The 10 Best and Most Comfortable 4 Person Tents!

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4-Person

If you’re planning on going on a family camping trip, you’ve probably already started looking for the best 4-person tent that will meet your needs. With a 4-person tent, you’ll have just enough space and comfort for your company at an affordable price. Plus, you’ll be able to experience the joys of the wilderness together.

You may need a tent as travel gear and be trying to decide if you need a large interior or not. When looking for the best 4-person tent, it’s essential to consider features such as the type of tent, total weight and base size, depending on whether you plan to store the tent, the season rating so the tent can withstand the weather, the center height so you can estimate headroom, and the number of tent doors to ensure easy access and comfort.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been researching the best 4-person tent options. We’ve studied feedback from customers who have purchased and tried the products. We’ve also reviewed articles published by experts, product features, and the pros and cons of each product to create detailed reviews to help you make your decision. Below we’ve put together a buying guide to help you determine the best 4-person tent for your next family camping trip.

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4-Person

This tent is one of the best 4-person camping tent options available on the market today. We love the design of the ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4-Person Tent because it comes with a waterproof roof. The tent is made of 75D 185T polyester which also offers UV protection. In addition, it has an aluminum frame. The ventilation of this tent will keep you cool during the hot summer months.

You get the 3-season tent with two doors and two vestibules. We also like the design of the tub floor, as it helps keep water out. Plus, you’ll have a clip-on attachment and excellent windows with a double roof, which can be very helpful if you need extra protection from the elements.

With its four-cornered tent design, you’ll have plenty of headroom in this tent. This makes it comfortable for four people, and it’s easy enough to move around inside this tent. We liked the fact that this tent comes with a 90-day warranty, which allows the manufacturer to guarantee the reliability of the tent for customers. It’s definitely spacious and practical enough to give you everything you need, and even protect you when it rains hard outside.

ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4-Person
  • dome tent
  • 3 season
  • : 7’6″ x 8’6″
  • 52″
  • 7.9lbs
  • 2


Coleman Deluxe Cabin for 4 persons

If you’re looking for something that offers an easy set up process and plenty of fun for the whole family, then the Coleman Instant Cabin for 4 is the perfect option for a family of 4. Coleman has made this tent incredibly easy to set up. It only takes a few minutes to pitch the tent thanks to the pre-installed internal pole system. This means you’ll set up this tent quickly and can immediately enjoy camping with your family.

Coleman Deluxe Cabin for 4 persons

The interior of this tent is spacious, so you will have enough room to move around with ease. Plus, with two storage pockets in the tent, everything will be perfectly organized so your important items don’t end up on the ground. We really like the breathable raincoat built into this tent, which will help you stay dry when it rains outside.

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We love that this instant tent is fully waterproof and has taped seams. In addition, you’ll have mesh windows that can be used for natural ventilation. However, the tent does not have a vestibule, so you will need to hide your gear inside.

 Coleman Deluxe Cabin for 4 persons
  • cabin tent
  • 3 season
  • : 8′ x 7′
  • 59″
  • 9.8lbs


Camping tent ALPHA CAMP 4 persons

If you’re looking for an easy setup, the Alpha Camp 4 Person Camping Tent offers one of the best 4 person camping tent options today. It is one of the lightest camping products you can buy, making it easy to pack and affordable.

With a low price tag, this two-season tent is ideal if you plan to change camping locations quite often. While the low price of this tent means it’s not the most durable product, it’s great for families enjoying a weekend outdoors in warm weather.

While this tent is inexpensive, you’ll get protection from the elements with a rain fly and mud mat. We love the mud mat on this tent because it’s a unique option that helps you keep the sleeping area clean while camping.

We love the design of the window material. It helps bring more air in to ventilate the tent well and works well in the warmer months against bugs.

 Camping tent ALPHA CAMP 4 persons
  • dome tent
  • 2 season
  • : 9′ x 7′
  • 59″
  • 8.6lbs
  • 1


Kelty Grand Mesa Tent for 4 people

One of the best 4-person tents on the market, the Kelty Grand Mesa 4 gives you a great family tent without the bells and whistles that make competitive tents cost so much more. If you appreciate a tent that is easy to use, this product could be for you.

We like that the Kelty’s Grand Mesa 4 person tent has a large entrance for quicker access. If you’ve ever camped with a backpacking tent, you know how difficult it can be to get in and out of the tent. That’s not the case with this tent, and you’ll love everything about it.

Kelty Grand Mesa Tent for 4 people

Another feature we wanted to point out about this tent is that it comes with an amazingly designed rolling carry bag. The tent fits well in it and doesn’t look too small, unlike other carry bags that come with tents.

Also, this tent packs up remarkably quickly and well because of the way it breaks down into smaller segments. This is a great feature if you like to move around a lot when camping.

Kelty Grand Mesa Tent for 4 people
  • dome tent
  • 3 season
  • : 8’2″ x 6’8″
  • 56″
  • 6.8lbs


Equipment CORE 4 person dome tent – 9′ x 7′

Core’s Equipment 4-Person Dome Tent is one of the best tents for a family of 4 that you will find available for purchase right now. Setting up this tent is quick and easy, and you can do it in just a few minutes. Plus, it features H20 clock technology and an adjustable floor vent so you’ll stay dry if you decide to spend a night in a downpour.

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We love this tent’s gear loft, which offers a lantern hook and a few pockets to keep you and your family organized. Most other shelters don’t have a gear loft this size or as much storage space. So if you’re looking for a spacious tent, this option is an amazing choice. This tent comes with a power cord access port, so you can charge your devices if you need to.

If you purchase this tent, you will receive a polyester rain fly, tent poles, and a carry bag. The craftsmanship behind this tent is impressive. With its taped seams and sturdy construction, you’ll get a durable tent that will last you a while.

Equipment CORE 4 person dome tent - 9′ x 7′
  • dome tent
  • 4 season
  • : 9′ x 7′
  • 54″
  • 8.3lbs


TETON Sports Mountain Ultra 4 Tente

The Teton Sports Mountain Ultra 4 Tent is another one of your best 4 person tent options. We love that this tent is made of micro-mesh, which allows it to ventilate well and not overheat if you like to camp on hot sunny summer days. The tent’s floor is deep and waterproof, like a bathtub, which means you’ll get surprisingly good protection from the elements.

TETON Sports Mountain Ultra 4 Tente

Next, the Teton Sports Mountain Ultra 4 Tent has a large removable gear loft if you want extra storage space. The tent has two large pockets for organizing items on each side. The seams and corners are reinforced and covered with heat tape, ensuring the durability of this product.

This tent has a rain fly and an aluminum pole. In addition, you will have large vestibules. Although this tent is affordable and has a very simple design, it is also very durable and easy to set up. You’ll have more space than you imagine with this tent, which is a nice bonus. You’ll still have a large sleeping area so everyone can fit in and no one has to put their sleeping bag right in front of the tent.

TETON Sports Mountain Ultra 4 Tente
  • dome tent
  • 3 season
  • : 8’1″ x 6’9″
  • 59″
  • 7.7lbs


Night Cat Waterproof Camping Tent 4 persons

One of the best waterproof 4-person tent options, the Night Cat 4-Person Dome Tent is both affordable and excellent. You’ll get a simple shelter that’s easy to set up and offers ample protection from the elements. The dome shape of this tent will provide excellent ventilation. The rain fly and extra tall canopy provided by the tent both help keep water out of the tent while allowing your family to get in and out easily.

We love the rain flies in this tent because they are very strong and stick out on the sides, giving you even more protection in the event of a downpour. The airflow inside the tent is excellent and you won’t have to worry about overheating if you like to camp in the warmer months.

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The back of this tent is designed with a large mesh panel, but you can attach the rain fly for added privacy. This tent is easy to pitch, and you can set it up in less than a few minutes.

Keep in mind, however, that this tent is not great if you are camping in a sandy area. That’s because the extra mesh in the tent can allow sand to enter quickly.

Night Cat Waterproof Camping Tent 4 persons
  • 3 season

  • 240x200x140cm

  • 3,5 kg.

  • 1



The NTK Indy GT 3 to 4 person tent has a truly amazing vestibule with large entrances, compared to many other tents you’ll encounter today. We love the fact that this tent is designed to be easily set up, taking a lot of stress and worry off your shoulders when you arrive at your campsite.

Made of 100% waterproof 190T polyester laminated with polyurethane, this tent offers you protection from water. The 250mm water column gives you a wide coverage area. If you like to camp in the warmer months, you’ll appreciate the tent’s thermoplastic coating that protects you from UV rays.

This tent has a vented mesh roof, which helps keep mosquitoes out, but also lets in fresh air even when there’s no wind outside. A large storage pocket is included with this tent, so you’ll have plenty of room for your gear. With the vestibule in the front, you’ll have an awning where you can put your chair and enjoy the view of nature, and a side door for easy access to the sleeping area.

The poles of this tent are made of very thick Nano-Flex fiberglass and offer a sturdy construction. You’ll get a tent that’s built with wonderful durability but still at an affordable price.

One of the best features of this tent is that it is seamless and the floor is made of anti-fungal polyethylene. This means that you and your family will stay dry and protected every time you use this tent for your outdoor adventures.

Coleman pop-up tent for 4 people

A classic Coleman 4-person pop-up tent has a remarkable design that you can set up in less than a minute. This product is one of the lightest 4-person tent options available, which means it’s easy to pack and take with you.

Coleman offers excellent ventilation and rainfly protection in multiple positions. If you like to camp when the weather is warmer, this is great news, as the temperature will stay comfortable in your tent.

Coleman pop-up tent for 4 people

This tent almost assembles itself once you unpack it. It’s absolutely not difficult to pack this tent away as well. Once you understand the process of folding the tent like a taco, the last thing you’ll need to do is pack it up.

This tent isn’t the strongest, but it will protect you if you find yourself in the rain. It’s rated for all seasons, so it can withstand all weather and temperatures.

To summarize, while most pop-up tent options are affordable, this tent is a bit more expensive than its competitors. Nonetheless, it’s a durable, high-performance tent, and you’ll get a lot of use out of it.

Coleman pop-up tent for 4 people
  • pop-up tent
  • 4 season
  • : 9’2″ x 6’6″
  • 52″
  • 7.7lbs

pre-assembled poles for easy 10-second installation, glued floor seams, multi-position rain gauge for perfect balance of protection and ventilation, stores flat, two storage pockets.

Choosing the best 4-person tent

If you’re looking for the best 4-person tent for your family, there are several factors to consider. These include tent type, season, size, weight, ventilation and many other factors.
We’ll cover them so you can make your final decision and choose the best option available on the market. This way, you can enjoy many fantastic family outings with your tent, while discovering nature with people you love.

Deciding on the type of tent

When choosing the best 4-person tent for your family, there are several types of tents to consider. The types of tents we’ve covered on our list include pop-up tents, hoop tents, dome tents, and cabin tents. There are also completely different types of tents, such as sleeper tents and camper tents, but they are usually designed for fewer people.

If you want something simple, lightweight and easy to set up, you can buy a pop-up tent. Pop-up tents are known for their ease of setup, which usually takes less than a minute or two. They also offer excellent ventilation features and work well in warmer conditions. Unfortunately, most of them don’t hold up well in harsh weather conditions. The Coleman Pop-Up 4-person tent is an exception. It can handle low temperatures and is not afraid of snow.

Dome tents offer better load stability than pop-up tents because they are built with cross-pole shelters. They are more resistant to cold and damp and have good resistance to snow and ice. Dome tents have a self-supporting design, which allows them to stand up easily, without the need for support. Dome tents are excellent on rockier terrain. An amazing option is the Columbia Pinewood 4-person dome tent, which will protect you and your family from the rain and sun with its high weather resistance.

Pole tents fall somewhere in between, and like pop-up tents, they’re simple to pitch. They tend to be a bit heavier than standard pop-up tents, and sturdier as well. Nevertheless, they are well-ventilated tents that are generally more used for warm weather camping. The Marmot Orbit 4-Person Tent is a great pole tent option that easily fits a family of four.

Cabin tents are much larger tent options. So, if you change campsites often during your travels, you probably won’t want a cabin tent. However, if you’re staying at a single site, the generous space offered by cabin tents and their vertical wall design will allow you to get up and move around freely. We like the Coleman 4-Person Instant Cabin because of its spacious interior and convenience.

Choose the season rating

The tents come with a season rating that helps you understand what weather is appropriate for this shelter. First, one- and two-season tents are lighter and more affordable and are typically used when the weather is warmer outside. These tents allow people to be more relaxed and generally offer some UV resistance during the summer months. They are generally water resistant and can withstand a light rain. If you are looking for a tent with excellent UV and water resistance, we suggest the ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4-Person Tent, which also ventilates well.
Three season tents are probably the most popular type of shelter used by experienced campers. You can use these tents during the spring, summer or fall months. Three-season tents cost a little more than one- or two-season tents, but they are more waterproof, UV and wind resistant, and can withstand harsher weather conditions. They continue to ventilate well even when it is hot outside.

Four season tents are used in the coldest weather conditions. If you plan on camping in the mountains when it snows, this is the kind of shelter you’ll want to buy. These tents are designed to be waterproof, weather resistant and also offer great wind resistance.

Consider the durability of the tent

Durability is a key factor when looking for the best 4-person tent options for your business because you want to buy something that has excellent longevity. Most of the tents on our list are reasonably sturdy, but you’ll generally get better durability if you’re willing to invest a little more money in your shelter.

Many of the tents on our list feature a nylon or polyester rain fly, or a mixture of both. Both types of material provide ventilation and waterproofing, although the levels may vary.

Shelters with polyurethane-coated material are also a real advantage, as they hold up well to wet weather.

Don’t forget the weight

Depending on the type of tent you buy, the weight of the tent can vary considerably. In addition, you’ll need to think about whether or not you’ll be changing locations and packing your tent every day. If this is the case, you should consider lighter, more portable products.

Pop-up tents are generally the easiest to transport and pack compared to other tent options. On the other hand, they don’t offer as much space as cabin tents and therefore aren’t suitable for everyone. If you prefer pop-up tents, we suggest the Coleman Pop-Up Tent for 4 people so you never have to carry the heavy load.

Cabin tents are the largest and most durable choice of tents you can buy. Also, if you don’t plan on moving around while camping and want a lot of space, this type of tent may be the best fit for your family. If you’re looking to buy a cabin tent, we recommend the Coleman 4-Person Instant Cabin, as it’s very easy to assemble and offers plenty of space.

A few words about tent construction and setup

We want to start our description with pop-up tents. In general, any shelter with the name “pop-up” takes only a minute or two to set up. Many people who love this type of tent will love the Coleman Pop-Up Tent for 4 people, because it is very easy to set up the tent, saving a lot of time and stress when you arrive at the campsite. A pop-up tent can easily be set up by one person due to its lightweight construction.

The other type of tent on our list that is also quick to pitch on your own is the dome style tent. For example, the CORE Equipment 4-person dome tent offers a comfortable design with color-coded poles, so you can quickly pitch the tent on your own. Plus, the weight and durability of the poles are well balanced to provide satisfactory performance in a variety of weather conditions.

Cabin tents are the most difficult type of tent to pitch yourself. However, this is not the case for all tent cabins. For example, if you want the strongest type of tent, go for the Coleman 4-Person Instant Cabin Tent, which is not difficult to pitch on your own.

Doors, vents, vestibule area

When choosing the best four-person tent for you and your family, you’ll want to take a look at the doors, vents and vestibule area. For some travelers, having more than one door is important because the sleeping area and vestibules are easier to access. With less hassle getting in and out, you’ll have a more pleasant trip.

Also, if you need a lot of space, consider a tent with a large vestibule. The vestibule will give you plenty of storage space that will protect your gear and other vital items from rain, wind, sun and even snow. If you don’t want to clutter your sleeping area with these items, choose a tent with a large vestibule.

Vents are another essential consideration when buying a 4-person tent.

This is where ventilated mesh windows come in handy, especially during the warmer months.

Sleeping area comfort and headroom

The best 4-person tent options for families should include enough sleeping space to feel comfortable at night. That’s why you may want to take a look at some of our more massive tent options, like the cabin tent. As we mentioned earlier, the Coleman 4-person cabin tent has plenty of room to sleep if you don’t want to jostle around before or after you sleep.

If you always bring a lot of gear with you, you may need a larger tent to keep everything organized. You have the option of purchasing a tent with a large vestibule. Also, some shelters have extra pockets for organization and storage of items.

Other useful features

Some tents have unique features worth mentioning, such as electrical ports and extra storage pockets. Storage pockets are useful when you’re camping with your family, because if you buy a tent that doesn’t have enough pockets, you’ll end up struggling to fit your stuff in.
If you like to take your devices with you on your camping trip, you may want to consider getting a tent with an electrical port, like the ALPHA CAMP 4 person camping tent. This way, you’ll have easier access to charging your devices. If you need to check your email on your phone while camping, buying a tent with an electric port could be very helpful.

Price ranges

In general, the more bells and whistles on the tent, the higher the price. So if you’re going camping when there’s a good chance you’ll run into snow and rain, you’ll need to spend a little more money on a more durable, higher quality tent, like the ALPS Mountaineering Lynx 4-Person Tent. While this tent is still affordable, the cost is about $150, which is higher than some of the other tent options on our list. However, you will get fantastic protection from the elements. This tent will last a long time.

If you want something a little more affordable, we recommend going with the pop-up design. These types of tents are great for warm weather camping. They are very lightweight, so if you prefer to move around and change campsites, they are a great option for you. Check out the Coleman Pop-Up Tent for 4 people, which typically costs less than $100, folds up in a minute, and offers enough protection from the rain in the warmer months to keep everyone in your family happy.

Dome tents are a great option if you are looking for something durable and affordable. Dome tents are quick to set up and usually offer enough protection from the elements for campers who enjoy the warmer seasons. For example, the CORE Equipment 4-person dome tent, which costs just under $120, should do the trick.

Our verdict

Our editor’s choice is the Alps Mountaineering Lynx 4-person tent. We love the weather protection offered by this 3-season dome tent. Since it has two vestibules, you have plenty of storage space and an easy to pitch shelter. Your family will feel truly comfortable and relaxed with this tent during your outdoor adventures.

The Coleman 4-Person Instant Cabin is our customer’s choice because of its pre-attached pole design that makes the tent quick to set up. Plus, you’ll enjoy a built-in awning and a spacious interior, making it a great family tent. The Coleman’s cabin tent is a 3-season product with excellent weather protection.

Our budget choice is the Alpha Camp 4 person camping tent. You’ll get an affordable price with this tent, and weather protection for two seasons. This tent is quick to set up and offers perfect UV protection and water resistance to keep you dry even in heavy rain.

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