Increase Your Website Traffic by Using Writer Sonic

In this WriteSonic review, we explain whether this powerful AI writing software is worth your time and money.

WriteSonic is one of many new AI content writing tools for small business owners. But is it worth the money? Let’s break it down and see how it stands up to other content-generating AIs.

According to its value proposition, using a few lines of text, keywords, or a target phrase, Writesonic can generate landing pages, product descriptions, detailed ads, and even entire articles or blog posts. It claims good accuracy and high readability scores.

  • Write Sonic’s AI takes care of everything from headlines to Facebook ads to articles. The software also claimed to use a proven writing formula for its AI-generated ad hooks. It can also write entire articles

First Steps With WriteSonic

First of all, you need to create a project. Then, choose a template, provide a title and some keywords. You can also choose to add sentences or a full description of the product if that works better for the desired result. This step doesn’t need to be very complicated, although more specific keywords can help improve the result.

After defining the required keywords and phrases, it was time for me to write a little introduction. This was supposed to be about 150 words, but if you are short on time, there is an option to have the AI do it for you. However, it will cost another credit. The good thing about this is that you will get five results almost instantly.

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With the title, keywords, and intro in place, it was time to generate the final result. It took a few seconds. The returned article was relatively easy to read and included a decent sentence structure.

However, the quality and tone of the text were still lacking compared to a real writer. Emotions are pretty much non-existent from an AI, and a few edits had to be done manually by me. There were some minor plagiarism issues though, as about 25% of the article required minor edits to get a passing grade.

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Writesonic can return results with quality as good or better than some paid writers themselves

WriteSonic can quickly generate a range of text in minutes. First, enter a target topic, then select a few options as you go along.

Content creation prices are reasonable, especially considering how quickly text can be generated. This is great for those hard times or if you have looming deadlines to meet. The company also offers a free trial, so you can put the tool to the test and see if it can work for you.

Once you purchase the software, you can get additional credits through a subscription plan. There are also options to get free credits. Even for everyday use, I found Writesonic to provide plenty of credits for my needs. But if I needed to purchase more, the cost was reasonable and affordable.

The content generated by Writesonic serves as a good draft that you can edit. It is easy to read, but you may need to clean it up and proof it before publishing. I tested Writesonic in English and Spanish. In both cases, the readability results were fine but I had to tidy up the final results.

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The content is on par with what you would expect from a writer in the two to three cents per word range, assuming the subject matter is easy to write.

Ease of use

Using this tool involves selecting options and following prompts. It holds your hand throughout the process. Training people to use this program is also incredibly easy. It only takes a moment or two to give a quick overview.

Basically, after setting up your first project, you can choose from over 40 templates and generate AI content, depending on the credits available.

Variety Of Content Types

While most people use the software’s ability to generate entire articles, there are several other options. For example, you can simply generate an introduction – or write a Facebook ad.

In my experience, these smaller tools work much better than the article writer’s AI. In short, the software handles small amounts of copy much better than larger ones.

Idea generators are great if you need a writing prompt. The software produces several options from which you can choose or modify, based on a topic or search term. If you are having trouble coming up with article ideas, this is a handy time-saver.

Is WriteSonic a Viable Writing Tool?

Writesonic is a powerful tool to use to structure your written content. I have spent quite a bit of time using the software and trying out various features it offers and I can say that it has met my expectations.

I used AI-generated content for landing page titles and YouTube titles. I also gave it a good shot at blog outlines and intros, as well as creating an entire post. Overall, it worked surprisingly well, with only a few minor issues along the way.

Ease of use: the user interface was a bit clunky and could use an upgrade. Some areas were not fully intuitive and it slowed down my work process by a few minutes.

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Features: It is powerful enough to create content for articles, blogs, social networks, websites, and more.

Customer Service: While I didn’t have to contact customer service directly myself, their tutorials and troubleshooting pages on their website were extremely well done.

Value for Money: Writesonic is cheaper than other content generation AIs, and no matter how you slice it, the software is very affordable.

Largely plagiarism-free. The content seemed to be plagiarism-free based on my testing. However, the longer the job took, the more plagiarism results were returned.


Why You Can Trust Me

Writesonic was a software that I had been interested in for a while, and I finally decided to give it a try. The software comes with a free trial that doesn’t require you to provide credit card information, which was already a benefit from the start.

After installing the software, I received ten credits to use during the trial and immediately moved on to creating my first article. I was going to give it a good test and see how the readability of the resulting text came out. I also wanted to see how well it passed a plagiarism scanner or if it was stolen from another online source.

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Writesonic review: the essentials

If you struggle with writer’s block or simply don’t know how to structure your blog post or landing pages, Writesonic can help. Even if you don’t go through the process of generating an entire blog or article, this software can create a variety of headlines and display general structure flows to give you a better idea of how to create your voice.

Overall, after spending quite a bit of time testing the software and seeing what it was capable of, I was pleased with the results. Although the results required some editing, I saved time writing my copy.

Top Pick

Versatile enough to create blogs, articles, landing pages, headlines, etc.
Economical for even daily use
Popular software with a strong community
Proactive customer service

The disadvantages

Sentence structure can seem robotic.

Can sometimes require manual adjustment.

The number of results returned can be overwhelming with sample blogs.

Credits are spent even if the copy is not satisfactory

The user interface is confusing for beginners.

Ineffective text snippet function.

Some larger copies come back with up to 10% plagiarism and will require manual editing.

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