5 Best Humidifiers for Dry Skin


Humidifiers add moisture to the air, which is a great help to anyone suffering from dry skin. Skin needs moisture to be able to bend and flex, and especially during the cold winter months, this moisture can be sorely lacking. The best humidifier for dry skin diffuses water particles into the air so that your skin and lungs breathe better.

To help you buy a new humidifier, we’ve written this review. It lists five of the best humidifiers on the market, along with their features. Humidifiers are very different from each other. Some are so small they can fit on a shelf. Others are so large that they can take up an entire corner of a room. There are also different methods of humidification, including cool mist and warm mist. In addition, we looked at features such as noise level, fogging duration and coverage area.

This article reviews five of the best humidifiers on the market. We spent many hours studying countless online reviews, manufacturer information and expert comments. You’ll find a comparison table where we’ve put together our findings in a nutshell, followed by detailed descriptions, as well as pros and cons. Finally, you will find a buying guide and an FAQ section. We hope to provide you with enough information to make buying your new humidifier a breeze.

The 5 best humidifiers for dry skin

Elechomes Humidifiers Vaporizer with filter

With a water tank capacity of six litres, the Elechomes humidifier is the largest on our list. In addition to its immense size, it has the capacity to cover 750 square feet. This is perfect for open plan homes or even offices. It can also run for 60 hours, which means much less maintenance.

The unit’s large capacity does result in some noise, but at 34 dBA, it won’t be too distracting. Two remote controls are included, which is great because chances are this humidifier will be installed in a large space and it can get quite annoying having to walk up to it to constantly change the settings.

Elechomes Humidifiers Vaporizer with filter

You also have the option to choose between a cool mist and a warm mist, depending on your preference. Each option gives you a choice of three humidity settings, which is necessary because sometimes you will need more or less humidity.


Elechomes Humidifiers Vaporizer with filter
  • A very interesting feature of the Elechomes humidifier is that it takes the guesswork out of humidity. Instead of trying to predict the humidity level in your home, this device measures it for you. You can then program it to your preferred humidity level, and the machine will adjust its settings for you.

LEVOIT Ultrasonic hot and cold mist humidifier

The Levoit humidifier is a technological marvel. It features touch technology and an easy-to-read LED display. You can specify a humidity level you want your room to reach, or you can select your preferred mist output. If you don’t feel like getting up every time to use the touch screen, a remote control is included in the purchase.

LEVOIT Ultrasonic hot and cold mist humidifier

The water tank capacity is 6 litres, and the mist can cover an area of up to 70m², which is the largest on our list. The noise level is 35 dBA, which is not a whisper, but it doesn’t disturb things either.

LEVOIT Ultrasonic hot and cold mist humidifier
  • In addition to the remote control, the Levoit humidifier also comes with a cleaning brush and two 360° nozzles.
  • As a bonus, it is possible to add essential oils to this humidifier. This provides an excellent combination of soothing scents and humid air, which is perfect for a quiet home.
  • Be warned, while this machine has a lot to offer, it is relatively large. You’ll need a bit of space to accommodate it, which may seem out of place if it’s not tidy. However, the design is quite elegant and not too bulky.

MistAire Silver Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

The MistAire humidifier is a practical choice for those who suffer from dry skin. Its design is quite simple, but the humidifier has a large water capacity and will help add more moisture to the air.

With its 1.5 litre capacity tank, you can be assured of up to 25 hours of misting capacity. This means that you only need to refill the water tank once a day, which can easily become part of your daily routine. It can fit up to 250 square feet, which means it’s perfect for large living rooms and master bedrooms.

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If you want something simple and hassle-free, the MistAire humidifier is the perfect solution. It comes with a five-year limited warranty, which is a testament to its construction. It also comes with a cleaning brush to prevent mould growth, which is an unfortunate side effect of humidifiers.

MistAire Silver Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

Although this model doesn’t come with many extra features, it does come with a night light, making it an ideal addition to a child’s room, especially during cold and flu season. There are two humidity settings to suit your needs.

  • cool
  • 1.5 L
  • up to 25 hours
  • 250 square feet
  • 32 dBA
  • 5 year limited
  • night light; comes with a cleaning brush; two humidity settings

VicTsing Cold Steam Humidifier 500ml

For a stylish touch in your home, turn to VicTsing’s cool mist humidifier. Not only will it make the air much less dry, but it’s also a great accent piece that fits in well with most decors.

The VicTsing humidifier has a water tank capacity of 500ml, which is smaller than other products. However, it is more than enough if you just need a little extra moisture in the air. The misting can last up to 10 hours before the tank needs to be refilled. The cool mist penetrates small rooms up to 60 square metres, making this humidifier perfect for a bedroom or living room.

  • In addition to its misting capabilities, it also serves as an accent light. The VicTsing Cool Mist humidifier has seven coloured LED lights that alternate on a timer. There are also two lighting options, low and high, so it can work both during the day and at night.
  • For misting, there are four time settings, which control the amount of moisture released into the air. This product can also be used as an oil diffuser, thus tapping into the very popular market for natural oils.

PurSteam 4L Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier

The PurSteam humidifier may be a basic device, but sometimes it’s all you need. If you want a humidifier that works well, why spend money on extra features that aren’t necessary?

The PurSteam humidifier has a water tank capacity of 4 litres, which is quite large. It can cover 250 square feet, which makes it ideal for a medium-sized living room or bedroom. There aren’t many extra features, but this model does offer different humidity settings, making it useful all year round.

Humidifiers for Dry Skin

There are also a few safety features: an automatic shut-off (which is handy if you’re distracted or if a child has it in their room) and a specially designed drain hole to prevent water from reaching the electronics. The model also has a carbon filter to keep your water pure and clean.

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The design is quite simple, but it fits perfectly in any room. In addition, the price makes this model affordable, which is always something to consider.

PurSteam 2.2 L Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier
  • cool
  • 4 L
  • Fog time
  • up to 20 hours
  • 250 square feet
  • not specified
  • not specified
  • automatic shut-off; charcoal filter, multiple humidity settings; possibility to add essential oils

How can humidifiers help your dry skin problems?

During the winter months, the moisture in the air starts to evaporate. This means that there is also less moisture on your skin. Without moisture, the skin starts to dry out. Dry skin is most noticeable on the hands and lips, which are constantly exposed to the elements.

Humidifiers release small amounts of mist which are then dispersed into the room. The more moisture there is in the air, the more likely your skin is to receive this moisture.

Although humidifiers can be used all year round, they are most beneficial during the colder months or in climates with low humidity.

Features to consider when choosing a humidifier

Before buying a humidifier, it is important to know what the different features it may have mean. Below we explain each of these features in more detail.

Mist type

There are two types of mist used in a humidifier: hot and cold. The type of mist you want depends on your preferences. Warm mist is supposed to be healthier because the water is first boiled in the machine to kill bacteria and mould. However, this means more electricity consumption and more danger to small children and pets. During the winter months it is nice to have some heat in the air, while during the summer months a cool mist is preferable. Note, however, that the larger the room, the more likely it is that the mist will cool down as it mixes with the ambient air.

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Water tank capacity

The water tank capacity is the amount of water a humidifier can hold. The larger the tank, the less often you will have to fill it. However, a larger tank capacity means a larger humidifier. Make sure you decide in advance where you are going to place your humidifier, otherwise you may end up with a large humidifier with nowhere to put it. Water tank capacities can range from the 300 ml of the VicTsing humidifier to the six litre Elechomes humidifier.

Fog time

Most humidifiers have different misting time settings. This can range from every 5 minutes to 60 minutes. The misting times allow you to decide how much moisture you want to keep in the air.

Coverage area

The coverage area of a humidifier refers to the size of the space that the mist will reach. It can range from 160 square feet for the VicTsing humidifier to 753 square feet for the Levoit humidifier. If you live in a flat, or simply need a humidifier for a small room, then a unit with a small coverage area will be perfect. If you have a large room or even an office, it is more practical to buy a humidifier with a larger coverage area, rather than several smaller units.

Noise level

Humidifiers have mechanical parts, which cause them to make some noise. If you want to use your humidifier at night while you sleep, find a product with a lower noise level, measured in decibels (dBA). Most humidifiers are built efficiently, so the noise levels are quite low. In general, the larger the humidifier, the higher the noise level. The VicTsing humidifier is small and has a noise level of only 23 dBA. The much larger Elechomes humidifier has a sound level of 45 dBA.


Warranties differ considerably from one humidifier to another. For example, the Elechomes humidifier only has a one-year limited warranty, while the MistAire humidifier has a huge five-year warranty. If you are concerned about a product breaking, the warranty is an important factor to consider.

Additional features

Depending on how you use the humidifier, the types of extra features may sway you towards a particular purchase. Some humidifiers, such as the VicTsing humidifier, also act as an oil diffuser. So, as well as adding mist to your room, it will also emit a pleasant smell.

Both the Elechomes and the Levoit humidifier are equipped with remote controls. If you prefer not to have to get up every time you want to change the setting of your humidifier, a remote control is a great additional option.

An important safety feature to look for (especially if you have children) is the automatic shut-off function. This means that even if there is no water left in the tank, the machine will turn itself off. This ensures that your appliance will not break or overheat and cause a fire in your room. The PurSteam humidifier has this option.

Our verdict

There are many humidifiers to choose from, and it all depends on your personal preferences. If you have a large house and need a large water capacity, go for the Elechomes humidifier. It has the largest water tank, with a capacity of six litres, and can serve a room of up to 750 square feet. It has a sophisticated, easy-to-use LED display and is one of the best dry skin humidifiers on the market.

The Levoit humidifier is not far behind. It can produce mist for a 753 square foot room with its 5.5 litre water tank. It has a nice LED display and can also be used with essential oils.

If you have a small room that needs a humidifier, consider the MistAire humidifier. It has an attractive design and works in rooms up to 250 square feet. As an added bonus, you can use it as a nightlight.

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