Best Casio Altimeter Watch – Reviews and Comparisons (Top 3)

Casio SGW-300H-1AVER wrist watches

The watch is an accessory that has existed for a century now, it has served as a beauty jewel but also a source of information with the many functions that have been added thanks to new technologies.

There are several types of watches at the moment, including Casio Altimeter Watch, touch screen watches and sports watches. The latter type has developed the watch in a way to serve its user during his sports sessions or during his long hikes in the nature. The sports watches are equipped with various functions replacing the different accessories of a sportsman including the stopwatch, the pedometer, the compass but also the altimeter and many others. By replacing all these tools necessary for the user, the watch has facilitated access to their information but it has also improved the results that are even more accurate.

In this guide, we will teach you more about the sports watch, specifically the Casio brand Casio Altimeter Watch with the altimeter function, how to choose the best one and how to use them once you have chosen one for you as we will answer the most relevant questions on the internet.

Casio SGW-300H-1AVER Wrist Watches ( Casio Altimeter Watch)

Casio SGW-300H-1AVER wrist watches
  • Brand : Casio
  • Glass type : Mineral
  • Metal stamp : Metallic resin
  • Case material – Resin
  • Material of the strap – Resin
  • Special features – Light, Barometer, Thermometer, Altimeter, Chronograph, Countdown

Main Title

The Good

  • This watch is multifunctional and allows to have all the necessary information to help the user
  • The watch is solid and resistant to different shocks.
  • The results of the watch are reliable and accurate.

The Bad

  • The shape of the watch is quite large which could be a disadvantage for some people.

Montre Casio PRG-240-1ER ( Casio Altimeter Watch)

This is the sports watch for men from Casio, with digital display and round shape. This multifunctional watch provides all the information a sportsman or adventurer will need on the mountains or even underwater. It is equipped with a chronograph, alarm, thermometer while displaying the time and date, its information is of high precision that can work even in the most extreme conditions.

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The watch can be used as a compass by following the markings N, NE, E, SE, S, WS, W, NW indicating North, East, West and South. The watch is waterproof up to 10 bars which is perfect for diving and swimming.

Casio Altimeter Watch

The eco-friendly watch runs on solar energy, so it won’t get discharged easily, especially if it is used outside a lot. The use of this watch is simplified thanks to the buttons on the sides of the dial that allow you to select the display mode as well as the information you want, the two yellow buttons at the bottom of the watch under the south position allow you to adjust the screen and also to eliminate the screen to see in the dark. The watch band is strong enough to withstand splashes, it is also comfortable and fits easily on your wrist.


Montre Casio PRG-240-1ER
  • Brand : Casio
  • Display type : Digital
  • Case material : Resin
  • Material of the strap – Resin
  • Water pressure resistance – 10.00 Bar
  • Special features – Thermometer, Alarm, Chronograph, Solar Energy


  • this watch is equipped with multiple functions allowing to have several information.
  • the results given by the watch are accurate and precise.
  • the watch is solid and water resistant allowing it to be used for diving.


  • the disadvantage of all Casio watches is the size of their shapes.

Casio Men’s Watch Collection SGW-1000 (Casio Altimeter Watch)

This is the Casio watch for men, with digital display and quartz movement. It is a sporty watch with a classic and simple design and dark black colors and purple touches. It is quite solid and water resistant since it is waterproof up to 10 bars, which is perfect for diving and swimming. It has several functions including chronograph, alarm, compass, altimeter, thermometer and of course the time, these many functions help adventurers and sportsmen to access the many information he will need in remote places in the mountains or underwater knowing that the watch is very solid and able to give the exact information even in extreme conditions.

Casio Altimeter Watch

The watch’s LCD screen displays all information clearly even in the dark. The use of this watch is not at all complicated, thanks to the many buttons on the sides of the dial that allow the user to select the function he needs and change the settings. The strap of the watch is quite solid and resistant to various shocks while being comfortable on the wrist.


Casio Men's Watch Collection SGW-1000
  • Brand : Casio
  • Glass type : Mineral
  • Case Material: Plastic
  • Material of the strap – Resin
  • Dial Color – LCD
  • Special Features -Compass, Altimeter, Thermometer, Chronograph, Alarm


  • the design of the watch is different from other casio watches, it is more original and the touch of the purple color embellished the watch.
  • the watch is equipped with many functions to have various information.
  • the watch is very solid and resistant to different shocks and also to water


  • the shape of the watch is big like all Casio watches.

How to choose a) good Casio Altimeter Watch ?

There are various sports watches on the market at the moment, they can be classified into two different types see the sports watches with touch screen or digital, these are very recent and modern watches, they are equipped with several functions, operating with a rechargeable battery and an operating system.

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The second type is the sports watch with digital display, it works with a battery, equipped with several different functions, this type is more solid and more reliable since you can use them everywhere even in unconnected places. If you already have the second type you must choose one more that will suit you the most but the one that will serve you the most, take into consideration the characteristics presented below to have the best:

Accuracy OF Casio Altimeter Watch

Accuracy is the first criterion to check in a sports watch. Choose a watch that gives precise and accurate results to better serve you during your hikes in the mountains where any error can cause you enormous damage. You must pay attention to the resistance of the watch if you intend to use it in extreme conditions, in this case you must choose a best watch optimized and developed to be able to support the pressure of the most difficult environments or even under water, if you want to use it during your swimming or diving sessions.

Casio Altimeter Watch

You should also check the sensitivity of the watch’s sensors, which play an important role in the watch’s performance of various functions. For this you will need a bigger budget to have a reliable watch giving very high precision results.

Manufacturing materials of Casio Altimeter Watch

Sports watches are exposed to many shocks that represent the conditions of the environment where they are used generally that’s why they are made with solid and splash resistant materials. You have to be very careful with the material of the watch you are going to choose, the bracelet must be water resistant since you are going to sweat during your sport sessions and the case must be solid and firm to resist shocks and keep the internal structure of the system protected and functioning properly.

The functions of Casio Altimeter Watch

If you have chosen the sports watch then you will need the necessary functions to perform your exercises and perfect them using the stopwatch but also the various essential functions to accompany you during your hikes in the mountains including the compass, the altimeter and the thermometer to ensure your safety and succeed in your mission.

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Comfort OF Casio Altimeter Watch

Comfort is the first criterion to check, you don’t need a multifunction watch that is uncomfortable for your wrist. You must first check the weight of the watch if it is not too heavy for you otherwise you risk losing it since it will slip easily as it will prevent you from performing certain exercises, choose the lightest watch for you to feel more free while moving. Check the strap more precisely its length, width and thickness, choose a watch with a perfect strap for you according to the size of your wrist or a watch with a changeable strap.

How to use a Casio Altimeter Watch

Casio Altimeter Watch

The altimeter is a measuring device that allows you to see the vertical distance between two points, one of which is a reference point. It allows you to see the altitude if you are climbing a mountain, and this in relation to the sea as you can have the height from the ground if you are in the depths of the sea. Casio sports watches are equipped with the altimeter function are usually multifunctional and complex. To be able to use this function we have simplified it for you in these next few steps. If you find it difficult to use the altimeter of your watch, just visit the official website of the brand or directly contact an expert.

Preparing the Casio Altimeter Watch

Before using the altimeter function, you should check if your watch is working normally and if it is on, if you find a problem you should check if it has not discharged or if its battery is low as this can be caused by the charging mode degrading. Otherwise you just have to position your watch in front of you to launch the application.

Launching the Casio Altimeter Watch function

Casio watches generally display essential information on their screens such as time, temperature and date and other measurement functions must be started to display the equivalent information. To start the altimeter function, simply look for the function selection button or the button that leads directly to the altimeter.

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