5 Best Coffee Grinders under $120

Coffee is a famous beverage that many people around the world enjoy every day. Perhaps you have never left home for work without a hot cup of coffee. Others can’t finish a day without a specially brewed cup of coffee. However, to ensure that you enjoy this popular beverage, you need the best coffee grinder under £100. Having a coffee grinder is the only way to make freshly ground coffee in your kitchen.

Why do many people prefer a hot cup of coffee in the morning? Why do other people need a little coffee before bed? Are there any benefits to coffee? Coffee has long been associated with alertness. When you have a cup of coffee, whether hot, cold or lukewarm, you stay alert throughout the day or night. This may explain why many people who work third or fourth shifts prefer coffee to other drinks.

There was a time when coffee was the preserve of the rich, but not anymore. Today, you can get the best coffee grinder for as little as €100 or less. Reviewing these affordable coffee grinders took us several weeks of research. We sat down with industry professionals and coffee aficionados to help you find the perfect machine. In this review, you’ll find a comparison chart to make selection easier, in-depth reviews of each product and a buying guide. This will help you find the perfect coffee grinder you’ve been searching for all this time.

OXO BREW conical grinder

This coffee grinder stands out from its peers for many reasons. For starters, we love the product’s conical burrs, which are made of high quality stainless steel. These burrs are the reason why you will get a very original ground coffee flavor.

The manufacturer has ensured that the product has a large capacity, which is suitable for the whole family. To be precise, the hopper is built to hold up to 0.80 lbs of dried coffee beans. In addition, you will find that it is extremely easy to adjust the setting of the coffee grinder to suit individual tastes. Including the micro settings, the coffee grinder has 15 settings. All of these settings help you achieve your preferred taste.

Coffee Grinders

The other thing that made us vote for this grinder in the first place is its load capacity. The OXO Brew Conical Burr coffee grinder can carry up to 110 grams. This is equivalent to 12 cups of originally ground and brewed coffee.

You don’t have to worry about power consumption, storage and cleaning. The product does not consume much electricity. The powerful motor runs on 120V/60Hz. With this minimal consumption, you won’t have to pay a hefty electricity bill, even if the shredder is running all day.

OXO BREW conical grinder
  • Type : electric burr
  • Hopper capacity – 0.75 lbs
  • Parameters – 15
  • Container capacity – 0.25 lbs
  • Warranty – Limited to 2 years

Capresso 560.01 Infinity

Featuring an ABS housing, this coffee grinder will give you the ultimate pleasure of enjoying freshly ground coffee whenever you need it. It is built with the ability to adjust the speeds, allowing you to grind coffee at your own pace. We like this because some grinders on the market come with a default speed that you can’t change. The nice thing about the speed reduction capability is that when you set the speed to a lower level, you also reduce the noise level.

By grinding the coffee at a much lower speed, you will create limited friction. This allows the grinder to retain much of the heat inside the grinding vessel, allowing the original aroma of the ground coffee to be achieved for a longer period of time.

Coffee Grinders

The safety lock system is wonderful. Thanks to it, you will be sure to use the grinder safely without incurring any leakage during and after use. In addition, this product has an automatic shut-off timer, which is very useful when you accidentally forget to lock the bean container. For ease of use, you can set the grind timer from 5 to 60 seconds.

With its conical steel burrs, sleek design and plenty of settings, this coffee grinder will serve you well for a long time. For your convenience, the manufacturer has separated the settings into 4 categories: coarse, normal, fine and extra fine. With these settings, you can now grind your coffee to your preferred texture.

Capresso 560.01 Infinity
  • Type – electric grinder
  • Hopper capacity – 8.8 oz
  • Settings – 16
  • Container capacity – 4 oz.
  • Warrant – Limited to 1 year
  • 60 second timer, safety lock, ABS housing, gear motor, stainless steel conical cutters, 450 rpm.

Hario Mini-Slim Pro

From the outside, you might think it’s an ordinary shredder. Not at all. The Hario ceramic coffee grinder is a grinder to be reckoned with. From the bodywork to the power supply, this mill is a must. The grinder is light, small and slim, so it can be carried anywhere. Also keep in mind that the grinder can only hold 2 cups, so it is ideal for those who like to have a cup of coffee at work.

You can adjust the settings to get the type of coffee you want to drink. The beauty of this grinder is its speed due to its capacity. Nevertheless, it will provide you with consistent coffee whenever you need it.

Coffee Grinders

The body is made of black stainless steel. This explains why many people find this grinder attractive. It does not rust, even when stored in harsh conditions. In addition, the manufacturer has added a hexagon adapter to the modern design of the grinder. The adapter adds life to the already black stainless steel. Thanks to this die-cast aluminium reinforcement, you will keep your grinder for a long time.

Another thing we find amazing about the grinder is its handle. With the type of material used to make it, you have no doubt that your grinder will serve you for many days. We also liked the detachable handle, which makes it easy to store.

Hario’s transparent lid allows you to monitor the grind as you count down the seconds to your coffee.

Hario Mini-Slim Pro
  • manual grinder
  • 1.7 oz
  • 4.4 oz.
  • not specified

Delonghi Ariete electric coffee grinder

If you are a coffee lover, then you have already met Ariete De’Longhi. The company has been around for decades and produces high-end coffee machines, such as the Artista series. This time, the company is offering a unique product that will allow you to get a finely ground coffee in a few seconds.

With this product you will be able to grind up to 194 g/6.5 oz of coffee in a few seconds. We should also mention that you don’t have to worry about the space available in your home. Ariete De’Longhi will save you a lot of space. The mill measures 5 inches wide, 14 inches high and 9 inches deep.

It has 15 settings, which are easily customizable to get espresso, French press, urn, percolator, and drip coffee, among other flavors. You get it all at the touch of a button.

Coffee Grinders

In many cases, reputable coffee grinders do not offer additional features, such as cup size adjustment. This coffee grinder does just that. To do this, you first adjust the size of the coffee grind. Then you adjust the size of your cup and set the time.

The grinder is equipped with an automatic bean container lock. This section allows you to remove the bean hopper without spilling the contents of the grinder.

Delonghi Ariete electric coffee grinder
  • Electric milling machine
  • 0.8 lbs
  • 15
  • 0.4 lbs
  • Limited to 1 year
  • stainless steel base, 38 inch long cord, stainless steel cutters

Rommelsbacher EKM 200

So far, this is the most affordable coffee grinder on our list. Does this mean that the grinder does not do a quality job? Far from it. The Rommelsbacher EKM 200 does not overheat, even if you leave it running all day. With 9 coffee grind levels, which include cold brew, drip and extra fine, we’re sure you’ll find this grinder suitable for your needs.

It has an extra large trolley that can hold up to 12 large cups. When you prepare your coffee, you need to set the selector according to the number of cups you want to grind. This way, you don’t leave the coffee machine running unnecessarily.

Did you know that the grinder will not work if there is a mistake? Well, if the lid or the bean container is not locked properly, the machine will not start. In fact, if everything is not done correctly, the switch will remain locked. For safety reasons, the manufacturer has cleverly designed the lid and bean container to activate the mill’s micro switches.

For effortless cleaning, the grinder comes with a 15 oz container, a 7 oz container for coffee beans and a top burr. All of these can be removed for easy cleaning.

In total, the grinder has 45 settings. For your convenience, these settings have been divided into 9 categories. With the flat metal burr, the 110/120V grinder becomes one of the most energy efficient coffee machines.

Rommelsbacher EKM 200
  • electric burr
  • 8 oz
  • 14
  • 15 oz.
  • Limited to 2 years
  • cleaning brush included, cup selector, flat metal cutter, 110W power

Cheap coffee grinders – what to expect

The world offers a wide variety of products. Some are worth their price while others are far from good. We’ve worked hard to compile a list of grinders that will give you true value for your hard-earned money.
As you’ve seen, none of the coffee grinders listed above are over £100. In fact, even €50 or less will get you a perfect coffee grinder such as the Hario Mini-Slim Pro. This model is ideal if you are always on the go and don’t mind spending a minute or two grinding. Most products come with automatic locks, detachable compartments, power cords, multiple settings and transparent lids. These are all quality features that will help you grind your coffee with ease for a long time.

Types of coffee grinders

Settings are essential. There are times when you need to have coarse coffee, even ground coffee, and there is that moment when your body craves ultra-fine ground coffee.
Choosing a grinder that gives you the freedom to change the taste and feel of the coffee is satisfying. Although there are coffee grinders with over 40 settings, 15 settings are not bad. On this point, you can trust the KRUPS GX5000, with its 45 settings to give you ultra-fine ground coffee.
Overall capacity

The load capacity of the coffee grinder you choose will depend on how many people you want to serve. Yes, there are also times when you need to have coffee throughout the day especially when it is cold. Are you going to keep plugging in your 1 cup coffee grinder every time you need coffee? However, if you take your coffee to work, you may want to consider a smaller grinder that fits in your backpack.
If you need to buy a large capacity coffee grinder, you should definitely consider the OXO BREW Conical or the KRUPS GX5000. These grinders can hold up to 12 large cups. Imagine how happy your family will be with even one coffee grinder that will serve them several times a day.

Overheating protection

If you use your grinder for a long period of time, it may overheat. This excessive heat can melt the coffee during grinding or even reduce the coffee’s aroma. However, modern grinders are equipped with an overheating protection function.

With these features, you can connect your grinder to a power source and use it for a long period of time without signs of overheating. Ideally, you want the mill to reduce the amount of friction and even out the temperature. On this important feature we offer the Hario Mini-Slim Ceramic Pro.

Noise level

No one will be comfortable with a noisy coffee grinder. Although most grinders on the market are quiet, some, especially blade grinders, are noisy when grinding coffee. Nevertheless, all of the coffee grinders in our list above are either quiet or make just a little noise that is conducive.

Easy cleaning

Whether you use your coffee grinder once in a while or grind coffee several times a day, you need to clean it. A good coffee grinder should allow you to clean it easily. From our observations, it is easy to clean a coffee grinder with detachable parts, such as the OXO BREW grinder. Some grinders require the use of a special detergent, others are not dishwasher safe or require special attention. All of these are things to watch out for.
Size and design

The size and design of a coffee grinder can either add glamour to your kitchen or detract from the beauty of your interior decor. In most cases, a sleek and elegant design or a small compact coffee grinder is all you need to complement your kitchen tools. Storage and shelf space in your kitchen should dictate the size and design of the grinder you purchase.


Our observation shows that most manufacturers offer guarantees. It is clear that in most cases the warranties do not go beyond 12 months. Moreover, most of these guarantees are limited. However, some companies are generous. Some offer limited warranties of up to 5 years. You should check what each company’s warranty covers before making a decision.

Timing option

To get very fine coffee, you need to grind it into small pieces. If you have time, as quality coffee requires, start with a coarse grind and work your way up to the finest. The Capresso 560.01 Infinity, for example, allows you to set the coffee machine for as little as 5 seconds if you are quick. However, you can set the timer for much longer to get a hot coffee with a mild aroma.

Our verdict

So what now? After researching all the top products in the review, we had to choose the top 3 grinders under $120.

In first place is the BREW Conical coffee grinder from OXO which we loved for its conical burrs, load capacity and easy cleaning.
Our second choice is the Capresso 560.01 Infinity, an electric grinder with adjustable speed and a wonderful safety lock system.
Our choice for budget is the KRUPS GX5000, an affordable grinder with a very large capacity and a wide variety of settings
Choosing the best coffee grinder under £100 was an interesting and rewarding experience. With the various features explored, we hope you will make an informed choice.

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