Do Your Husband Snooze ? Try These 5 Best Snooze Mattress

best mattresses for snorers

Snoring is one of those things that we can’t brag about because it affects both the snorer and the person who suffers from it. For one, snoring will cause the other to lose sleep and become irritated. On the other hand, the snorer may choke or gasp during sleep because their airway has been obstructed. Snoring can be a symptom of sleep apnea or simply poor sleeping positions. If sleep apnea has been ruled out by a doctor, it may be time to buy the best snoring mattress possible. A mattress that supports the alignment of the spine combined with good sleeping positions can alleviate the problem of snoring.

A good mattress has many features that you need to consider, as what works best for another person may not work for you. Factors to consider include the size and firmness of the mattress, so you know where to start. Other factors include the thickness of the mattress, the materials used to fill it, its price and motion isolation, among others.

To help you in your search for a mattress that could help relieve snoring, we have written this review. Countless hours of research have gone into bringing you the below comparison chart, detailed product reviews and buying guide. Use this information to get a durable mattress that will serve you well.

Leesa Memory Foam Mattress

The Leesa memory foam mattress is a high quality product designed to provide support and comfort while you sleep. The queen size mattress made in the USA has three layers to give you maximum functionality. The first layer is the comfort layer designed to provide a cool, bouncy feeling for those who prefer to sleep on their side. The recovery layer, which is the second layer, ensures that your body contours in the right way to relieve pressure. The inner layer is designed to provide basic support for all body types and all possible sleeping positions.

Of the layers featured, the top layer does a good job of keeping your skin cool while you sleep at night. The 10 inch foam construction supports your back ensuring your airways are not obstructed, preventing snoring. The mattress comes with a four-strip cover to prevent the mattress from getting dirty over time.

Best Snooze Mattress

Every time you buy this product, you give more to the world. For every 10 mattresses sold, one is given to those in need. For every mattress sold, a tree is planted and the company is able to volunteer to help the local community. You can also take part in a 100-night sleep trial to see if you like the mattress. If you buy the product, you get a 10-year limited warranty that only covers the quality of the product.

Leesa Memory Foam Mattress
  • Memory foam
  • 3 (LSA200™ foam, memory foam, dense core foam)
  • 10”
  • 10 year limited trial and 100 nights sleep
  • cooling top layer, seamless four-strip cover, CertiPUR-US certified
  • Casper Sleep memory foam mattress

Casper Sleep memory foam mattress

The Casper Sleep memory foam mattress happens to be a queen-sized beauty that lets you enjoy sleep at night. The mattress is made up of four layers of foam to create the perfect amount of bounce and support. The mattress is made up of the open cell foam layer, the high density memory foam layer, the zoned transition foam layer and the support foam layer. All these layers are combined under a durable mattress cover.

For those who tend to sweat at night, you can be sure that this mattress will keep you cool. This is because it contains hypoallergenic latex that facilitates air circulation. The mattress cover is made of 1% elastane and 99% polyester, which makes it easy to clean and maintain. Simply throw it in the washing machine at 40 degrees Celsius and let the machine do the work for you.

Best Snooze Mattress

The mattress is 10 inches thick, so it offers enough support for your back. It is not a lightweight mattress and that is why you will see handles on it. The handles will be of great help when turning or moving the mattress. It comes with a 100 day trial and a 10 year warranty giving you the assurance that you are not wasting money. It is CertiPUR-US® certified so you can rest easy knowing that you and the environment are safe.

Casper Sleep memory foam mattress
  • Filling
  • Memory foam
  • 4 (open cell foam, high density memory foam, zoned transition foam, support foam)
  • 10”
  • 10 year, 100 day limited trial


Matelas hybrid Zinus

The Zinus hybrid mattress is a 12 inch thick mattress with 6 layers to keep you comfortable while you sleep through the night. The 6 layers all have different functions to give you optimal back support when you change your sleeping position during the night.

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These 6 layers used are high density foam, viscolatex foam, gel memory foam, pocket springs and comfort foam. When you look at the surface of the mattress, you can see the beautifully quilted jacquard cover which is made of a durable material.

Best Snooze Mattress

A special feature of this mattress is that it contains icoil springs that support the edges. You can sleep well because the surface is balanced. You can trust that your back and airways are in the right position for a relaxing sleep. If you need to move the mattress, use the handles provided. The handles are well-sawn and therefore do not tear off.

  • 6 (comfort foam, memory foam, viscolatex foam, high density foam, pocket springs, high density foam)
  • 12”
  • 10 year limited trial and 100 nights sleep
  • CertiPUR-US certified, jacquard quilted fibre cover, iCoil technology

Cypress mattress of Brentwood Home

Brentwood Home’s Cypress Mattress is Greenguard Gold and CertiPUR-US certified, which means it is very environmentally friendly. For those who are looking for products that go the extra mile to save the environment, this product may as well meet their needs. The mattress is made of memory foam, supportive foam and airlux foam to provide a balanced surface. The American mattress brand prides itself on the fact that its mattresses are designed to offer optimum comfort. They are neither too hard nor too soft, so you can be sure of a perfect balance.

Best Snooze Mattress

This memory foam mattress is 13 inches thick. You can therefore be assured of a good night’s sleep as the mattress supports the alignment of the spine. Whether you like to sleep on your side or on your stomach, you will wake up feeling refreshed. The removable mattress cover is made of natural bamboo rayon viscose. The cover lining is created from natural New Zealand wool which wicks moisture, prevents odour and regulates heat.

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This product comes with a longer warranty than the others, with a 25 year limited warranty and a one year sleep test. You can be sure that after 25 years, you will have received your money’s worth.

  • Memory foam
  • 3 (memory gel, airlux foam, support foam)
  • 13″
  • 25 year limited sleep trial, 1 year


LINENSPA hybrid mattress

Getting rid of noise – which sleeping positions reduce snoring?

Snoring does not affect those around you, but it also puts you at risk. Sleeping in certain positions can block your airways and make snoring worse, making it even worse. You may even choke or suffocate. Snoring is caused by many factors, including sleeping position, age, weight, build and medication. Certain sleeping positions can make the problem worse or better.

It is best to sleep on your side as this allows the airways to remain open. If you are used to sleeping on your back, you can use the tennis ball trick, which involves taping the ball to the back of your clothing. Every time you turn over on your back, the ball will cause discomfort and force you to sleep on your side.

It is important to keep moisture in the air while you sleep to lubricate your airways and prevent them from drying out. Using a humidifier is a good way to accomplish this.

Losing weight is a good way to relieve snoring caused by too much fat accumulation around the airway. Once the fatty tissue is reduced, the airways will be less strained.

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Avoid using sedatives or alcohol 2 hours before sleep to avoid excessive muscle relaxation which may lead to snoring.
Use special oral appliances designed to stop snoring. These mouthpieces prevent the tongue and jaw from relaxing too much and obstructing the airway.

If you have allergies, talk to your doctor about medications to reduce airway inflammation.
Consider the following features when choosing the best mattress for snore reduction
If you’re looking for a new mattress to help you get your back and air passages in the right position, here’s what you need to consider:


The firmness or softness of the mattress depends on both the sleeping position and the weight of the individual. A soft/medium mattress may be preferred as in most cases they are lying on their side. People who are dependent on lying on their back and stomach may need a firmer mattress. If one is of average weight, it is recommended to look for soft/medium mattresses, while heavier people need a much firmer support.
Many mattresses are filled with different kinds of materials to achieve different attributes. In many cases, mattresses end up using memory foam as a filling material. The advantage of memory foam fillings is that they relieve pressure on the joints and provide good back support. These memory foams have different densities to give a different feel.


The thickness of the mattress depends on personal preference. There are those who like 15-inch thick mattresses, while others are happy with a thinner mattress. If you are heavy, it is advisable to look for thicker models that are able to support more weight. A model like the Brentwood Home Cypress Mattress is 13 inches thick, while the Leesa Memory Foam Mattress is 10 inches thick. A lighter person may have to settle for the 10 inch unit as they can support it without any qualms.

Cover fabrics

The mattresses come with covers to protect the contents of the mattress. These covers can be removable or remain attached to the mattress as you prefer. If you opt for removable covers, the material must be able to withstand machine washing. Mattresses with fixed covers can be difficult to keep clean, so it is best to buy another cover to protect the base cover. Make sure that the fabrics used are able to facilitate good air circulation so that you can sleep cool at night.
Edge support

For there to be edge support, it means that the structure has layers of support. We have seen manufacturers use individually wrapped coils to ensure that the structure remains supported. These structures prevent the bed from sagging, especially on the edges where people often sit. This feature is particularly important for heavier people who tend to roll over onto one side of the bed while sleeping. The springs balance the weight and prevent further damage to the mattress. Mattresses such as the LINENSPA hybrid mattress and the Zinus hybrid mattress are good examples of this type of mattress.

Motion isolation

Sometimes when you sleep in bed with someone and they get up or move away from the bed, you feel the commotion. You want a mattress that is more motion-isolating so that you don’t disturb the other person who is still sleeping. Soft/medium touch mattresses are good examples of mattresses that can capture and disperse movement into smaller areas.

Guarantee and sleep test

Mattresses are good examples of products that usually come with a long warranty. In most cases, mattresses come with a warranty of more than 10 years, which tells you that they are of durable quality. A mattress such as the Brentwood Home cypress mattress has a 25 year warranty, which is commendable. Always be sure to read the terms and conditions to see what the manufacturers are prepared to cover.

The mattresses also come with free trials that allow you to test the mattress for several nights. If you don’t like how the mattress works during this trial period, you have every right to a refund. The length of the trial period is usually specified by the manufacturer, so look out for this information.


Mattresses, like any other product today, need to be properly certified to show that the product is made from good materials. These certification bodies ensure that mattresses do not contain chemicals or additives that can affect both the user and the environment. A product that has been certified such as the Leesa memory foam mattress has been certified CertiPUR-US ®, which indicates that it is safe.

Our verdict

Although all the products were of good quality, Leesa’s memory foam mattress stands out from the rest with its stable construction and manageable firmness. The 10-inch foam mattress adapts to different body sizes without losing its constitution or sagging uncontrollably. Although it is more expensive than others, its overall performance is unmatched.

The Brentwood Home Cypress Mattress is a product that will suit those who need mattresses created from natural and environmentally friendly materials. The mattress is certified, has a thickness of 13 inches and comes with a 25 year warranty. It will give you adequate support and comfort while being good for the environment.

As for the LINENSPA hybrid mattress, it all comes down to the best quality you can get on a small budget. The mattress has adequate edge support and 4 layers of plush foam that guarantee comfort. What do you think? Which brand of mattress do you think is the best for snoring? You don’t have to say it out loud, just go buy it and enjoy.

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