4 Best Blenders for Ice Cream and Frozen Fruit

Blenders not only make our lives more convenient, but also more enjoyable, healthier and most importantly, tastier! Unfortunately, if not chosen correctly, a poor quality blender can just as easily ruin the experience, leaving you with chunks of ice or chunky fruit in your drink. Investing in making a healthy smoothie or tasty frozen drink with the best frozen ice and fruit blender can make a lot of sense financially and nutritionally, and can also help you become the perfect host for your guests.

If you’re addicted to healthy drinks and smoothies that are easy and smooth, you definitely shouldn’t try your luck with an ordinary blender – it just won’t be powerful enough! You need a blender with the right motor power, capacity, speed settings, and other features, like being dishwasher safe.

Blenders for Ice Cream and Frozen Fruit

Through 20 hours of kitchen research and various online sources, we’ve cut your personal time in half by providing the perfect guide to help you buy the best blender for ice and frozen fruit. In our guide, you’ll discover our comparison chart, with all the different options side-by-side, our in-depth reviews of each of the best products, and finally, a buying guide that will help you through the entire process, from the first thought to buying the perfect smoothie. We hope this guide helps you in your blender buying quest.

The 5 best blenders for ice and frozen fruit

Ninja BL660

The Ninja BL600 is a highly professional blender found in most smoothie stores. With 1,100 watts of power, you can be sure that it will get through even the toughest ingredients.

This blender has three different speeds, a pulsing option, and single serving functions. Its Total Crushing pitcher has a capacity of 72 oz, which is not only enough to hold the largest ingredients (as well as ice), but also for the largest number of shakes.

Blenders for Ice Cream and Frozen Fruit

Its power can pulverize ice into snow, so you get the creamiest, “smoothest” smoothie.

The blender also comes with two 16 oz Nutri Ninja cups with To-Go lids, which are perfect for staying healthy, even on the go.

Every part of this blender is dishwasher safe and BPA free. With this high-powered grinding, blending and processing device, you can make smoothies, blend frozen fruit, crush ice and more.

The blender also comes with a recipe inspiration guide for delicious smoothies and recipe ideas.

Ninja BL660
  • Motor power
  • 1100 W
  • Blender Pitcher Capacity
  • 72 oz.
  • Number of speeds
  • 3
  • Pitcher is dishwasher safe
  • yes
  • Warranties
  • Limited to 1 year
  • includes two 16 oz. Nutri Ninja cups with neck

Cosori Pro-Class C700-PRO

Whether you want to find the perfect blender for green smoothies or a high-quality blender for protein shakes, look no further than this option. The Cosori Pro-Class C700-PRO is designed with a diamond blending system, which is specialized to integrate and blend all ingredients smoothly, efficiently and quickly.

The blender features an Intelli-Speed motor control, which can target and detect the contents inside and adjust the blending to an optimal speed to achieve the perfect consistency.

Blenders for Ice Cream and Frozen Fruit

Speaking of consistency, instead of just having one speed and pulverizing everything, the Cosori Pro-Class C700-PRO can also stir, chop, blend, puree or liquefy. You can also use the pulse mode.

It has a 70 oz. capacity and is designed with a patented BPA-free diamond pitcher, which is also chip, scratch and stain resistant, not to mention dishwasher safe.

This blender is one of the most powerful models on the market, with 1,500 watts of power and a commercial grade 2 HP motor. This blender can spin milkshakes, ice cream, whole fruits, frozen ingredients, grind nuts, spices, coffee, mix batters and bread doughs, and get a silky smooth puree.

It also comes with an additional 27oz personal travel bottle with To-Go lids.

Cosori Pro-Class C700-PRO
  • 1500 W
  • 70 oz.
  • variable composition speed
  • yes
  • Limited to 1 year
  • Additional 27oz personal travel bottle (with To-Go lids)

Blender Oster Reverse Crush contre-formes

The Oster Counterforms 7-Speed is a great choice for those looking to blend, literally and figuratively. With seven different speeds, from low to high pulse, you can make your choice based on the desired consistency of your smoothie and the ingredients you have to choose from.

With 1000 watts of blending power, you can easily grind ice, fruits and vegetables. It also has a 16-inch cord, so it can be easily moved around the kitchen and placed in the most convenient locations.

Blenders for Ice Cream and Frozen Fruit

The Oster Counterforms 7-Speed also has pre-programmed Smart Settings technology, which can judge the task at hand and work with one-touch controls to get you the perfect smoothie.

Another useful feature is the two-way blade technology, which uses 6-point stainless steel blades that can go in the opposite direction in case of a jam.

From chopping to pulverizing, the Oster Counterforms 7-Speed can make you iced drinks or smoothies for ten years or more, thanks to its durability guarantee.

This blender also comes with a 6-cup Boroclass glass jar and a 2-ounce filler cap with measurement markings for easy ingredient addition.

Blender Oster Reverse Crush contre-formes
  • This blender also comes with a 6-cup Boroclass glass jar and a 2-ounce filler cap with measurement markings for easy ingredient addition.
  • The blender is dishwasher safe.

When do you need a blender for ice cream and frozen fruit?

You may not think you need a special type of blender to grind ice and frozen fruit. However, the quality of the device you have on hand can make a huge difference in the quality of your smoothie or juice.

If you end up with a poor quality blender, you could end up in a very unfortunate, undesirable and frustrating situation. Whether the fruit gets stuck in the blades, you end up with a lumpy or grainy smoothie, or you even fry the blender, there are so many different problems you can encounter when blending ice and frozen fruit.

Features to consider before buying a blender for ice and frozen fruit

When looking for the perfect blender for ice and frozen fruit, you’ll want to take a look at the performance quality and various features that most heavy-duty blenders capable of handling frozen ingredients come with. The more powerful and durable they are, the better.

However, you don’t want to sacrifice quality for price. There should be a machine in your price range – you may just have to do a little more research before you get there! When you’re putting together a checklist of features, here are a few you should highlight.

Powerful motor

Since you’ll be adding ice to the mix, you’ll need a motor with a lot of torque. It’s recommended that you buy a blender with at least 600 watts, but the ones mentioned here, like the Cosori Pro-Class C700-PRO, have 1,500 watts, which is enough for a little ice.

Motor speed

You’ll also need a high-speed setting to get the job done. Some blenders have several different speeds, like the Oster Counterforms, with seven speeds, so you can get the consistency you want. Normally, a blender with a powerful motor also has a powerful speed – they go hand in hand.

Blade design

Since ice will put your blender blade through the ringer, it needs to be strong enough to withstand the impact and slice through even the strongest ice cube. Stainless steel is the best choice!

Jar design and materials

Since you will be working with hard and tough ice cubes, you can consider it a very important feature that your blender has a durable pitcher.

Some blenders – the less expensive ones – are made of polycarbonate. This type of material can easily crack under the force of projected ice. When looking to invest in a blender, try to choose one with a glass container.

Blender Pitcher Capacity

You should also consider the reason for your purchase. Are you someone who is looking to blend amazing smoothies for a day at the pool every once in a while just for yourself, or do you have a family of four who has smoothies for breakfast every day and takes them to work or school? Invest in a size-appropriate blender – whether it’s a family pot or a single-serve pot, you’ll want to consider this when choosing the perfect blender for your situation.

Size and capacity aren’t just important when it comes to having enough smoothies for everyone: you should also be aware that storage space can be an issue. If your kitchen is small and you don’t have a lot of cabinet space, opting for a blender with all its accessories and jars may not be the best decision.

Dishwasher safe parts

Your convenience is important. If you’re part of a multi-person family or are simply too busy to hand wash your dishes in the sink and run the dishwasher regularly, having a dishwasher-safe blender (and also BPA-free, for your family’s safety) can make your life easier.

Having an extra feature, such as a “self-cleaning” button that simply requires soapy water, is certainly helpful for maintenance and cleaning. It’s also a good idea to invest in a blender with touch-sensitive buttons, as they will be easier to clean than buttons and dials.


Like all machines with moving and working parts, it is possible for something to break. The warranty on your blender is also an extremely important feature. It can save you money in the long run, as you will avoid costly repairs or breakdowns. Most high-end models offer a 5-10 year warranty, while more affordable models come with a 1-2 year warranty.

Our verdict

If you’re on the go and want us to quickly point out our top three choices, here they are:

The Ninja BL660 blender is the best blender on this list and on the market. It’s powerful enough and affordable. It comes with a 10-year warranty, is dishwasher safe, and reaches 1,000 watts of power.

The Ninja NJ600 is the perfect blender for the budget minded, although you may not notice the difference. With 1,100 watts of power and extra accessories to make your life easier, it’s a great choice.

The Cosori Pro-Class C700-PRO is the most powerful blender on our list today, with 1,500 watts of power. If you need a high-powered blender, we definitely recommend this blender as your soldier on the front lines.

We hope this guide has helped you choose the best blender for ice and frozen fruit.

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