Comparison of the Best DVD Headrest to Buy

Android Car Monitor Headrest Touchscreen

Tired of kids fighting in the car. You need a headrest DVD player.

Or even two!

However, before you order a car DVD player, you want to take a look at what’s available. This is the best way to avoid wasting money and to buy a quality product that meets your needs the first time.

That’s why I wrote this buying guide, I reveal you all the practical information to find the best headrest screen. And to illustrate my point, I’m quoting some of the best-selling DVD players online.

Promo DVD headrest best value for money!

Universal Car Headrest Mount Monitor

  • 0.5 Inch Vehicle Multimedia CD DVD Player –
  • Smart Audio Video Entertainment System w/HDMI & Hi-Res TV LCD Screen.
  • Brand : Pyle
  • Media Type : SD
  • Color :Black
  • Screen Size :10.5
  • Display Type :LED

What is a headrest DVD player?

Yes, we are all aware of the publications on the harmful effects of television on children. But we don’t talk enough about the harmful effects of children in a bad mood on drivers! Because that’s what we’re talking about, allowing backseat passengers (children in general, but it works pretty well with grandparents too) to watch a movie during the ride.

TFY Car Headrest Mount for Swivel & Flip Style

TFY Car Headrest Mount for Swivel & Flip Style Portable DVD Player-9 Inch
  • Portable DVD Player-9 Inch
  • Brand : TFY
  • Color : Silver, Grey
  • Screen Size : 9
  • Display Type : LCD
  • Item Dimensions : 9.9 x 7.3 x 0.6 inches

And despite the name “DVD player”, it is also possible to watch movies by simply plugging in a USB key prepared by you. However, you will have to avoid Bollywood movies lasting more than 5 hours, because the autonomy is generally three hours maximum. Fortunately it is possible to recharge via the cigarette lighter.

To regularly make 1000 km with child, I assure you that we are there in front of a car accessory really useful for the well-being of the driver!

Android Car Monitor Headrest Touchscreen

Android Car Monitor Headrest Touchscreen
  • Car Entertainment System –
  • 10.5 Inch Dual Car Seat Mount Multimedia Player
  • w/WiFi & Bluetooth –
  • Mounting Bracket & Wireless Headphones – Pyle PLDANDHR1056KT
  • Brand : Pyle
  • Media Type : SD
  • Color : Black
  • Screen Size : 9
  • Display Type : LCD


How to choose your headrest car DVD player?

It is a bit trickier to choose a headrest screen than a banal computer screen. Indeed, you have to take into account your needs (like the number of passengers who will enjoy it) but also your vehicle.

Why buy a headrest DVD player?

A car accessory like this is especially suitable for people who do a lot of driving. You don’t have to drive every day. So, if you only go on school vacations, you can already get a lot of use out of it.

It is a very useful purchase with people who are not very patient in the car.

What is the price of a headrest screen?

You need to count at least 100 € for the first prices, even if the best DVD headrests are at more than 150 €. When comparing prices, remember to look at the number of screens. The cheapest car DVD player is not always the one you think it is.

Moreover, if you already have tablets and your children are not old enough to be in a car seat, it may be worthwhile to choose a headrest tablet holder.

How to use a headrest DVD player?

It’s really quite simple. Just order the device that’s right for you.
Once it’s installed in the car, just slide your DVD or USB drive into the input and manage it like any other TV screen.

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