Best Tennis Balls (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Wilson Championship Extra Duty Tennis Ball Case

Anyone who has read David Foster Wallace’s full book Infinite Jest, published in the mid-1990s, knows how the weight of expectations can bring down even the most talented and ambitious tennis players. From recreational enthusiasts to professionals, tennis requires countless hours of complex practice, requiring the best tennis balls to master one of the most physically demanding sports you can play.

Whether you are someone who could have turned out to be a pro but only interested in a casual game or a parent of a young tennis prodigy, do whatever you can to transform your dreams (vicariously or not. ) to become the next Federer, Djokovic or Nadal in reality and ultimately knock them off their perch. This means investing in the highest quality tennis accessories, balls and balls. So, let’s see what we have for you today in today’s game.

Wilson Championship Extra Duty Tennis Ball Case


The ace, the advantage point, the pick of the best tennis balls available are the Wilson Championship Extra Duty. Available in a case containing 72 balls, they are the perfect choice for anyone who wants to improve their tennis game.

Tennis Balls

The pressurized core helps each bullet hold up well for multiple rounds of play, and you’ll likely only go through one tube per week. They are able to perform well on hard ground and can maintain their pressure no matter how furious your serve, ensuring a satisfying rebound. An ideal option for both practice and competition and the price is excellent value for money that you won’t find anywhere else, especially for such quality. Put on your favorite tennis shoes and start playing tennis.

Wilson Championship Extra Duty Tennis Ball Case
  • Suitable for children 3 years old or less
  • High grip wheels
  • 2 speeds available and reverse
  • Weight capacity -; 85 pounds
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Penn Championship Extra Duty High Altitude Ball Tennis Ball Can8 lbs


The tennis community revere Penn tennis balls for their high quality and durability and these extra-service championship high altitude tennis balls -; available in a box of 3 -; is just an example of this. The natural rubber design provides a consistent feel and reduces shock, while the deep elastic seams reduce the chance of cracking for those hitting hard.

Tennis Balls

Plus, interwoven fibers promote longevity, and the high-altitude construction helps tackle low-air pressure courts and rally and crush all day in places like La Paz, La Rinconada, or even Everest. , don’t forget your gloves, woolen hat, and oxygen mask.

  • 3 tennis balls included
  • Natural rubber for consistent feel and reduced impact
  • Deep elastic seams minimize the risk of cracking
  • Interlaced fiber ensures long life
  • Mark
  • Pen


Pro Penn Marathon Extra Duty Tennis Balls


A box of tennis balls that are perfect for conquering hard courts and gigantic workouts, the Penn Extra Duty Pro Tennis Ball Set comes with 72 balls in 24 boxes of 3 -; for those of you who don’t like to do quick calculations.

Tennis Balls

Penn developed the LongPlay construction to ensure longevity during intense games while the Smart Optik design provides maximum visibility on the court and makes it much easier to anticipate the flight of the ball.

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If you’re at the club more than at home, having a reliable and consistent backup of quality tennis balls means you never need to stop there, and real tennis fans will know how difficult it can be. even when you have a day off. If you don’t have a tennis partner, you can use one of the pitchers on our list and still enjoy playing.

Pro Penn Marathon Extra Duty Tennis Balls
  • A box of 72 tennis balls
  • LongPlay felt for extended play
  • Smart Optik offers maximum visibility
  • Ideal for hard court
  • Penn
  • 55113
  • 12.34 lb


Dunlop Sports Championship Tennis Balls


These Dunlop tennis balls give you the best of both worlds and ensure excellent performance and durability whether you are playing on hard or clay courts. Its finely woven felt construction contributes to that long life, while the MaxGlo color gives you great visibility, even if your opponent is hiding a rocket in their arm.

Tennis Balls

Despite the cheap price, Dunlop Sports Championship Tennis Balls are still of good quality for training and occasional play from time to time. They’re unlikely to turn you into a champion overnight, but they’ll at least make you feel like you are until you arrive, and that’s all you can really ask for. Now stop slacking off and get back to your service!

Dunlop Sports Championship Tennis Balls
  • MaxGlo color all over for better visibility
  • Fine woven felt construction
  • Excellent performance and durability
  • Approved tournament and league play
  • Dunlop Sports
  • Dunlop Sports Champ -; parent

Wilson US Open Extra Duty Tennis Ball


The Wilson tennis balls chosen at the North American Main Tennis Tournament, these Wilson US Open Extra Duty tennis balls are made with premium Tex / Tech felt that ensures optimum performance on indoor hard courts such as outside.

They last a lot longer than other, maybe cheaper, options, but still come at what many would consider a fair price, and the quality gives you more confidence in your game, providing a comfortable and satisfying kick. In a pack of four, they’re likely to last you at least two weeks.

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Those with dogs will also be happy to hear that they have received rave reviews from man’s best friend, too. If you’re into sports, check out our guide to the best basketballs.

Wilson US Open Extra Duty Tennis Ball
  • 4 packs of tennis balls
  • Optimal performance on hard surfaces
  • Made with premium Tex / Tech felt
  • Official US Open Ball
  • Wilson
  • WRT106204
  • Device weight
  • 2 pounds

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