6 Best Twin Mattresses You can Buy

Matelas Zinus en Mousse, Blanc, Queen Size


As human beings, sleep is probably the most important thing we need, even more crucial than food and water. Of course, it is the only thing that can make us forget our hunger and thirst for a while, which is why it is so essential. But to sleep well, you need a good mattress. Although there are many different bed sizes, we have dedicated this guide to twin beds. While the best twin bed mattress may also be suitable for some smaller adults, it is more suitable for children and teenagers as it is only 39 inches wide and 75 inches long.

If choosing a twin mattress from the various options available must have been a difficult decision for you, do you know what is even more difficult? Choosing the best model from the myriad of options on the market. We know that this will certainly not be an easy task, so we have designed this article to guide you through your journey. Each of our selections has been chosen based on a few important factors, including the thickness of the mattress, the number of layers, the level of firmness and the most comfortable sleeping positions it is designed for.

From the comparison table, to the in-depth reviews of our best mattresses, to the buying guide and the practical advice it contains, we have carefully written this article to help you choose the perfect twin mattress for your specific needs. Not only will we provide you with detailed reviews of our choices, but you can also read about their pros and cons, as well as their most essential features. By the end of this article, you’ll be sure to feel almost like a mattress expert.

LINENSPA Memory foam and hybrid innerspring mattress

If you are looking for a compact memory foam mattress that your child can sleep on in peace, you may be interested in LinenSpa’s. LinenSpa’s hybrid mattress saves you the expense, necessity and hassle of buying a traditional mattress and memory foam separately, as the memory foam technology has been integrated into the bed, giving you and your family the even weight distribution that memory foam is so popular for, as well as the necessary steel coil support.

In addition, the LinenSpa 8″ hybrid mattress is CertiPUR-US certified, which attests to the use of non-harmful chemicals in the manufacturing process. It offers great support and comfort thanks to its eight-inch profile, which incorporates a six-inch innerspring base for added breathability. Despite the bed’s relatively thin profile, it has a substantial 1.5-inch layer with extra foam on the steel coils, which allows the bed to breathe better. In addition, the product is quite durable when you consider its cost price.

The LinenSpa 8 inch mattress is also balanced in terms of firmness level. It is very responsive and flexible while being adequately supported by the base. This mattress is an excellent option for every sleeping position, especially for children and short people. In addition to sleeping comfortably, it is also lightweight, which makes it easy to unpack.

LINENSPA Memory foam and hybrid innerspring mattress
  • 8 inches
  • memory foam + comfort foam + steel coils
  • 3
  • medium company
  • quilted fabric
  • Limited to 10 years
  • compressed and shipped in a box
  • Reve

Rsible double mattress Signature Sleep Hybrid

Signature Sleep is a company that consistently produces relaxing memory foam beds at an affordable price. While Signature Sleep’s 8-inch double reversible hybrid mattress is ideal for back pain sufferers, it is also ideal for those who need a little pressure relief and extra support. The product has a reversible design, allowing it to be turned over to increase the longevity of the mattress and prevent it from sagging. The bed is covered with a jacquard polyester cover that is breathable, keeps you cool and is designed to reduce friction to make sleeping more comfortable.

Twin Mattresses

The top layer of the mattress is produced with a high density foam that offers a lot of support and comfort. The transition layer of the bed is an insulating cushion that offers additional comfort, support and pressure relief, acting as a middle ground between the core and the soft top layers. In addition, the bed is filled with independent coils that offer great support and very minimal motion transfer. Each coil is durable and has a high performance. The firmness level of the mattress is medium at best, making it suitable for all sleeping positions. Even stomach and side sleepers who require very different levels of softness will appreciate this model.

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What the mattress lacks in temperature regulation, it makes up for with the spring system, which prevents it from sleeping hot. The bed also has a high rebound capacity and good motion isolation. In terms of support, the product offers above-average support for a developing child thanks to the foam inserts and strong coils.

rsible double mattress Signature Sleep Hybrid
  • 8 inches
  • high density foam + independently wrapped steel coils
  • soft, breathable mesh fabric
  • Limited to one year
  • number of coils – 480; reversible

Matelas Zinus en Mousse, Blanc, Queen Size

While this mattress may seem ordinary because it consists of only two layers, those two layers are actually full of exciting attributes. The base layer of the product is six inches of dense foam. It was designed to allow air circulation to alleviate the common problem of memory foam trapping body heat, leaving the sleeper to wake up uncomfortable and sweaty. In addition, the mattress is composed of organic vegetable oils instead of many of the potentially harmful chemicals that memory foam mattresses typically contain.

Twin Mattresses

Although the top layer is only one inch of the total thickness, it is probably the most impressive thing about this bed. The top layer is less dense than the bottom layer, which makes it very soft and comfortable. In addition, the mattress is infused with green tea, which helps to keep the material fresh for longer. It’s unlikely that anyone ever imagined that green tea could be useful in making a mattress, but it’s just as comforting to sleep on as it is to drink, much to our surprise.

Although this product is considered a firmer model, its soft knit cover and plush foam allow it to conform to the shape of your body in any sleeping position imaginable. This makes the mattress an interesting choice for children and teenagers who often change their sleeping position during the night.

Matelas Zinus en Mousse, Blanc, Queen Size
  • 12 inches
  • memory foam + high density support foam
  • jacquard knitted fabric
  • Limited to 10 years
  • infused with green tea extract and natural castor seed oil

Twin mattress with gel-infused memory foam by Modway

Offered at a very affordable price, the Modway Aveline 6″ Gel Infusion Mattress offers you unmatched comfort. Designed to offer a high level of support, this Modway Aveline product is one you will fall in love with. Its ergonomic design helps reduce pressure on the neck, spine and head with its open cell attribute. In fact, the bed helps to properly align the user’s spine while reducing pressure on the lower back, hips and shoulders. Independently tested and fully certified, it contains no formaldehyde, TDCPP, TCEP or PBDEs, which is essential if you are buying a bed for your child.

Twin Mattresses

In addition, it is a cooling bed thanks to its open cell feature. It allows you to sleep in a restful manner by reducing sweating and perspiration in hot and humid weather. In addition to helping you sleep cooler, the bed provides total comfort. It also relieves aches and pains and offers full bespoke comfort, and the foams quickly adapt to your body weight and position, keeping you comfortable throughout the night.

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Aveline claims that this mattress offers universal comfort, which is absolutely true. It is neither too soft nor too firm. The firmness level is just right for most sleepers. It offers great support for anyone within the recommended weight range, allowing the joints, spine and muscles to relax from the stresses of the day.

Twin mattress with gel-infused memory foam by Modway
  • 6 inches
  • gel infused foam + polyurethane foam – 2
  • removable stretch knit with diamond pattern
  • Limited to 10 years
  • CertiPUR-US certified foam; compressed in a box

Twin mattress in Inofia high resilience foam

The Inofia High Resiliency Foam Twin Mattress is a fantastic medium firmness mattress with 3 layers to provide exceptional body support. On the inside, it has a cool gel foam that adjusts your body temperature, so you’ll forget about feeling too warm at night. Then there is a layer of reactive memory foam to relieve pressure. Finally, the support base ensures the stability of the product. The cover of this twin mattress is made of breathable cotton for a cooler experience and undisturbed nights. The manufacturers offer a 10 year warranty, so you can be sure that your investment is protected. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to try the mattress first as it comes with a 100-night risk-free trial. Like any foam mattress, it needs some time to expand, and here it takes about 72 hours.

As far as disadvantages are concerned, a few people have mentioned a typical foam mattress smell. To get rid of this, move it to another room and let the fresh air do the trick. There are other mattress sizes available, and you can get a 12-inch model if this one doesn’t seem thick enough. Overall, you won’t be disappointed with this mattress, as many people recommend it.

Twin mattress in Inofia high resilience foam
  • Thickness
  • 10 inches
  • cold gel foam + memory foam + support foam
  • 3
  • Firmness
  • medium firmness
  • cotton + polyester fabric with non-slip backing
  • 10 year warranty and 100 night risk free trial
  • breathable cover, excellent durability, provides constant pressure relief

Memory foam twin mattress at the best price

The Best Price Double Memory Foam Mattress provides three layers of foam for maximum comfort. The first three inch layer is charcoal infused. The second, two-inch layer has a pressure relief system, making it comfortable for joints and back pain, and helping to reduce sciatica pain. The pressure relief mechanism is actually one of the most impressive features of this product, as it means that the areas around the hips and shoulders are more flexible, allowing the bed to accommodate these pressure joints. This bed will distribute your weight evenly, reducing motion transfer and relieving pressure points. The third layer is a five-inch mattress that is made from high-density foam to give you adequate support when sleeping next to your partner – although this is a twin mattress that might be more suitable for one person.

Twin Mattresses

Because of its high density and ten inch thickness, this model is perfect not only for toddlers but also for adults. This bed reacts to your body temperature, remaining somewhat soft until your body heat causes it to conform to your shape. The fireproof layer, however, is made of fibreglass, which means that if the cover is removed and washed, it will be contaminated with fibreglass fragments. Other materials can also be contaminated with fibreglass, which can be a huge health hazard.

Memory foam twin mattress at the best price
  • 10 inches
  • High density foam + memory foam
  • Medium firmness
  • Poly jacquard blanket
  • Limited to 10 years
  • Charcoal-infused memory foam

Who would be best suited to a twin mattress?

Also known as a single bed, a twin mattress is usually the next step for children who have outgrown their cot. A twin mattress is also an excellent choice for smaller rooms such as guest rooms. Traditionally, bunk beds are twin-sized. A standard twin mattress measures 39 inches x 75 inches, which can be a tight fit for a full grown adult.

If you have room for a queen size bed but cannot afford the mattress, sheets and frame, you can opt for a twin mattress. The twin mattress will also be cheaper, as you will save space. Twin mattresses are commonly used in college dormitories, guest rooms and small living spaces.

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In addition, a twin mattress can also be your ideal choice if you need a mattress for a small room. Of course, a twin mattress will look extremely small in a large room. It will probably work well as a replacement bed in a small room shared by two people, or in a child’s bedroom.

Features to consider when choosing a twin mattress

Of course, there are many factors to consider when looking for the best twin mattress. Be sure to read the following paragraphs carefully, as each factor included is an important consideration when you are ready to make your purchase.


Twin mattresses are generally available in five, six, eight or ten inches, although there may be differences from brand to brand. Some are available in twelve and fourteen inches. It is important to consider the ideal thickness of your bed as this will determine the level of balance and support it can provide. While some users may consider eight inches or less to be adequate, you can find optimal support and stability from ten inches (like the best value memory foam twin mattress).

Don’t forget that your weight also has a lot to do with it. The heavier you are, the thicker the mattress you choose should be. Therefore, it is also imperative to determine your weight so that you know what size or height mattress can give you the balance and support you need.


There are different types of mattresses depending on the material of construction. Materials include latex, memory foam, gel, inflatable and innerspring. The above options vary in terms of contour, support, heat control, comfort, durability and overall performance.

The comfort they are able to offer and their longevity depends on the materials used in their construction. Most twin mattresses are made of latex and memory foam. It is very imperative to examine each material and choose the ideal option for your needs as an individual.

Number of layers

The number of layers in a mattress helps determine the level of support and softness you will get when sleeping on it. Basically, the more layers a mattress has, the softer it is. On the contrary, the fewer layers a bed has, the firmer it is. The material used in the layers plays a huge part in the level of support the mattress will offer too, with memory foam often being the best in this respect.


Depending on your body type and the type of sleeper you are, you will need to know the firmness level of your mattress before you buy. If you are, for example, someone who sleeps on your back a lot, you will probably be better suited to a firmer mattress as it will provide the support needed to keep your spine, neck and head level with each other. Conversely, if you sleep on your side, you may be better off with a softer model. This will allow your body to sink lower than your head, keeping your back, neck and head in line at night.

Cover material

Generally, the cover of a mattress protects it from wear and tear or damage. The cover is a mattress’ defence system against moisture and dust mites. There are actually different covers to choose from. Most twin mattresses come with a removable or sewn cover.


Sometimes accidents happen, and since buying a mattress is like an investment, you want to make sure you choose a model that comes with a decent warranty. That way, you won’t have to pay for another mattress if something happens to your bed due to a manufacturing defect or accident.

Additional features

You should also consider whether the product comes with some extra features, such as a free trial period and certification. The trial period is extremely useful as it allows you to return the bed for a full refund within a specified period of time if you do not like the mattress. You should also check if the mattress has some crucial certifications such as CertiPUR-US, which certifies the use of non-toxic materials in the manufacturing process. The LINENSPA hybrid mattress with memory foam and innerspring, for example, has this feature. Some of these twin mattresses are even suitable for sleepovers and camping, and if you need them, consider folding twin mattresses.

Our verdict

In our opinion, LinenSpa’s 8-inch hybrid mattress is the best twin mattress on the market. Being a hybrid model that combines the incredible support of an innerspring mattress with the even weight distribution of memory foam, this model is our undisputed number one. It is also lightweight, durable, breathable and affordable, making it suitable for a number of uses.

Our runner-up is the Signature Sleep Hybrid Reversible Twin Mattress. Featuring a reversible design that allows users to flip it over for longer life, this model is the most versatile option on our list. In addition to its reversible design, it features independent coils that offer great support and minimal motion transfer.

Our third choice is the Zinus green tea memory foam mattress. Green tea extract helps to keep you cool and provides a more comfortable night’s sleep. In addition, it is inexpensive and offers optimal support for every conceivable sleeping position.

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