10 Hottest Wall Mount Electric Fireplace to Put Your TV On

Southern Enterprises Convertible Electric Fireplace Cartwright


Instead of having to clean up the ashes and chop the firewood, why not find yourself the best Wall Mount Electric Fireplace and save yourself some frustration. Fireplace TV stands are the centerpiece of your room, providing a beautiful display of the fireplace and efficient heating functions. Instead of buying a TV stand, infrared heater and fireplace insert separately, save money and buy a complete unit. These units can be placed in a corner or mounted on a wall, whichever you prefer. They can be as large or small as you like depending on the space you have available.

When buying Wall Mount Electric Fireplace, there are many things to consider before making the right purchase. You need to know what size best suits the room, how much power is needed to heat the area and what type of design best fits the decor. Other factors such as storage space, length of warranty and quality of features provided will also influence the overall decision. There is a lot to consider, but you don’t have to worry about it. Why?

We spent hours scouring the market for TV mounts for electric fireplaces that were reliable in quality and value for money. After extensive research, we’ve put together an effective comparison chart, detailed product reviews and a comprehensive guide to show you what to expect. This information will help you find the perfect electric fireplace TV stand for your home.

Wooden chimney support Corin Barn Door by BELLEZE

The BELLEZE Corin Barn Door Wooden Mantel Support has a classic look and fits well in a vintage-inspired decor. The 57.9″ x 29.5″ x 15.9″ unit is designed to cover a large area. The farmhouse-inspired unit features a grey finish (other colours available) and a brown top to blend in with the decor.

Wall Mount Electric Fireplace comes with other equipment that needs to be stored, such as the cable box. This unit has a compartment for the size of your equipment. To provide sufficient heat in the room, the TV stand with chimney depends on infrared technology.

The fireplace has a few features you can enjoy, for example, it comes with different flame effects you can play with. You also have a digital thermostat to set the exact temperature and a timer. The unit is safe to use as it has passed CSA safety standards and you get a remote control to control the settings from the comfort of your seat.

Other features that might be of interest include cabinets for hidden storage, adjustable shelves and well-positioned holes for cables/ventilation. The unit comes with a one-year warranty to ensure you get the best quality.

Wooden chimney support Corin Barn Door by BELLEZE
  • 57.9 x 29.5 x 15.9 inches
  • 23”
  • 22 levels
  • not specified
  • 1 year limited
  • digital thermostat, electronic timer function, CSA safety certification, remote control included; 6-hour timer

Boston Electric Fireplace Modern TV Stand

The Boston Electric Fireplace modern TV stand is definitely a must see in a modern or traditional decor. It comes in a grey colour with a 40 inch chimney that easily fits into a room. The unit features black glass on the top and side shelves, which makes the item look like it’s floating.

Underneath is a 40″ linear fireplace with a stunning 3D flame with complementary sparks that mimic a real fire. The unit uses a fan to disperse heat operating at 4200Btu’s to heat areas up to 400ft2. The ideal temperature differs from person to person. To address this, there is a remote control that allows you to set the desired temperature.

This unit requires some assembly, but it won’t take long to put together. There is more than enough space to put your DVD/cable box without looking cluttered. The sturdy wooden unit is designed to comfortably support TVs up to 70 inches.

The 78.7 x 22.3 x 13.5″ unit weighs 125lbs and comes with a one year limited warranty. The unit will prove to be stable from start to finish and, thanks to the quality of the materials used, will be able to maintain its appearance.

Boston Electric Fireplace Modern TV Stand
  • What we liked:
  • What could be better:
  • 78.7 x 22.3 x 13.5 inches
  • 40”
  • Heat:
  • 4200 btu
  • Up to 400 ft2
  • 1 year limited
  • 3 changeable flame colours; glass fronts

Windsor electric infrared fireplace

The Classic Flames Corinth Electric Fireplace TV stand takes you back to the old days with its classic vintage look. The freestanding unit is small enough to fit in a small room as it measures 42 x 40 x 15.5″. If you are limited by space, the unit will fit beautifully.

Made of durable wood, the unit has a cherry finish. Weighing in at approximately 161.5lbs, the sturdy structure provides ample space for various devices. The unit will support a TV up to 42 inches as the center compartment houses your DVD and cable box. There is even enough room to place a decorative item or two.

The chimney section measures 23″ and has realistic visual effects that you can adjust. It has 5 flame effect settings, 5 flame speeds and 5 brightness settings to create the desired ambiance. All settings can be comfortably accessed from the supplied multi-functional remote control.

In order to heat an area of 1000 square feet efficiently, the appliance needs a high energy output. The small electric fireplace has a heat output of 5200btu and is equipped with a functional thermostat for setting the right temperature. It also has a timer and safer plug technology that tracks any electrical changes to protect the appliance. The unit is simple but works beautifully and comes with a one year limited warranty.

Windsor electric infrared fireplace
  • 46.3 x 35.5 x 15.3 inches
  • 23”
  • 5200 btu
  • Up to 1000 ft2
  • 1 year limited
  • brightness and speed effects, multi-functional remote control included, safer plug technology

Electric fireplace JAMFLY

The JAMFLY electric fireplace is a white electric fireplace that will add elegance to your space. The forced air unit is designed to be space saving, which is great for any home, especially homes where space is at a premium. If you don’t need it to fit in a corner, you have the option of placing it against a flat wall. This solid wood cabinet can comfortably accommodate a TV up to 35 inches and offers enough space for your DVD/cable box.

Below the storage compartment is the 25″ inch fireplace with handcrafted logs to add a realistic effect. The fireplace is equipped with a 5100btu heating system. The heating system is capable of heating areas up to 400 square feet and is completely independent of the fire screen. This means that you can turn off the screen and leave the heating function running.

Among the features provided are different colour themes and flame settings to create the desired ambiance. It is also possible to set the appliance to the exact temperature you want using the multi-functional remote control provided. The fireplace is also equipped with a durable LED light that works better than normal light bulbs. If you have any problems with the unit, use the one-year warranty provided to find solutions.

Electric fireplace JAMFLY
  • 35.4 x 33.9 x 12.5
  • 25”
  • 5100 btu
  • up to 400 square feet.
  • 1 year limited

Lucas TV stand with corner fireplace

The Lucas Corner TV Stand with Fireplace is a high quality MDF unit that can heat spaces up to 400ft2, making it suitable for small to medium sized spaces. The solid wood unit comes in an attractive mahogany colour that complements the surroundings. The top is designed to support TVs up to 52″ while the bottom compartment accommodates other electrical appliances you may need. This unit can be placed in a corner or next to a flat wall, depending on your preference.

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If you take a look at the sides, you will find two compartments with two lockers each. These spacious compartments can hold books or decorative items. At the centre of it all is the 20″ fireplace which has a few settings that you can adjust for your enjoyment. There is the adjustable thermostat to set the right temperature, and you can control the brightness of the flame to better suit the environment.

The 15000w unit has a 5000btu output and a timer that can be set for up to 9 hours. It comes with a remote control for easy access and, for safety reasons, the mantle can only hold 85lbs.

Lucas TV stand with corner fireplace
  • 48 x 32 x 20”
  • 20”
  • 5000 btu
  • Up to 400 ft2
  • not specified

Ameriwood Home Carver, TV stand with electric fireplace

Ameriwood Home’s Carver Electric Fireplace TV stand adds an inviting ambiance to your space. Dressed in white, the unit offers both space and a quality heating function. The 54 x 31 x 20″ unit is designed to support televisions up to 60 inches with a maximum of 95lbs. There are two compartments that are dedicated to holding your DVD/cable box and two other cabinets with shelves for storage. The doors of the cabinets are made of tempered glass to prevent damage.

This wooden TV stand is equipped with a 23 inch chimney capable of heating areas up to 400 square feet with 4600btu of power. The fireplace features exclusive built-in AltraFlame reflectors that produce realistic images of burning logs. The fireplace also features a four touch control panel and remote control to simplify operation. Another remarkable aspect of the appliance is that the fireplace and the heating system can be used separately. This allows you to heat the room without the fire screen being active.

The assembly of this unit requires one person to assemble the unit efficiently. The shipping weight of this unit is 143lbs so you need all the help you can get. This spacious and quality product comes with a one year limited warranty.

Ameriwood Home Carver, TV stand with electric fireplace
  • What we liked:
  • What could be better:
  • Size: 54 x 31 x 20”
  • 23”
  • 4600 btu
  • Up to 400 ft2
  • 1 year limited

    remote control included, AltraFlame integrated reflectors


Southern Enterprises Convertible Electric Fireplace Cartwright

The Cartwright Convertible Electric Fireplace from Southern Enterprises is a simple but well designed unit that includes a mantle and an electric fireplace underneath. The sturdy unit has been finished in oak to give it a vintage look. Whether you want to install it in a corner or against a flat wall, the choice is yours.

With an energy output of 5000btu’s, the unit is capable of heating areas up to 400ft2, which is considerable. The 22″ chimney displays realistic flickering flames in a variety of colours and features a brick design on the inside to further facilitate the realistic look.

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The LED lights installed are energy efficient and can be replaced at an affordable price when worn out.

A remote control has been provided to comfortably control the fireplace settings. The remote control allows you to change the temperature settings, set the timer and adjust the flame effects. The temperature ranges from 62 to 82 degrees with 4 degree intervals.

The 50 x 40 x 15.5″ dimensions will support TVs up to 43.5 inches with a maximum weight of 85lbs. It comes with a one year limited warranty in case you encounter any difficulties. This unit is made from a variety of materials such as veneer, polyresin, metal, glass and other materials that require assembly to be ready for use.

Southern Enterprises Convertible Electric Fireplace Cartwright
  • What we liked:
  • What could be better:
  • Size: 50 x 40 x 15.5”
  • 22”
  • 5000 btu
  • Up to 400 ft2
  • 1 year limited
  • remote control included, adjustable flame effects

Walker Edison corner fireplace

The Walker Edison Jackson Multimedia TV Stand has a stunning look and will save you space. The 48 x 32 x 20″ unit features an 18″ fireplace with a realistic display of burning logs. The material used for the construction of the structure is MDF, then a smooth laminate finish is applied to enhance its appearance.

There is more than enough room for your electronics and any other items you wish to store. There are two cabinets with two shelves each where you can store things like books. The doors of the cabinets have been fitted with tempered glass to prevent breakage. The unit is designed to fit perfectly in a corner and therefore save you space.

This model is rated at 4500btu so it can comfortably heat an area of 400ft2 easily. The unit requires some assembly to be ready for use. There is no need for a professional as the instructions provided are simple to follow. The mantle can accommodate a TV up to 50 inches in size and 250 pounds in weight. This simple unit offers you style, durability and quality storage at an affordable price.


Ameriwood Home Lumina Fireplace TV Stand

The Lumina Fireplace TV stand from Ameriwood Home doesn’t look like an ordinary electric fireplace TV stand. It measures 65 x 25 x 19 inches and features a 23-inch electric fireplace that will make you smile. The electric fireplace TV stand can accommodate TVs up to 70 inches in size. The entire unit is capable of supporting 120lbs which is a great amount of weight and heating areas up to 400ft2.

Weighing 122.43lbs, the unit is constructed from a number of materials including MDF, metal, white particleboard that has been laminated, and tempered glass. The shelves are made of glass and reflect the colour of the LED lights to create an attractive experience. With this unit, you get 6 compartments that can hold various items you wish to add.

The star of the show has to be the electric fireplace which features realistic flames in different colours. The supplied remote control will help you change the colour of the flames and adjust the brightness from the comfort of your seat. The heating element and display element work separately, so you can enjoy either function at your leisure.

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Lifesmart infrared quartz fireplace for large rooms

The Lifesmart Large Room Infrared Quartz Fireplace is a blend of traditional and modern styles. The unit’s shell is made from Quakerstown dark oak, giving it a rustic look, while the fireplace offers a high quality display. The 28 x 20 x 11″ unit comes with a large firebox with realistic burnt logs.

This unit uses an infrared heating system which is popular for providing long lasting heat and maintaining humidity levels. The energy output of the electric TV fireplace is 5100btu’s, which effectively heats areas up to 1000 square feet. If you have a medium sized room, the unit will be able to reach every corner.

As for the fireplace, it has three heat settings, ranging from high to low. The display is also under your control as you can choose between two settings for the brightness of the fire. These few settings can be accessed via the supplied remote control. This unit comes with a one year limited warranty, which is a bonus as some brands don’t offer a warranty. This hybrid of old and new will keep you warm on cold days, and to make matters worse, it’s affordable.

What we liked:


Why you should buy a TV stand with an electric fireplace

There are normal TV stands on the market, so why opt for fireplace TV stands? What makes them more advantageous for you? First of all:

They make a good decorative centrepiece

Modern design has allowed manufacturers to produce stylish pieces that can be used to break the ice when guests come to visit. Some models have extra shelves so you can place decorative items such as vases on them. Whether you want a more modern unit or one that is inspired by traditional design, the fireplace TV stand will add some pizzazz to the room.

Easy installation

Unlike older fireplaces that require you to fan the flame and remove the ashes, electric units are fairly simple. Just plug them in and the appliance is ready to use. If you have clear instructions on how to assemble and maintain the appliance, you will have no problems. Some devices come already assembled, so all you have to do is plug it in and enjoy it.


Energy awareness

An ordinary fireplace needs fuel to keep on providing heat. Whether it’s logs or coal, you can end up spending a lot of money over time.


If you’ve had a traditional fireplace, you know that there is some risk of burns, especially if you don’t have protective gloves. The advantage of electric fireplace models is that they have passed rigorous safety standards before they reach you. Safety features include cool touch surfaces, digital thermostats and automatic on/off functions. These are particularly useful if you have children or curious pets around.

Easy to clean and maintain

Cleaning up ash deposits or having to deal with coal can be messy and annoying. When you buy an electric fireplace stand, you don’t have to go through all that because everything is compact. Just wipe the unit down every now and then to remove the dust and that’s it. The only thing that needs maintenance is the bulb which gets old after a while.

Providing adequate heat

TV mantels are not only decorative but also functional. They are equipped with heating systems that warm the area in question. Whether you use infrared technology or a fan heating system, the heat provided will be evenly distributed to warm the area. There is no need to relight the fireplace after a period of time.

How safe is the fake electric fireplace heater?

As there is no real fire, the device is thermally safe. The thing that many people forget is to consider the size of the television.

Consider the space available for the electric fireplace TV stand

What is the layout of your home? Do you have enough space or is your space limited? These are important questions to ask yourself before buying a TV stand with an electric fireplace. If you have a lot of space, you can place the unit anywhere, whether in a corner or on a main wall. If your space is limited, consider a smaller unit or a wall-mounted unit. It is also important that where you place the appliance matches the décor of the room, as there are appliances designed to fit specific areas of the house.

How does a fake fireplace work?

There are two components that come together to form a functional electric fireplace. One is the installed heating system and the other is the visual component of the unit. The heating systems are usually either infrared or fan based, depending on the unit you choose.

Fan-based models have metal coils that heat up to warm the cold air. The warmed air is then distributed to the rest of the room using a fan. Infrared models work by heating both the air and the direct objects in front of them. The infrared heat system can be compared to the way the sun works. When a person is in direct sunlight, he or she feels his or her skin getting warmer every minute compared to a person sitting in the shade.


The visual part of the fireplace is as important as the installed heating technology.

The fireplace aims to imitate a real fire, hence the introduction of LED lights. These bulbs produce heat that is refracted onto the flame function to give the impression of a living fire. Depending on the model, the screen can imitate a traditional fireplace or add a little colour to spice things up. The LED bulbs should be replaced from time to time to maintain the flame effect.

You can choose a freestanding model that has all the features you need, or you can simply renovate your old fireplace. How can you do this? By buying a fireplace insert. This means that you get a free-standing fireplace and insert it into a traditional fireplace. The insert works well without you having to get rid of/change your old fireplace. These inserts are cheaper than buying a complete unit with a TV stand.

Safety tips

Whether electric or non-electric, appliances must be safe to use at all times. When purchasing these electric fireplace TV stands, there are a few safety tips that can be helpful in avoiding unnecessary accidents. If you have children or beloved pets, it is wise to take note of these tips:

When installing the appliance, make sure that it is not too far away from the socket. This can cause strain on the electrical cables and damage to the appliances. If your sockets are inaccessible, call the electrician to move the sockets or suggest a better way to connect the appliance. The use of extension cords can cause an electrical surge that can lead to fire.

Avoid placing these appliances in high humidity areas, such as bathrooms, unless the appliance is waterproof. A product with an IP67 waterproof rating will be able to be used in wet areas without being damaged, unlike a product with an IPX8 rating. Also, avoid placing beverages near electrical appliances to prevent accidental spillage that could cause irreparable electrical damage.

Unless the appliance is equipped with a cool-to-touch function.

avoid touching the appliance, especially if it has been in use for some time. This is because the surface of the heater heats up over time. Avoid crowding the space to prevent heat build-up and damage to the appliance. Keep the space clear to allow good dispersion of the heat generated.

All ventilation holes in the appliance must not be blocked. This is simply to allow the heat to dissipate properly without compromising the safety of the unit.

Call your electrician as soon as you notice any strange activity. Over time, wires age and become exposed, which can be dangerous. Do not attempt to do this type of electrical work yourself, as you may cause further damage. Whether it’s a wiring problem or the heating function isn’t working, call a professional to take care of it. If your appliance’s warranty is still active, contact the manufacturer for assistance.


If the appliance is not in use, turn it off. This will save energy and money in the long run

If you have young children, this is important as they tend to be curious about everything. They could play with the controls, turn up the temperature and burn their little hands while playing. Turn off the appliance and keep the remote control out of reach.

Pets and children need to be supervised around these appliances, especially when they are active. If you keep an eye on them, they will not play with the fireplace. If you have hyperactive children who like to jump around, move them to another area to prevent them from accidentally knocking over the TV.

There may be many appliances on your electric fireplace TV stand and you need to make sure that the wiring does not get tangled. If you have devices with long cables, we suggest using zip ties to manage the length and keep them separate from each other. Tangled wires can facilitate accidental fires.

Features to consider when choosing the best electric fireplace TV stand

What works for you may not work for someone else, so you need to know what features you need in an electric fireplace TV stand. These features are affected by characteristics such as:


When you go shopping for clothes, you know what size to look for so you don’t look shabby. This also applies to fireplace TV stands, as they need to fit the space you have. As mentioned in the passages above, the smaller the room, the smaller the piece of furniture should be. Choosing a large piece of furniture for a small room will only make it look overcrowded. Choose fitted or corner units if your space is really limited. If you have a lot of space, you can choose any piece of furniture and place it anywhere. Make sure that the design of the appliance matches the decor of the room.

Heating power

Heating systems come in handy throughout the four seasons of the year, especially in winter. Having a TV stand with a fireplace provides both warmth and visual entertainment. When it comes to heating systems, there are certain things to understand, such as the different types available.

One of the most popular types of heating systems is the infrared system. Some people prefer the infrared system because it does not remove moisture from the air and is therefore more friendly to the respiratory system. Infrared heating systems work like the sun by heating the objects around them.

These infrared systems have a silent fan that allows the heat waves to reach the objects. They can effectively heat large areas, such as the BELLEZE Corin Barn Door wooden fireplace, and are best for people with sensitive immune systems.

Forced air units contain heating coils that warm the cold air and a fan.

Once the air is sufficiently warm, the fan pushes the air into the room and spreads the heat. These units tend to strip the air of its moisture, which affects skin quality and respiratory systems. However, they do a good job of warming up areas and are cost effective for those on a budget.

When looking at these heating systems, it’s hard to miss the BTU rating, as it tells you the expected power output. BTU stands for British thermal unit, which calculates thermal energy. In other words, it is the amount of energy required to cool or raise 1 lb of water by 1°ferenhite at sea level. A high BTU rating means that the unit is capable of heating a larger area. For example, a 150 square foot room needs 5000 BTUs, while a large 1900 square foot room needs 28000 BTUs. If you are not sure what BTU rating is right for you, measure the room to be heated and consult your supplier for options.


In the times we live in, technology has advanced, allowing us to choose the type of products we want in our homes. Electric fireplace TV stands are designed from a wide range of materials to suit your personal taste. Wood-inspired units have been a favourite of many, as they mimic the traditional fireplace and are elegant. The type of wood used determines the price of the unit and its lifespan. Preferred woods that are durable are cherry, walnut, maple and oak, among others.

Although wood is the most popular, metal furniture is also popular. Metal units are lighter than wood and also have interesting designs that will add to your décor. Metals conduct heat quickly, so make sure the fireplace model that comes with the unit has touch cooling features to avoid burns.

If you are feeling a bit fancy, you can get units that combine different materials. It is possible to get units that combine glass, wood, metal or stone to create a unique look that will leave your guests in awe. The fireplace itself should be made from non-toxic materials and be able to withstand the heat it produces. Choose units that are cool to the touch to avoid burning your hands or the stand itself.

Storage location

There’s no point in buying an electric fireplace TV stand if there isn’t enough space to hold other things. The last thing you need is an overcrowded TV stand, as it always looks messy. It is important to buy a unit that can comfortably accommodate all your appliances and decorative items. It doesn’t matter if the unit is modern or contemporary, there should be enough space to accommodate your cable box, DVD player and other modern electrical appliances. Look for electric fireplace TV mounts that blend in with your home’s decor while still providing enough space. If you have curious children around, look for units with hidden storage or lockable compartments. This will prevent any damage to the appliances/items present.

Speaking of shelves, you can find an electric fireplace TV stand with adjustable shelves. This allows you to place your items according to their height. Fixed shelves limit the user, especially if your decorative items, such as vases, are large. If you have a large number of books, look for a piece of furniture that can display them in an orderly fashion and according to their height.

How is the flame?

When choosing a TV stand with an electric fireplace, the appearance of the fireplace is as important as the appliance itself. Depending on the type of appliance you can afford, you can enjoy different flame effects. There are flames that look realistic with the accompanying logs and others that give off an ethereal atmosphere. Even such flames that flicker while others dance around. There is nothing to stop you from getting what you want. Whether you want flames that change colour or flicker, make sure the quality of the display is high enough to make it look real. Don’t forget to replace the old bulbs to keep the flame appearance.

Additional features of Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

Not all brands will provide you with the same features or product quality. Some manufacturers go the extra mile by offering additional features that simplify interaction with the product. When it comes to electric fireplace TV stands, here are some features that vary from brand to brand:

Separate functions

All fireplace TVs have a screen and heating functions. On some models, it is impossible to switch the heating function on and off without activating the fireplace screen. This can be inconvenient, especially in the summer when temperatures are a bit high and you don’t need the heating function. However, there are models such as the Carver Electric Fireplace TV stand from Ameriwood Home, where the heating function and the display function work separately. This gives the user the freedom to use either function without having to activate both.

Flame speed and brightness settings

The perfect ambiance varies from person to person due to personal preferences. If you have bought an electric fireplace TV stand specifically for the fireplace, you need all the display functions you can get. With the modern market, it is easy to find a unit that offers control over the brightness or speed of the flame. There are also models that allow you to change the colours to suit your mood at any given time. These settings are not that important, but they certainly enhance the product experience. For example, the Lumina Fireplace TV stand from Ameriwood Home has these features.

Digital thermostats

To find the ideal temperature, you need adjustable thermostats. When a model has a digital thermostat, you can set the temperature to the exact degree you want. You should also look for a thermostat that switches off automatically once the temperature has been set. This allows the appliance to save energy and avoid overheating.

Self-management functions

If you are buying an inlet for your fireplace, it is best to choose a self-tapping unit so that it can easily fit into the space. There is no need to spend extra money if there are units that come with their own cut. Save your time and money for other activities.

Remote controls

Getting up from your seat to change the fireplace settings is inconvenient, especially on days when you are exhausted or ill. To remedy this, look for an electric fireplace stand that comes with a remote control. The remote control should be well labelled and multifunctional to simplify the user’s task.


When it comes to style and design, personal preferences cannot be dictated. Some of us are drawn to traditional designs while others gravitate towards more modern designs. There are basically three types of styles on the market that have proven to be unavoidable.

Traditional styles, such as the Classic Flames Corinth Electric Fireplace TV Stand, always give a timeless look and are usually constructed from quality wood with rich tones. These units generally look simple and solid. They will probably remind you of a vintage chest of drawers with lots of space.

Contemporary furniture is the most fashionable piece.

This is furniture that has unusual and fresh designs that could not have been found in years past. Wooden or metal furniture is bold and can be used as a conversation starter when you have people over.

Modern pieces are distinguished by their minimalist lines that give the impression that everything is uncluttered. These modern designs emphasise function as much as beauty. They can also have extra compartments for your appliances such as home theatre systems.

Assembly of Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

You have the option of purchasing pre-assembled units or taking on the challenge of assembling one yourself. Suppose you are not person, it’s best to find units that are already assembled or require minimal assembly. And if you are a do-it-yourselfer, it is easy to follow the instructions provided to assemble the unit. As if the product comes without instructions, go to the manufacturer’s website to download the instructions provided. Make sure that all parts are available before you start assembling the unit, as this will save you the frustration of having to take it apart and start again.

Warranty of Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

Warranties are handy as they assure us that the quality of the product is reliable. Electric chimney TV mounts do not usually have a long warranty and in some cases they have no warranty at all. You have to choose a unit with a warranty, so that if the product is faulty, it can be replaced. In many cases, most such products come with a one-year limited warranty. Reading the terms and conditions will tell you what you can expect from the warranty.

Our verdict on Wall Mount Electric Fireplace

In our list, we selected three products that stood out for their features and appearance.

The Corin Barn Door wooden fireplace stand from BELLEZE stands out from the rest with its stable construction, adequate storage and attractive fireplace presentation with 125 effects to choose from. It is a simple piece that will quickly warm up large rooms and make a safe and practical impression on a guest you are entertaining.

Then we have the Boston Electric Fireplace Modern TV Stand which is a sight to behold. If you’ve been looking for an electric fireplace TV stand with an entertainment center, then this is the model for you. Its adjustable shelves and large TV stand mantle will have your neighbors wanting one like this!

For those on a tight budget, we’ve selected a simple but reliable LifeSmart Large Room Infrared Quartz Fireplace – a TV stand that can accommodate a medium-sized TV to keep you entertained on cold days, which you won’t notice at all thanks to the heating capabilities of this item.

Finding the best electric fireplace TV stand has never been easier! If you gravitate towards it, buy it!

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