Best Elliptical Trainers For You In 2022

StreetStrider 7i elliptical cross trainer outdoor + indoor

6 best elliptical trainers (review) 2022

For an object to be considered elliptical, it must have an oval shape. The same is true for elliptical bikes. They are both an elliptical trainer and an ordinary bicycle. This means they can be used both indoors and outdoors. They are ideal for cardiovascular exercise, recreational activities and competitive sports and can be used by everyone from children and teenagers to adults and the elderly. In addition, the possibility of injury is almost zero. Some elliptical trainers are designed for smooth, flat and slightly inclined surfaces, while others can be used to climb over rough terrain. If you are looking for the best elliptical, our list below will help you. By the end of this article, you will have been given essential information that will help you get the most bang for your buck.

ElliptiGO 8C elliptical trainer

The road elliptical came on the market about 13 years ago. This unique concept was born when the creator took his teenage daughter for a jog. He rode behind her while filming her run and the concept for the ElliptiGO 8C was born. It’s our favourite bike in this article. Whether you’re interested in a casual riding experience or a competitive sporting event, the ElliptiGO 8C bike is at your service. Exercising on it will improve your circulatory system and overall body performance. What’s more, the bike comes at a very affordable price. It is equipped with an 8-speed gearbox that allows it to withstand the uphill struggle on rough terrain. On smooth terrain, it can go up to 40 km/h. If you have a knack for mountain biking, this elliptical can handle a steep 30% grade. In fact, it can compete with road bikes when it comes to climbing hills.

elliptical trainers

If you have to lift the bike, that’s not a problem as it weighs only 19kg. Most of the components are made of aluminium, which makes it very strong and stable. You don’t need to sweat to choose the right model for you, as all models can be ridden by people between 1.80 and 1.80 m tall. Above all, it is extremely comfortable and easy to drive. The risk of accidents is very low. For more durable bikes like this, check out our guide to the best mountain bikes.

ElliptiGO 8C elliptical trainer
  • Features
  • Extremely comfortable and easy to ride: can be used for casual riding, cardiovascular exercise and competitive sport
  • Maximum speed up to 40 km/h
  • Designed with an 8-speed internal gearing
  • Weighs only 19 kg
  • ElliptiGO
  • 42 lbs

ElliptiGO 3C elliptical trainer

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be on air? Hop on the ElliptiGO 3C for a breathtaking experience. Olympic athletes from around the world have taken showers on this bike. It can traverse flat terrain thanks to its 3-speed Sturmey Archer gearing. It can reach speeds of up to 25 mph. The wheelbase and handle length of the ElliptiGO 3C can be adjusted for better control when you hit the road.

elliptical trainers

With this elliptical, working out becomes even more exciting. It weighs approximately 19 kg and is 75 inches long. Whether you choose to be outdoors or indoors, the fun is endless. It will help you get in shape in no time. It is available in two colours: green and black. If you’re looking for other options for exercising indoors, check out our reviews of the best exercise bikes and choose your favourite.

ElliptiGO 3C elliptical trainer
  • Features
  • 3-speed archery speed
  • Maximum speed of 25mph
  • Weight of 19kg
  • Suitable for flat terrain
  • ElliptiGO
  • 42 lbs

ElliptiGO 11R elliptical trainer

Just when you thought you’d seen everything there is to see about elliptical bikes, the ElliptiGO 11R takes you for a ride. It’s designed specifically for long-distance cycling. Its 11-speed Shimano transmission allows you to tackle the steepest of hills. Intuitively positioned handgrips provide extra manoeuvrability and control over rough terrain. It can cover speeds of up to 37 km/h. The ElliptiGO 11R features an exclusive folding steering column for increased mobility. It is custom designed so that anyone can use it for a ride.

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Plus, its spacious chainstay makes it easy to train, ride in peace and quiet, and even compete. Many of its components are made of aluminium. With the ElliptiGO 11R, the risk of accidents is eliminated, whether you use it indoors or outdoors. It weighs only 39.4 pounds, making it easy to transport if the need arises. Our guide to the best bike cleaning sprays features some amazing accessories for your bike, so be sure to check them out.

ElliptiGO 11R elliptical trainer
  • Suitable for very steep terrain
  • Weighs only 39.4 pounds
  • Top speed of 37 km/h
  • Equipped with 11-speed Shimano gearing
  • ElliptiGO
  • 39.4 lbs
  • StreetStrider 7i elliptical cross trainer outdoor + indoor

StreetStrider 7i elliptical cross trainer outdoor + indoor

This trainer can be used for cruising, climbing and running. With the StreetStrider, training will never be the same again. For full-body exercises, simply push and pull the Strider’s sticks. Its strategically placed support and steering system allows you to exercise the abdominal, hip and oblique muscles, which is not possible with conventional stationary trainers. Plus, it’s designed with a Shimano speed controller that gives you total control on flat, deep and elevated hills. The extendable folding system makes it easy to transport and store.

elliptical trainers

This state-of-the-art elliptical has a steel frame and a sturdy wheelbase to provide adequate support for a weight of over 250 pounds. It is also equipped with multiple front and rear brakes for safety and weighs over 24 kg at a length of 68.5 inches. It can be used indoors if the weather does not permit outdoor exercise. This exquisite product has a high price tag and may not be for those on a tight budget. You can also order it fully assembled if you have the financial means. If you love mountain biking, make sure you choose one of the best mountain bike helmets on our list and stay safe.

StreetStrider 7i elliptical cross trainer outdoor + indoor
  • Expandable folding system
  • 24kg weight
  • For competition, fitness and leisure activities
  • Steel frame and robust wheelbase
  • StreetStrider

ElliptiGO MSUB – The first pedal powered mountain bike

Although ElliptiGO started out producing only elliptical bikes, they quickly realized the unique functionality of stand-up bikes. If you are so keen on adventure, then the ElliptiGO MSUB is for you. It’s designed to ride bravely on any terrain: from flatlands and dirt paths to steep hills and suburbs. Its 28-inch tyres will stay stable on any surface. The low wheel platform and high crankset position give it a higher centre of gravity.

elliptical trainers

Don’t worry about safety, as the highly responsive brakes will always keep you out of trouble – and the shock-absorbing pedals make it easy to ride. The conventional bike seat, which usually causes discomfort, is absent in this MSUB. It is also a very effective piece of cardiovascular fitness equipment. The MSUB ElliptiGO is suitable for all ages and body sizes. It is made of aluminum and weighs approximately 35 pounds. You might also be interested in some of the best folding bikes on our list, so check them out.

ElliptiGO MSUB - The first pedal powered mountain bike
  • Built for all terrains
  • Weighs 35 pounds
  • Cushioned pedals
  • Fits body size
  • ElliptiGO
  • 38 pounds

ElliptiGO RSUB – Redefining road performance

This sophisticated, sleek and stylish road bike is the pioneering bike in the SUB collection. As the name suggests, it’s designed specifically for the road and is one of the best elliptical bikes for outdoor use. Whether you’re running, exercising or competing in a sport, this is the bike for you. When you ride it, you get into an upright position to enjoy the ride. It has 8 gears and 700c tyres for maximum speed and control. Not only that, but its brakes ensure stability and smoothness, even in the rain. If you’re looking to burn some extra calories, then this is the model for you. With the workout functionality that ElliptiGO RSUB offers, you can burn more calories than conventional bikes.

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It weighs 31 pounds and most of its components are made of aluminum. For more high-quality equipment, check out our reviews of the best bike lights.

ElliptiGO RSUB - Redefining road performance
  • Specially designed for roads
  • Very stable, even on rainy days
  • 31 pounds of weight
  • Equipped with 8 speeds
  • ElliptiGO
  • 31.4 lbs
  • Elliptical Buying Guide and FAQ

Features to look for in elliptical trainers

Ease of assembly – Most of the time, you will have to assemble the elliptical combo yourself after you buy it. Many users say they are shocked by the weight of the boxed bike when they move it. However, this should not be the case, as the weight of the bike explains its resistance.

If you know what you are doing, assembly should take about an hour. But it can happen that you have missing parts or manufacturing defects. So contact the manufacturer or the shipping agent to rectify the problem. While you may be tempted to improvise and replace missing or damaged parts of your personal equipment kit, note that this can cause further damage, injury and, worse, void your warranty – if any.

Follow the instruction manual exactly. Most ellipticals come with the necessary equipment for easy assembly.

Number of gears – Elliptical bikes are usually equipped with gears ranging from three to twenty-four, for speed control. Although the bikes are primarily powered by your efforts, the number of gears will determine how fast it can go on a particular terrain. Some bikes like the ElliptiGO Arc 24 have more than 24 gears designed for steep surfaces. Others have only three, designed for smooth, flat surfaces. Before buying an elliptical, consider the number of gears and the terrain you typically ride on.

Speed – The speed of elliptical bikes cannot be compared to traditional bikes. But they can still ride at a pretty decent pace. Many of these bikes have sensors that help measure speed. Knowing how the speed is calculated will help you when you are doing a fitness workout. Indoor and outdoor elliptical bikes measure the speed of your workout in real time. The speed result is measured in miles per hour. The intensity of the workout can be increased by pedalling faster and improving the resistance.

While some elliptical bikes have a maximum speed as low as 15 mph, others can go up to 30 mph. Depending on your skills and the nature of the terrain, choose the speed that suits you.

Portability – Most elliptical bikes are heavy. Typically, they are 2 to 6 feet wide and 45 to 85 inches long. Keep in mind that when in use, the adjustable pedals may extend beyond the length of the bike.

Some weigh as little as 50 pounds, others more than 100 pounds. Many of these bikes are usually equipped with an extendable folding system, which makes them easy to transport and store. Thanks to this system, it does not take up a large part of the garage.

Types of Elliptical Bikes

Three-wheel – Three-wheel elliptical trainers make it easy to do weight loss and total body workouts. They usually have two front wheels and one rear wheel. In addition, two legs are mounted on each side of the bike to form the workout set, which may or may not be linked. An example of this type of elliptical is the StreetStrider. Typically, ElliptiGO elliptical bikes have two wheels, whereas the StreetStrider has three wheels.

Two Wheels – This bike stands on two legs. Because of the number of wheels, it is not as stable as a three-wheeled bike. But they tend to be lighter and faster. A typical example is the ElliptiGO.

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Elliptical FAQ

What is an elliptical?

They are built in the form of a regular bike and act as an elliptical trainer. While an elliptical is stationary and can only be used indoors, elliptical trainers are mobile and can be used outdoors.

How much does an elliptical cost?

Be prepared to spend more money on these unconventional bikes. An elliptical should cost between $400 and $4,000, depending on the manufacturer, model, quality and time of purchase.

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