5 Best Blenders with Glass Jars

With modern society’s emphasis on healthy living, blenders are becoming increasingly popular: they’re great tools to facilitate healthy eating. Or maybe you want convenient ways to prepare food for your babies and young children. But what is the best type of blender? The market can be divided into two main groups: plastic pot blenders and glass pot blenders. In recent years, the plastic jar market has boomed.

This is mainly because they cannot break like glass. However, when you use one of the best blenders with a glass jar, like the ones we feature below, you get the benefit of BPA-free products. This is not always the case with plastic appliances. Glass also doesn’t discolor like plastic and often has a smoother surface, making it easier to clean.

Is this what you need? We’ll help you choose the best one. It’s always difficult to find the one that will be most useful to you in the long run, as there are many types of glass jar blenders. For starters, you need one that’s powerful enough for what you want to blend and large enough for the number of people you’re making a meal or drink for. And when you’re done, will it be easy to clean? A dishwasher safe machine is always better, right?

To answer all these questions about the items we list below, we asked a few professional chefs to test them in their kitchens. After two weeks of testing, all their tips, comments and concerns have been summarized in our reviews. Of course, to help you make the perfect decision for your kitchen, we provide some basic information in our buying guide. For quick buyers, simply use our comparison chart to determine which one is best for you.

A blender makes cooking easier – we’ll help you choose one.

Oster Pro 1200 Blender

First of all, we have to mention how user-friendly this Oster glass jar blender is. It is so easy for even the most inexperienced to get the perfect blend, thanks to the multiple one-touch options. The buttons on the front are clearly labeled and you can simply press the one that suits your purpose. If you want to stay in control, you’ll love the pulse function.

Blenders with Glass Jars

This blender tops our list because it’s powerful enough to handle almost anything, even ice. But its power doesn’t mean you can only blend harder foods. It can be set to the power level you need (and with a maximum power of 1200W, that’s pretty impressive), so your final product is exactly what you need. Want a soup or just a coarsely chopped salad? This model can do that and everything in between. You can also choose between the bowl or glass jar depending on your needs. Just note that some parts of the machine are plastic. Our team has also reported leaks in some parts, but this is not a common problem.

The brand has improved the design, giving you a larger pitcher. Now you can feed your whole family with Oster’s quality behind it.

It mixes thoroughly so your smoothies are creamy. The brand even gives you a smoothie cup to enjoy your drink on the go.

Oster Pro 1200 Blender
  • 1200
  • 42 oz.
  • 7
  • yes
  • 10 years
  • comes with BPA-free food processing bowl, stainless steel slicing disc and chopping blade, 24 oz. take-out cup

Decen Smoothie Blender

With products like these, everyone can enjoy a healthier life. You can get this great and powerful device at an exceptional price. And a low price doesn’t mean poor quality, as the long warranty period proves.

It is quite easy to use with labeled buttons on the front. This is the appliance to use quickly if you want crushed ice or a smoothie. And yes, even the cheapest appliance on our list of the best blenders with glass jar offers a pulse function.

Blenders with Glass Jars

The other buttons are your speed options: five isn’t bad, but it’s not as versatile as others. But keep in mind that at this price, it’s still impressive. You can chop and blend harder vegetables &; even ice, though you shouldn’t assume it will work well with nuts or coconut.

The brand’s technical consultation service is very helpful, especially if you are not a computer expert.

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Our team liked the lightweight design that prevents fatigue, which is especially relevant if you use your blender a lot and need to store it in a hard-to-reach place, lifting and carrying it often.

The best thing about this product is that you get such power for a very good price. Just note that it may leak from time to time. Tip: make sure all components are completely dry before reassembling it, so that all silicone seals can seal properly.

Decen Smoothie Blender
  • 1000 W
  • 51 oz
  • 5
  • yes
  • 2 years, lifetime service
  • comes with a 2 oz. measuring cup, 6 titanium plated blades

Blender Oster Reverse Crush contre-formes

Here is another user-friendly option, as this side panel contains buttons with clear labeling. With clear directions, our team enjoyed discovering the capabilities of this Oster model. It’s even backlit, so you can use it early in the morning before your workout without even turning on the light.

Because it’s so easy to use, the average home user won’t be intimidated, but professionals will appreciate it too. Why? Because this one is huge. With such a large glass jug, you can serve people at home, at work or in a restaurant.

The glass has markings that help you pour the right amount of ingredients. It also helps you create your own recipes and you’ll know how much to put in next time to recreate your masterpiece.

It has all the makings of a top-of-the-line appliance since it can reverse. This will help if the blade gets stuck on one of your ingredients.

It’s not the most powerful on our list, but 1000W is still impressive. That power combined with a solid blade means this unit is ready to crush ice for you. We also liked the mixing method. This one is constantly moving forward and backward. This not only helps unclog the blades, but draws the ingredients down towards the blades. This is how the brand ensures that all the ingredients are blended so that your smoothie has a smooth and even texture.

Just note that it’s not the fastest on the list and the motor is quite noisy.

Blender Oster Reverse Crush contre-formes
  • 1000 W
  • 48 oz
  • 7
  • yes
  • 10 years
  • reverse mixing technology to prevent clogging, 6-blade design

Braun JB7350 WHS PureMix

Braun knows that aesthetics count, and this blender with its glass jar has a unique look. It will complement the decor of any kitchen. So it’s a great gift idea: help others enjoy a healthy life in style, too.

Blenders with Glass Jars

On the sturdy base component, you’ll see a line of icons that make it easy to use your new blender. Our team liked the simple, sleek design: Thanks to the touchscreen-style buttons, there are no small holes for liquid to drip into. This makes the blender easy to clean (and yes, the blender’s components are also easy to clean) and more hygienic than some others.

The solid bottom also ensures that your appliance won’t spill on the kitchen counter.

The range of settings lets you make everything from crushed ice to liquid smoothies. Braun added a pulse function so you have absolute control over the consistency of your blend.

Our team liked the quality of the metal blades, but note that there are still various plastic components.

The unit is well sealed and no leaks were reported. The various components also fit together very well, so the device doesn’t feel flimsy in your hands. If you’re a chef, you need to trust your equipment and this unit impresses in many ways.

This is one of the best blenders for soup, thanks to its heat-resistant glass bowl.

Braun JB7350 WHS PureMix
  • 1000 W
  • 56 oz
  • 3
  • yes
  • 3 years

Professional countertop mixer VAVA VA-EB018

In this blender with glass jar from VAVA, you get an original approach to blending. The brand positions the blades off-center and they operate on six planes. This sucks in the ingredients to ensure optimal blending that results in exceptional, well-blended smoothies.

Blenders with Glass Jars

VAVA has also tried to solve the problem of noisy blenders. The motor of this device is housed in a sealed component. Although it is an industrial machine that blends your drinks, it is done very quietly. This unit may not have as many pre-programmed options as the other units on our list, but the three buttons might be enough for most owners. And for professionals who want to get it just right, a dial allows for ultimate control. This feature, along with the large jug, makes it a practical solution for the home, office or restaurant industry.

The brand also didn’t forget the little details that make it easy to use, like the rubber under the body. This will keep it securely in place so you can focus on perfecting your recipes. It’s one of the lightest appliances on our list, which makes it easier to carry around the kitchen. Thanks to those rubberized surfaces, the appliance won’t move around when it’s turned on and won’t spill easily.

Many in our test group noted that this is an ideal family appliance, as it is simple enough for younger children to understand, as long as they are taught the safety instructions.

The only improvement would be a higher horsepower motor.

Professional countertop mixer VAVA VA-EB018
  • 500 W
  • 51 oz.
  • variable & ; 3 pre-programmed
  • yes
  • not specified
  • 1.4 HP motor operates at noise levels 10 dB lower than average

A premium blender will have a solid glass jar that won’t break when you blend at high speeds.

High-end appliances are usually dishwasher safe, making cleanup quick and effortless.

You won’t be exposing yourself or your family to the dangerous BPA that is still present in many modern plastic products. Even if a plastic appliance is FDA approved, prevention is better than cure.

Quality appliances usually have enough power and quality blades, so you can blend harder products or make that nut butter you love so much.

Features to consider when choosing a blender with a glass jug

Yes, blenders with glass jugs are valuable appliances. But from what we’ve mentioned, you can see the importance of choosing the right device. You don’t want yours to break when you are preparing a meal. It’s also important to tailor the features of the blender to your personal needs, so you don’t pay for features you’ll never use. Here’s what you should consider.


When you turn on your blender with a glass pitcher, you want to hear the “whirring” of food being chopped, not the motor jamming. If your favorite smoothie contains hard vegetables like carrots, your blender with a glass pitcher needs to be powerful enough to handle it. For that, you need a powerful motor (as well as quality blades, of course). That’s why Oster models with 1000W and higher motors are so popular and the best for green smoothies.

Jar capacity

Bigger isn’t always better, so think about who you’ll be making food or smoothies for in the future. Some jars can hold about 50 oz, like the VAVA Professional shown above. This makes it easy to feed your entire family at once or make smoothies for the week. Of course, this model is also ideal if you need it in a commercial setting, like a restaurant.

However, if it’s single servings and you prefer the taste of freshly made smoothies, a smaller machine is more convenient. The added benefit is that you can easily take it on vacation if you want to continue your health regimen. As we said above, only pay for what you are sure to use.


Speed settings

Different foods need different levels of speed and power to be chopped. Making smoothies at maximum speed all the time isn’t bad, but it’s unnecessary. You’ll only wear out your appliance.

Choosing a blender with different speed settings is a good investment so you can set it to an appropriate speed. Better yet: go for the ones with built-in speed motors that make the adjustments themselves based on what’s inside. That’s the power of modern technology.

Also look for units with soft start. This protects the motor, so you can enjoy your blender even longer.

Dishwasher Ease of Cleaning and Safety

This is an important consideration because maintenance often determines how often you use an appliance in the kitchen. If you dread the cleaning process after the fact, it can distract you from your plan to eat healthy.

With its easy cleanup options, your new blender can inspire you to continue your new diet or lifestyle. Features you’ll find helpful include:

Detachable blades

Dishwasher safe components

Smooth surfaces that just need to be cleaned.

No small openings that can collect dirt or mildew.

What you’ll be blending

Before ordering your blender, you should have your plan of action in place: What exactly do you want to blend?

Blenders are designed for certain tasks, with some specifically designed to handle the toughest fruits and vegetables.

Also consider reverse-action blenders if you know you’ll be blending harder items. This often helps dislodge the contents if something gets stuck. This is so valuable that some brands use continuous forward and reverse motion, as seen in the Oster Reverse model above.


How much counter space do you have right now? Again, you need to make it easy for yourself to use your new blender. If you have to store the blender with a glass jar in the cupboard, you may find it tedious to take it out every morning. Investing in a smaller model that you can keep next to the kettle at all times is a smart option.

Power cord

Here, you need to consider two things: convenience and safety.

First, make sure the cord is long enough to easily reach a wall outlet in your kitchen. Ideally, you shouldn’t have to move it around: Will it make it to where it’s stored on the counter? Yes, you can use extra wires, but that will clutter your workspace and create safety hazards.

This brings us to the second aspect. Some blenders have compartments where you can store the power cord. This prevents it from getting wet during cleaning and pouring. It’s also easy to transport: for example, if you’re serving smoothies outside by the pool.

Always consider the practical implications of every appliance you add to your kitchen.


A warranty is a sign of quality, and when you invest in the best blender with glass pitcher, you should have high expectations. High-end items such as the Oster Pro 1200 will come with a decade-long warranty. Since your blender is likely to be subjected to a lot of hard use, you should be able to trust that it will serve you well. Plus, if you opt for a more expensive appliance, you’ll have peace of mind that you won’t have to spend money on another one for a while.

Our verdict

In our search for the best blender with glass pitcher, Oster came out on top. The Pro 1200 is simply unbeatable in terms of power and if you use yours every day wanting a quick fix to get your smoothie on, you’ll appreciate this powerhouse.

Of course, Braun comes in second with its JB7350 WHS PureMix blender, and if style is on your list of priorities, you’ll love its unique look and easy-to-clean exterior. And luckily, it’s also practical, with its sturdy base and heavy-duty blades.

The VAVA Professional VA-EB018 doesn’t disappoint either.

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