle for maximum comfort during long periods of cutting.

Most importantly, the cutter has a self-sharpening steel blade with an unmatched perpetual sharpness. You can happily forget about the hassle of replacing dull blades, as it sharpens itself with every cutting motion. It can cut up to 15 sheets of paper at a time, so it’s a perfect option for schools and offices.

You can use this cutter to cut photographs, film, or any other type of paper neatly and straight. The adjustable paper guide will allow you to make high-precision cuts just the way you want them. Plus, with the measuring scales on the wooden base, you can cut with confidence.

Plus, the cutter is easy to use, with a simple downward cutting motion that anyone can handle.

Your safety was not forgotten in the quality construction of this cutter. There is a safety guard that protects your fingers from the blade and a safety latch that holds the guillotine arm in place when not in use.

Another thing worth mentioning about this cutter is its price. It’s a perfect low-budget choice that provides precise cuts and added safety. This makes it the best paper cutter for the office.

X-ACTO 26315 Guillotine trimmer for wood
  • 15″
  • 15
  • paper, film and photographs
  • Limited to 2 years


H-E Rotary paper cutter US Stock

The High End (HE) rotary paper cutter lives up to its name in terms of quality and functionality. It is the ideal choice for anyone looking for a large paper cutter because of its cutting length.

The cutter is built to serve you effectively for the long haul. The solid base and rubber feet make it stable for easy cutting. The metal base also makes it incredibly light and therefore very portable.

The rotary paper cutter is designed with an automatic paper securing feature. You won’t have a problem sliding the paper under the guard, which is common with most paper cutters.

The precision of the cut is what makes this cutter superior to its peers. Its self-sharpening, bi-directional steel blade makes the fastest, cleanest and most accurate cuts. Pre-printed measuring grids on its sturdy metal base also ensure that you get high-precision cuts. The good thing is that they are both in inches and centimeters.

You can use the cutter to cut papers up to 1mm thick and 24 inches long. This makes it best suited for cutting canvas, photos, film, graphic photo film and laminating film. Professionals in photo studios, offices and sticker stores will get the most out of it.

Plus, this top-of-the-line rotary paper cutter comes with an extra carbide rotary blade and a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.

If you need a high-precision and convenient paper cutter, this is your ideal choice.

H-E Rotary paper cutter US Stock
  • 24″
  • 8 (70 g)
  • steel, rubber, plastic
  • photo paper, photo graphic film, canvas, laminating film, etc.
  • 2 years warranty


X-ACTO 26234 plastic-based laser cutter

This is another budget cutter for professionals and artists who value precision in their work. This cutter uses laser guidance technology for precise cuts. Its excellent value, combined with its cutting-edge performance, makes it the best cutter.

The cutter comes in a casual design with multiple convenient features. It has a hardened steel blade that cuts film, photographs and other types of paper cleanly and directly. All your projects will be as perfect as you imagined. The steel blade will stay sharp with every cut thanks to the cutter’s self-sharpening system.

Shape Cutters for Paper

The precision of this laser-guided cutter sets it apart from others. In addition to the accuracy, it makes cutting and measuring quite simple. The self-healing mat that is attached to its base also makes cutting easy by providing an extra cutting surface. Artists and professionals alike will appreciate the micrometer level of precision offered by this cutter.

In addition, the paper cutter is designed with multiple safety features for worry-free use. It is equipped with a paper holder, a safety locking handle and a spring loaded finger guard. All of these features will prevent you from cutting yourself and making unexpected cuts that could interfere with your work.

With a cutting length of 12 inches and a capacity of 12 sheets, it is best suited for minimal paper cutting operations that require top-notch precision.

X-ACTO 26234 plastic-based laser cutter
  • Overall, this cutter is a fantastic choice for hobbyists, teachers, artists and other professionals looking for a highly functional cutter on a budget.
  • 12″
  • 12
  • steel, plastic
  • all types of paper, photos, films
  • 2 years warranty

Dahle 40018-12568 Vantage Paper Cutter

This is an ideal paper cutter for the office. It is designed to withstand regular use in the office, and its convenient features will make cutting paper an experience not to be missed.

The cutter has a sturdy construction with a solid metal base that increases its durability. It provides a solid base that will not crack or whip. Its design is lightweight and very portable.

Unlike most trimmers, this Dahle features a cutting blade with a shredding machine type lever. It cuts with remarkable precision and will remove even the smallest pieces of paper from your work for accuracy.

As with other Dahle paper cutters, there is no need to secure your work with your hand with this paper cutter. The automatic clamp will hold it firmly with even pressure to prevent it from moving.

In addition to its exceptional blade, the solid base of this cutter also contributes to its high accuracy. It contains measuring grids that guarantee you precise cuts. It is also equipped with an adjustable backgauge, which ensures precision in repetitive cuts.

When it comes to safety, you can lock the handle in the down position to protect the blade and your fingers. The cutter’s spring-loaded handle also prevents the blade from falling out when in use. The non-slip rubber feet also keep it stable.

You can cut up to 15 sheets at a time with a cutting length of 18 inches. This, combined with its unique features that offer safety and convenience, makes it a perfect choice for office use.

Dahle 40018-12568 Vantage Paper Cutter
  • Cutting length
  • 18″
  • Sheet capacity
  • 15
  • Construction
  • metal, rubber
  • Cutting
  • paper, photographs and cardboard
  • Warranty
  • Limited to one year


Befacai A4 Guillotine paper cutter

Perhaps this multi-functional personal cutter from Befacai is the perfect tool you need to make those cards or cut out images professionally. It’s versatile and packed with handy features that will give you the best cutting experience ever.

This cutter comes in a compact, lightweight design that makes it perfect for home or office use. It features a solid wood base and rubber feet that keep it stable. Its ergonomic plastic handle will offer you superior comfort throughout the cutting process.

The cutter is not the best for cutting large objects, but it will work like a gem for small operations like pictures, photos, cards and labels. Its sharp steel blade cuts with unmatched precision, which is typical of guillotine paper cutters anyway.

The grid and alignment ruler printed on the base of the cutter also allow you to make precise cuts. With a cutting length of 12.4 inches, you can cut A4, A5, B5, B6 and B7 size papers. You can cut up to 10 sheets at a time, which is more convenient.

This cutter is not only efficient and convenient, but also safe to use. It has a clip next to its blade that keeps your fingers away from the blade. The hook on the cutter’s arm also locks securely when not in use.

In addition, this tool is one of the least expensive on the market. Its construction may not be of high quality like expensive cutters, but you will appreciate its effectiveness at an affordable price.

All in all, this paper cutter is the most outstanding small model that offers precision and multiple practical features at its price. It is best suited for cutting professional photos.

Befacai A4 Guillotine paper cutter
  • 12.4″
  • 10
  • wood, steel, plastic, rubber
  • photos, pictures, labels, cards and more
  • n/a
  • grid and alignment ruler, spring-loaded blade, non-skid feet, automatic clamp

Carl 12200 Bidex Professional, 10 sheet rotary cutter

CARL’s motto is to allow you to create with their products, and they truly honor that with their top quality knives. This particular cutter is a perfect choice for home or office use. Any professional would benefit greatly from the versatility it offers.

This Carl’s Professional Brush Cutter has a solid construction, with a heavy duty metal blade and other features that will definitely stand the test of time. It has a uniform pressure rail mechanism that keeps your work in place while cutting. It prevents accidental shifting and tearing.

What makes this cutter superior to others is the versatility it offers with its multiple blade options. You can get up to 10 different decorating blades that will serve a variety of purposes like scrapbooking and card making. The straight, premium carbide blade it features cuts through different types of paper like butter. It is sharp enough to give you a clean and precise cut.

You can cut up to 10 sheets of paper at a time. The sharp blade can cut cardstock, plastic sheets, acetate, matte cardboard, and more.

The measurement calibrations on the metal base also ensure you get an accurate cut. There are measurements for different items.

In addition, the cutter has a storage compartment on the base, which is convenient for storing extra blades. A cutting mat is also included, which gives you extra space for efficient cutting.

The blade locks itself when not in use for your safety and protection.

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As if that were enough, you get a limited lifetime warranty from the manufacturer.

In conclusion, with all its capabilities and features, this is one of the best cutters for scrapbooking, card making and other projects that require perfect precision. It is also very affordable.


Fiskars 100580-1002 ProСision Rotary bypass cutter

This is what you need to get for your home paper cutting needs. It is affordable, easy and safe to use. It is also designed to save a lot of space and can cut different types of paper.

This crisp tool comes in a clean, foldable design that will add aesthetic appeal to your space. Its anti-wear plated surface will undoubtedly serve you in the long run.

The cutter has a special double rail system that ensures the stability of the blade for perfect and precise cuts.

Shape Cutters for Paper

Do-it-yourselfers will appreciate the self-sharpening rotary bypass blade of this cutter. You can forget about the pain that comes with replacing dull blades every now and then. It is sharp enough to cut many thick materials like magnet, shavings and cork, among many others.

The grid line measurements at the top and bottom of the mudguard are additional innovations that will ensure you get precise cuts. They also enhance the versatility of the cutter by allowing left and right handed users to work smoothly.

You might find it a bit heavy, but it won’t be awkward to move around, especially thanks to its foldable design.

All in all, this is a fantastic option for anyone looking for a high quality and efficient letter opener to use in their home. It is best suited for different construction paper jobs, is affordable, and comes with a lifetime warranty.

Fiskars 100580-1002 ProСision Rotary bypass cutter
  • 12 ”
  • n / a
  • metal, plastic, rubber
  • particle board, cork, burlap, paper, vinyl, foam and cardboard
  • all the life
  • self-sharpening blade, dual rail system, integrated fender, foldable design

Swingline 9312 guillotine paper cutter

Swingline is a leading brand in the paper cutting industry. Their cutters are known for producing clean, precise cut lines on projects. This particular model is not lacking in high quality features and maximum cutting performance.

The cutter comes in a compact and lightweight form that you can easily move around. It also won’t take up much space in your office or classroom. Its sturdy plastic base adds to its stability.

The cutter has a self-sharpening blade that gets sharper with each cut. It’s sharp enough to cut a variety of paper types, including construction paper, photos, custom presentations, cardstock and bond paper, among others.

It can cut up to 10 sheets of paper up to 12 inches long. The grid and imperial ruler on the base will help you achieve proper alignment for perfectly accurate cuts. As is often the case with guillotines, you won’t be disappointed with the level of precision it offers.

As for your safety, there is a locking hook that holds the blade in place when not in use and a guard that keeps your fingers away from it. This way, your finger won’t get your project dirty or accidentally interact with the blade.

In conclusion, this is a guillotine paper cutter; it is a perfect choice for regular and versatile use. It is one of the best paper cutters for teachers because it is remarkably affordable, cuts with great precision and is very

Swingline 9312 guillotine paper cutter
  • 12″
  • 10
  • plastic, steel
  • paper, photos and more
  • Limited to 10 years
  • alignment grid for accuracy, double scale ruler, guard rail, blade lock hook, self-sharpening blade


Fiskars 152490-1004 SureCut Deluxe Paper Cutter

It is one of the cheapest paper cutters on the market. However, it doesn’t work cheap. It lives up to its SureCut name when it comes to cutting paper with great precision and sharpness. In fact, it’s the best choice for cutting specialized materials.

As usual. Fiskar does not disappoint when it comes to design. This cutter comes in a sleek, lightweight design that you can easily move and store. Its base is one of the widest on the market and it ensures the cutter has enough stability.

You can trust this cutter to give you the most precise cuts for all your projects. It has a sharp blade with a high profile carriage that will allow you to make quick and accurate cuts. A permanent scale and grid will also ensure that your cuts are perfectly accurate.

The triple track system that Fiskars uses on this model also ensures precise straight cuts by interlocking the blade. In addition, a wire cutting line shows the exact cutting points on your work to make sure you get what you want.

Overall, this is a cutter that cuts everything you need like a dream, especially specialty materials. It’s also the best looking handheld ever. At its low price, this is not a paper cutter you want to ignore for your crafting needs.

Fiskars 152490-1004 SureCut Deluxe Paper Cutter
  • 12″
  • n/a
  • plastic, steel
  • paper, photos, scrapbook pages or specialized materials
  • lifetime
  • SureCut cutting line, patented triple track system, self-leveling swing arm


AmazonBasics Letter Opener DHG-C-001

This paper cutter is not only the most portable and easy on the eyes, but also the most reliable, efficient and safe to use. As a guillotine cutter, you can count on it to deliver high precision cuts and endurance for regular use.

It comes in a compact and casual plastic design. You can easily move it from one point to another. Its quality construction will certainly stand the test of time and daily use.

It features a self-sharpening steel blade that can easily cut through just about anything (papers, of course!). Although it’s known to be the best paper cutter for cardboard, photos, construction paper and more.

The durable plastic base features grid lines that allow you to make correct alignments for perfectly accurate cuts.

You can cut up to 10 sheets of paper per session that are 12 inches long. This is ideal for any paper cutting project at home or in the office.

Your safety was not forgotten in the design of this cutter. A guard has been included to protect your fingers from the blade. When the cutter is not in use, its arm can be secured in place to completely hide the blade.

To top it off, Amazon guarantees the high quality of this cutter with a one-year limited warranty. It is also one of the few healthy paper cutters that are affordable.

AmazonBasics Letter Opener DHG-C-001
  • 12″
  • 10
  • plastic, steel
  • cardboard, construction, paper, photos, etc.
  • Limited to one year


Fiskars 196920-1001 Portable Scrapbooking Cutter

If you’re the kind of person who’s really looking for value for money, this is your ultimate choice. This Fiskar paper cutter offers great value for money with so many high-end features and superior performance.

Just like other Fiskar cutters, this one comes in a beautiful design that is very portable and space saving. The handheld punch will provide you with a comfortable and versatile paper cutting experience. Its handle is also padded for added comfort.

Its color-coded handle will allow you to easily identify yourself and ensure error-free cutting.

Shape Cutters for Paper

The cutter uses a patented triple track system that ensures straight and precise cuts by interlocking the blade. You’ll be able to make fast, accurate cuts thanks to this cutter’s aluminum cutting surface that enhances the visibility of measurements and reference guides. This will ensure that you make correct alignments for superior precision cuts.

The cutter is equipped with a bi-directional blade that easily cuts different types of paper. Plus, you get a replacement blade in case the first one gets dull.

Just to name a few, this is the best paper cutter for scrapbooking. Its swivel arm extends the measuring area, making it ideal for cutting extra-wide scrapbooking pages. It can cut papers up to 12 inches long.

Fiskar guarantees all the benefits of this cutter for life. Since it is the cheapest on this list, you literally have no excuse not to get it for all your scrapbooking needs.

Fiskars 196920-1001 Portable Scrapbooking Cutter
  • 12″
  • n/a
  • aluminum, rubber
  • paper, photos
  • lifetime
  • TripleTrack system, swivel arm, easy-grip blade carriage, rubberized feet and self-leveling base

What is a paper cutter?

A paper cutter, also known as a guillotine or guillotine, is a tool often used by schools, graphic design shops and offices to cut large sets of paper in one go. They cut perfectly straight edges with great precision.


There is a wide range of paper cutters in different models and sizes. Most of them have measurements for different paper sizes in centimeters or inches.

The advantages of paper cutters
Besides cutting multiple sheets of paper at once with great precision, paper cutters can benefit you in many ways, including

They make cutting paper an easy and enjoyable process because their operation is simple.
They are safer to use because they are built with multiple safety features.
They can be easily carried anywhere because of their portable design.
Most of them are more robust and durable in construction, which can serve you in the long run.
They make accurate cuts with their measuring features that ensure you have error-free operation.
They cut faster.

Types of paper cutters

There are different paper cutters with various features that are best suited for specific uses. They include:

Guillotine paper cutters
These cutters have a blade and arm that must be manually lowered to cut through a stack of papers. They are common in offices and schools and are best known for cutting thicker sheets of paper. They have safety features to prevent you from cutting yourself.

Foam Paper Cutters
These are a must-have for any sign making shop or graphic studio. They are designed to cut all specialty materials used in the graphics industry, such as graphic boards, laminates and various types of paper. They have a larger cutting area than standard paper cutters, so they can cut large foams. Foam cutters should be purchased with a stand or placed on a work surface.

Rotary Paper Cutter

Photographers and graphic designers prefer these cutters because of their clean, precise cuts. They use a round cutting blade that slides along a track and can cut in any direction. Their cutting base is equipped with measuring grids that ensure a precise cut. Some of them are equipped with optional blades for various uses.

Stack cutters

They are designed to cut very thick stacks of paper. They are built with a ruler and a guide to help you make the most desired cut. They come with a clamp that holds the paper in place to prevent unnecessary movement and tearing that could damage your work. They are manual because you have to pull on the arm to cut the piles of paper. Schools, offices and institutions that cut a lot of paper can benefit more from these paper cutters.

Corner Cutters

These cutters allow you to get a beautifully rounded radius on the edges of your documents, business cards, covers or printed materials. They are also known as corner rounders. They come in a variety of sizes and have a variety of features. You can get the electric or manual model.

How to use a paper cutter

Once you have a paper cutter for your cutting needs, you need to make sure it is properly placed in a stable position, ready to do the job. Here are a few other things to consider when using your paper cutter properly:

Check for a spring, trap or pressure on the blade and unlock it.

You can then insert the sheet(s) of paper you wish to cut into the cutting surface of the paper cutter.
Using the ruler and the paper cutter’s measuring guides, measure the inches, centimeters or angles you want to cut, then attach a clamp to hold the sheet(s) of paper.
Grasp the cutter arm or paper cutter holder and push or slide it down if necessary. To avoid cutting errors, be sure to do only one cutting operation.

Make sure the blade cuts the paper slowly for an efficient and accurate cut.
Repeat the entire process if you are cutting other papers and keep in mind all safety precautions.
Features to consider when choosing a paper cutter
Now that you know the importance of having a paper cutter, you need to know how to choose the right one. Here are some essential features to consider before buying one.


Cutters come in different sizes. Choose a cutter that won’t take up much space and is easy to move from one place to another. Especially if you want one for personal use. Cutters for industrial type operations may be larger due to the amount of work they are designed to handle.

Cutting length

It’s best to stick with the 12 to 15 inches for personal or home use and the larger ones for industrial use. But it all depends on what you want to use the cutter for, so choose the length based on your needs.


There are two types of blades for cutters, guillotine and rotary. They are both effective and work in different ways. The guillotine blade is best suited for larger, heavier materials, while the rotary blade is ideal for high precision cuts. This makes the rotary blade more suitable for smaller operations like card making and photo cutting.

In addition to the type of blade, you should also consider the material used to make it. Stainless steel is the least expensive but offers excellent cutting results, although you will need to keep sharpening it or replacing it when it gets dull. To avoid this, you can get the self-sharpening titanium blades, which are not very affordable but very effective.


Measurements are essential to help you get accurate cuts. Opt for a cutter that has clear measurements in centimeters and inches on the base. That way, you’ll be able to properly align papers for precise cuts like the Fiskars 196920-1001 Portable Scrapbooking Cutter mentioned above.

Some cutters even come with locking, expandable rulers that are very handy for making the most precise cuts.
Sheet capacity
It depends on your workflow. If you need to print a lot of paper regularly, you need a high-capacity paper cutter. Busy schools and offices can benefit from heavy-duty paper cutters like the CARL 12238 Rotary Paper Cutter, which can cut up to 36 sheets at a time.

If you want to use something occasionally at home, you can opt for the smaller capacity cutters that cut about 10 sheets or less at a time.

Materials it can cut

It’s possible to have one cutter for all your cutting needs, but to get the best results, you should choose a cutter for a specific purpose. For example, if you want to scrapbook, get the best scrapbooking paper cutter on the market, such as the Fiskars 196920-1001 Portable Paper Cutter.

If you intend to cut heavier materials, it’s best to get a cutter that’s well-suited for the task. Ultimately, you need to determine the material you want to cut before you get a cutter.


The materials used to construct the paper cutter will determine its durability, reliability and convenience. Plastic cutters are highly recommended over metal ones because they are lightweight and very portable. Their maintenance is also very easy.

Better yet, you can choose wood cutters. They are more stable than the plastic ones, but still lightweight and easy to maintain. They work best with a titanium rotary or guillotine blade.

Safety features

It is essential to choose a cutter with sufficient safety features for your benefit and high efficiency. Especially if you intend to use it in an area where many people or children will encounter it. Paper cutters come with a variety of safety features, including a clear cutting surface for better visibility and a blade lock flap.

Other safety features to consider include rubber feet, safety springs, guard rails and a finger guard. They help prevent common hazards.


Most manufacturers guarantee the quality of their knives. Opt for a paper cutter with a warranty, either for life or for a limited time of one year. It’s easier to trust the quality of a guaranteed product.


This is more a matter of personal preference. Choose a paper cutter that fits your budget. But if you want a durable and highly functional paper cutter, you’ll have to part with a fair amount of money. Most heavy-duty paper cutters also cost a bit more than those for light cutting tasks.

This is not to say that all expensive knives are great; in fact, there are cheap knives that work just as well as expensive ones. Just keep in mind that you get what you pay for.

Our verdict

There are several brands and models of paper cutters on the market, and while they are simple and similar in design, they are not all made the same. We looked at 38 different models, and of the 15 we reviewed, the Swingline 1152 guillotine paper cutter came out on top. Its proven quality is reliable in the office, home or classroom. It also offers excellent value and unmatched peak performance.

The Premier 715 StackCut heavy-duty trimmer and Dahle 552 professional trimmer followed in the rankings with superior features and versatility. They are also easy and safe to use.

It’s worth investing in the best paper trimmer. Not only does it make your job easier, but it gives you clean, consistent results while allowing you to handle multiple projects at once. With a variety of paper cutters to choose from, from manual to electric, from paper cutters to rotary, it’s time to get one and enjoy all the benefits they offer.

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